McCracken's removable partial prosthodontics / Alan B. Carr, David T. Brown.

Carr, Alan B. [Browse]
12th ed.
St. Louis, Mo. ; London : Elsevier Mosby, 2011.
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Partial dentures, Removable [Browse]
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Previous ed.: published as by Alan B. Carr, Glen P. McGivney & David T. Brown. 2005.
  • PART I. GENERAL CONCEPTS/TREATMENT PLANNING -- 1. Partially Edentulous Epidemiology, Physiology, and Terminology -- Tooth Loss and Age -- Consequences of Tooth Loss -- Functional Restoration with Prostheses -- Current Removable Partial Denture Use -- Need for Removable Partial Dentures -- 2. Considerations for Managing Partial Tooth Loss: Tooth Replacements from the Patient Perspective -- Points of View -- Tooth-Supported Prostheses -- Tooth- and Tissue-Supported Prostheses -- Six Phases of Partial Denture Service -- Reasons for Failure of Clasp-Retained Partial Dentures -- 3. Classification of Partially Edentulous Arches -- Requirements of an Acceptable Method of Classification -- Kennedy Classification -- Applegate's Rules for Applying the Kennedy Classification -- 4. Biomechanics of Removable Partial Dentures -- Biomechanics and Design Solutions -- Biomechanical Considerations -- Possible Movements of Partial Dentures -- Impact of Implants on Movements of Partial Dentures -- 5. Major and Minor Connectors -- Role of Major Connectors in Control of Prosthesis Movement -- Minor Connectors -- Finishing Lines -- Reaction of Tissue to Metallic Coverage -- Major Connectors in Review -- 6. Rests and Rest Seats -- Role of Rests in Prosthesis Movement Control -- Form of the Occlusal Rest and Rest Seat -- Extended Occlusal Rest -- Interproximal Occlusal Rest Seats -- Internal Occlusal Rests -- Support for Rests -- Lingual Rests on Canines and Incisor Teeth -- Incisal Rests and Rest Seats -- Implants as a Rest -- 7. Direct Retainers -- Direct Retainer's Role in Control of Prosthesis Movement -- Basic Principles of Clasp Design -- Types of Direct Retainers -- Criteria for Selecting a Given Clasp Design -- Types of Clasp Assemblies -- Analysis of Tooth Contours for Retentive Clasps -- Amount of Retention -- Implants as Direct Retainers -- Other Types of Retainers -- Internal Attachments -- 8. Indirect Retainers -- Role of Indirect Retainers in Control of Prosthesis Movement -- Factors Influencing Effectiveness of Indirect Retainers -- Auxiliary Functions of Indirect Retainers -- Forms of Indirect Retainers -- 9. Denture Base Considerations -- Functions of Denture Bases in Control of Prosthesis Movement -- Methods of Attaching Denture Bases -- Ideal Denture Base Material -- Advantages of Metal Bases -- Methods of Attaching Artificial Teeth -- Need for Relining -- Stress-Breakers (Stress Equalizers) -- 10. Principles of Removable Partial Denture Design -- Difference in Prosthesis Support and Influence on Design -- Differentiation Between Two Main Types of Removable Partial Dentures -- Essentials of Partial Denture Design -- Components of Partial Denture Design -- Implant Considerations in Design -- Examples of Systematic Approach to Design -- Additional Considerations Influencing Design -- 11. Surveying -- Description of Dental Surveyor -- Purposes of the Surveyor -- Factors That Determine Path of Placement and Removal -- Step-By-Step Procedures in Surveying a Diagnostic Cast -- Final Path of Placement -- Recording Relation of Cast to Surveyor -- Surveying the Master Cast -- Measuring Retention -- Blocking Out the Master Cast -- Relieving the Master Cast -- Paralleled Blockout, Shaped Blockout, Arbitrary Blockout, and Relief -- PART II. CLINICAL AND LABORATORY -- 12. Diagnosis and Treatment Planning -- Purpose and Uniqueness of Treatment -- Patient Interview -- Shared Decision Making -- Clinical Examination -- Objectives of Prosthodontic Treatment -- Oral Examination -- Diagnostic Casts -- Diagnostic Findings -- Interpretation of Examination Data -- Infection Control -- Differential Diagnosis: Fixed or Removable Partial Dentures -- Choice Between Complete Dentures and Removable Partial Dentures -- Clinical Factors Related to Metal Alloys Used for Removable Partial Denture Frameworks -- Summary -- 13. Preparation of the Mouth for Removable Partial Dentures -- Oral Surgical Preparation -- Conditioning of Abused