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Retroviruses : molecular biology, genomics and pathogenesis / editors, Reinhard Kurth and Norbert Bannert.

Wymondham : Caister Academic, 2010.
xviii, 454 p. : ill. (some col.) ; 26 cm.
Summary note:
"Retroviruses comprise a diverse family of enveloped RNA viruses, remarkable for their use of reverse transcription of viral RNA into linear double stranded DNA during replication and the subsequent integration of this DNA into the genome of the host cell. Members of this family include important pathogens such as HIV-1, feline leukemia, and several cancer-causing viruses. However interest in these viruses extends beyond their disease causing capabilities. For example, research in this area led to the discovery of oncogenes, a major advance in the field of cancer genetics. Studies of retroviruses have contributed greatly to our understanding of mechanisms that regulate eukaryotic gene expression. In addition retroviruses are proving to be valuable research tools in molecular biology and have been used successfully in gene therapy (e.g. to treat X-linked severe combined immunodeficiency). Written by the top retroviral specialists, this book reviews the genomics, molecular biology, and pathogenesis of these important viruses, comprehensively covering all the recent advances. Topics include: host and retroelement interactions, endogenous retroviruses, retroviral proteins and genomes, viral entry and uncoating, reverse transcription and integration, transcription, splicing and RNA transport, pathogenesis of oncoviral infections, pathogenesis of immunodeficiency virus infections, retroviral restriction factors molecular vaccines and correlates of protection, gammaretroviral and lentiviral vectors, non-primate mammalian and fish retroviruses, simian exogenous retroviruses, and HTLV and HIV."--Publisher's description.
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Includes bibliographical references and index.
An everlasting war dance between retrotransposons and their metazoan hosts / David E. Symer and Jef D. Boeke -- Endogenous retroviruses / Joachim Denner -- Retroviral particles, proteins and genomes / Norbert Bannert, Uwe Fiebig and Oliver Hohn -- Retroviral entry and uncoating / Walther Mothes and Pradeep D. Uchil -- Reverse transcription and integration / Alan Engelman -- Transcription, splicing and transport of retroviral RNA / Tina Lenasi, Xavier Contreras, and B. Matija Peterlin -- Assembly and release / Heinrich G. Gottlinger and Winfried Weissenhorn -- Transmission and epidemiology / Hans Lutz, Gerhard Hunsmann, and Jorg Schupbach -- Pathogenesis of oncoviral infections / Finn Skou Pedersen and Annette Balle Sørensen -- Pathogenesis of immunodeficiency virus infections / Guido Poli and Volker Erfle -- Retroviral restriction factors / Jeremy Luban -- Molecular vaccines and correlates of protection / Stephen Norley and Reinhard Kurth -- Gammaretroviral and lentiviral vectors for gene delivery / Michael D. Muhlebach ... [et al.] -- Non-primate mammalian and fish retroviruses / Maribeth V. Eiden ... [et al.] -- Simian exogenous retroviruses / Jonathan Luke Heeney and Ernst J. Verschoor -- HTLV and HIV / Marvin S. Reitz, Jr and Robert C. Gallo.
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