The TGF-[beta] family / edited by Rik Derynck, Kohei Miyazono.

Cold Spring Harbor, N.Y. : Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press, c2008.
xiv, 1114 p. : ill. (some col.) ; 24 cm.


Transforming growth factors-beta [Browse]
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Cold Spring Harbor monograph series. [More in this series]
On t.p. "beta" appears as the Greek letter.
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1. The Discovery of TGF-[Beta]: A Historical Perspective / H. L. Moses and A. B. Roberts -- 2. TGF-[Beta] and the TGF-[Beta] Family / R. Derynck and K. Miyazono -- Cell Biology -- 3. TGF-[Beta]: A Multipotential Cytokine / S. H. Schilling, A. B. Hjelmeland, J. N. Rich and X. -F. Wang -- 4. Activins and Inhibins / E. Wiater and W. Vale -- 5. The Bone Morphogenetic Proteins / T. Katagiri, T. Suda and K. Miyazono -- Signaling -- 6. Signaling Receptors of the TGF-[Beta] Family / J. L. Wrana, B. Ozdamar, C. Le Roy and H. Benchabane -- 7. TGF-[Beta] Bioavailability: Latency, Targeting, and Activation / B. Dabovic and D. B. Rifkin -- 8. Agonists and Antagonists of the TGF-[Beta] Family Ligands / C. Chang -- 9. TGF-[Beta] Signaling from Receptors to Smads / C. -H. Heldin -- 10. Transcriptional Control via Smads / X. Lin, Y. -G Chen and X. -H. Feng -- 11. Growth Control by TGF-[Beta]: Mechanisms Controlling Cell Cycle Progression and Apoptosis / P. M. Siegel and J. Massague -- 12. Regulation of TGF-[Beta] Family Signaling by Inhibitory Smads / K. Miyazono -- 13. Structural Basis for TGF-[Beta] Family Receptor Assembly and Signaling Specificity / K. Lin and S. Choe -- 14. Non-Smad TGF-[Beta] Signaling Pathways / Y. E. Zhang -- 15. Regulation of the Smad Pathway by Signaling Cross-Talk / K. Luo -- Differentiation, Development, and Physiology -- 16. TGF-[Beta] Family Signaling in Early Postimplantation Development of the Mouse / S. Miura, M. Whitman and Y. Mishina -- 17. TGF-[Beta] Family Signaling in Drosophila / G. Pytowolakis, B. Hartmann and M. Affolter -- 18. TGF-[Beta] Family Signaling in the Nematode C. elegans / G.I. Patterson and R. W. Padgett -- 19. TGF-[Beta] Family Signaling in Xenopus and Zebrafish Embryos / M. Whitman -- 20. TGF-[Beta] Family Signaling in Stem Cell Renewal and Differentiation / T. Watabe and K. Miyazono -- 21. TGF-[Beta] Family Signaling in Mesenchymal Differentiation / R. Derynck, E. Piek, R. A. Schneider, L. Choy and T. Alliston -- 22. TGF-[Beta] Family Signaling in Skeletal Development, Maintenance, and Disease / T. Alliston, E. Piek and R. Derynck -- 23. TGF-[Beta] Family in Epithelial Development, 725 / N. M. Munoz and W. M. Grady -- 24. The TGF-[Beta] Family in Endothelial Cell Differentiation and Cardiovascular Development and Function / M. -J. Goumans, R. Carhalvo, C. Mummery and P. ten Dijke -- 25. TGF-[Beta] as a Regulator of Myeloid and Lymphoid Development and Function / J. J. Letterio and F. W. Ruscetti -- 26. The TGF-[Beta] Family in Neural and Neuronal Differentiation and Development / J. Samanta, M. A. Bonaguidi and J. A. Kessler -- 27. The TGF-[Beta] Family in the Reproductive Tract / S. A. Pangas and M. M. Matzuk -- Cancer and Disease -- 28. TGF-[Beta] Signaling Pathway and Tumor Suppression / W. M. Grady and S. D. Markowitz -- 29. TGF-[Beta] Signaling in Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition and Invasion and Metastasis / R. J. Akhurst -- 30. TGF-[Beta] and the Tumor Microenvironment / B. Bierie and H. L. Moses -- 31. TGF-[Beta] and Fibrosis / E. P. Bottinger -- 32. Development of TGF-[Beta]-based Therapeutic Agents: Capitalizing on TGF-[Beta]'s Mechanisms of Action and Signal Transduction Pathways / C. L. Arteaga and I. M. McPherson -- 33. BMP-based Therapeutics and the BMP Signaling Pathways / G. Bain, A. J. Celeste and J. M. Wozney.
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