and Irritated Tissues -- Periodontal Preparation -- Abutment Teeth Preparation -- 14. Preparation of Abutment Teeth -- Classification of Abutment Teeth -- Sequence of Abutment Preparations on Sound Enamel or Existing Restorations -- Abutment Preparations Using Conservative Restorations -- Abutment Preparations Using Crowns -- Splinting of Abutment Teeth -- Use of Isolated Teeth as Abutments -- Missing Anterior Teeth -- Temporary Crowns When a Removable Partial Denture is Being Worn -- Fabricating Restorations to Fit Existing Denture Retainers -- 15. Impression Materials and Procedures for Removable Partial Dentures -- Rigid Materials -- Thermoplastic Materials -- Elastic Materials -- Impressions of the Partially Edentulous Arch -- Individual Impression Trays -- 16. Support for the Distal Extension Denture Base -- Distal Extension Removable Partial Denture -- Factors Influencing the Support of a Distal Extension Base -- Anatomic Form Impression -- Methods for Obtaining Functional Support for the Distal Extension Base -- 17. Occlusal Relationships for Removable Partial Dentures -- Desirable Occlusal Contact Relationships for Removable Partial Dentures -- Methods for Establishing Occlusal Relationships -- Materials for Artificial Posterior Teeth -- Establishing Jaw Relations for a Mandibular Removable Partial Denture Opposing a Maxillary Complete Denture -- 18. Laboratory Procedures -- Duplicating a Stone Cast -- Waxing the Removable Partial Denture Framework -- Spruing, Investing, Burnout, Casting, and Finishing of the Removable Partial Denture Framework -- Making Record Bases -- Occlusion Rims -- Making a Stone Occlusal Template from a Functional Occlusal Record -- Arranging Posterior Teeth to an Opposing Cast or Template -- Types of Anterior Teeth -- Waxing and Investing the Removable Partial Denture Before Processing Acrylic-Resin Bases -- Processing the Denture -- Remounting and Occlusal Correction to an Occlusal Template -- Polishing the Denture -- 19. Work Authorizations for Removable Partial Dentures -- Work Authorization -- Definitive Instructions by Work Authorizations -- Legal Aspects of Work Authorizations -- Delineation of Responsibilities by Work Authorizations -- 20. Initial Placement, Adjustment, and Servicing of the Removable Partial Denture -- Adjustments to Bearing Surfaces of Denture Bases -- Occlusal Interference From Denture Framework -- Adjustment of Occlusion in Harmony With Natural and Artificial Dentition -- Instructions to the Patient -- Follow-up Services -- PART III. MAINTENANCE -- 21. Relining and Rebasing the Removable Partial Denture -- Relining Tooth-Supported Denture Bases -- Relining Distal Extension Denture Bases -- Methods of Reestablishing Occlusion on a Relined Removable Partial Denture -- 22. Repairs and Additions to Removable Partial Dentures -- Broken Clasp Arms -- Fractured Occlusal Rests -- Distortion or Breakage of Other Components---Major and Minor Connectors -- Loss of a Tooth or Teeth Not Involved in Support or Retention of the Restoration -- Loss of an Abutment Tooth Necessitating Its Replacement and Making a New Direct Retainer -- Other Types of Repairs -- Repair by Soldering -- 23. Interim Removable Partial Dentures -- Appearance -- Space Maintenance -- Reestablishing Occlusal Relationships -- Conditioning Teeth and Residual Ridges -- Interim Restoration During Treatment -- Conditioning the Patient for Wearing a Prosthesis -- Clinical Procedure for Placement -- 24. Removable Partial Denture Considerations in Maxillofacial Prosthetics -- Maxillofacial Prosthetics -- Timing of Dental and Maxillofacial Prosthetic Care for Acquired Defects -- Intraoral Prostheses: Design Considerations -- Surgical Preservation for Prosthesis Benefit -- Maxillary Prostheses -- Mandibular Prostheses --
  • Jaw Relation Records for Mandibular Resection Patients -- Summary -- 25. Considerations for the Use of Dental Implants With Removable Partial Dentures -- Physiological Distinction Between Prostheses -- Replacing Anatomy and Functional Ability -- Strategically Placed Implants for RPD Stability and Improved Patient Accommodation -- Movement Control With Selective Implant Placement -- Treatment Planning -- Clinical Examples -- Summary -- Appendix A. Glossary -- Appendix B. Selected Reading Resources.
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