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Encyclopedia of infectious diseases : modern methodologies / edited by Michel Tibayrenc.

Hoboken, N.J. : Wiley-Liss, c2007.
xxxiv, 747 p., [24] p. of plates : ill. (some col.), maps (some col.) ; ; 29 cm.
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Includes bibliographical references and index.
1. Pulmonary tuberculosis and Mycobacterium Tuberculosis : modern molecular epidemiology and perspectives / Sylvain Godreuil, Loubna Tazi and Anne-Laure Banuls -- 2. Diseases that threaten livestock / J. Blancou and P.-C. Lefevre -- 3. HIV/AIDS infection in the world with a special focus on Africa / C. Laurent, M. Peeters and E. Delaporte -- 4. Molecular-phylogenetic strategies for characterization of uncultured pathogens / Daniel N. Frank and Robert A. Feldman -- 5. Molecular or immunological tools for efficient control of tuberculosis / J. L. Herrmann and P. H. Lagrange -- 6. Understanding human leishmaniasis : the need for an integrated approach / M. Hide, B. Bucheton, S. Kamhawi, R. Bras-Goncalves, S. Sundar, J.-L. Lemesre and A.-L. Banuls -- 7. Epidernics of plant diseases : mechanisms, dynamics and management / Serge Savary -- 8. Malaria vaccines / Charles W. Todd, Venkatachalam Udhayakumar, Ananias A. Escalante and Altaf A. Lal -- 9. The SARS case study : an alarm clock? / Gabriel Turinici and Antoine Danchin -- 10. Recombination and its role in the evolution of pathogenic microbes / Philip Awadalla, Xin-zhuan Su and Kate McGee -- 11. Evolutionary history of the malaria parasites / Francisco J. Ayala -- 12. Ecology of infectious diseases : an example with two veccine-preventable infectious diseases / H. Broutin, N. Mantilla-Beniers and P. Rohani -- 13. Influenza evolution / Robin M. Bush -- 14. Experimental evolution of pathogens / Vaughn S. Cooper -- 15. Evolution of antigenic variation / Steven A. Frank -- 16. Hantavirus coevolution with their rodent hosts / Vincent Herbreteau, Heikki Henttonen, Kumiko Yoshimatsu, Jean-Paul Gonzalez, Yupin Suputtamongkol and Jean-Pierre Hugot -- 17. Phylogenetic methods for the analysis of parasites and pathogens / Jamie R. Stevens -- 18. Parasites the manipulate their hosts / Frederic Thomas, Janice Moore, Robert Poulin and Shelley Adamo -- 19. Human genetic diversity and the spread of infectious diseases / M. Tibayrenc -- 20. Molecular epidemiology and evolutionary genetics of pathogens / M. Tibayrenc -- 21. The need for megatechnologies : messive sequencing, proteomics and bioinformatics / David G. Biron, Austin L. Hughes, Hugh D. Loxdale and Hercules Moura -- 22. Mathematical modeling of infectious diseases dynamics / M. Choisy, J.-F. Guegan and P. Rohani -- 23. Using a geographic information system to spatially investigate infectious disease / A. Curits, J. K. Blackburn and Y. Sansyzbayev -- 24. Vector control by surveillance networks : the ECLAT program and chagas / J.-P. Dujardin and C. J. Schofield -- 25. Contributions of morphometrics to medical entomology / J.-P. Dujardin and D. E. Slice -- 26. Surveillance of Vector-Borne diseases using remotely sensed data / D. E. Gorla -- 27. Archaeological epidemiology of infectious diseases : fossil DNA / Felipe Guhl and Arthur Aufderheide -- 28. Insights into structure and evolution of bacterial species that are revealed by molecular methods / P. Roumagnac, L. Gagnevin, O. Pruvost and M. Achtman -- 29. Exploring genetic relatedness, patterns of evolutionary descent, and the population genetics of bacterial pathogens using multilocus sequence typing / Brian G. Spratt, William P. Hanage and Christophe Fraser -- 30. Topical debates evaluation of risks and benefits of consumption of antibiotics : from individual to public health / Fernando Baquero -- 31. Epidemic diseases in the past : history, philosophy, and religious thought / D. Buchillet -- 32. Fundamentals, domains, and diffusion of disease emergence : tools and strategies for a new paradigm / Jean-Paul J. Gonzalez, Philippe Barbazan, Francois Baillon, Julien Capelle, Damien Chevallier, Jean-Paul Cornet, Florence Fournet, Vincent Herbreteau, Jean-Pierre Hugot, Meriadeg Le Gouilh, Eric Leroy, Bernard Mondet, Narong Nitatpattana, Stephane Rican, Gerard Salem, Wailarut Tuntrapasarat and Marc Souris -- 33. Epidemiology in a changing world : the need for a bigger picture! / J.-F. Guegan and G. Constantin de Magny -- 34. Contributions of social anthropology to malaria control / Jaffre Yannick -- 35. The neglected diseases and their economic determinants / Alvaro Moncayo and Mario Ortiz Yanine -- 36. The challenge of bioterrorism / Stephen A. Morse -- 37. Needs for an integrative approach of epidemics : the example of Cholera / R. Piarroux and D. Bompangue -- 38. Infectious diseases : market of the future? / Jan Verhoef and Ad Fluit -- 39. Mobilizing the scientific community for the patient's benefit : at the crossroads of fundamental and applied science / K. Victoir -- 40. Infectious diseases and arts / Pierre Vidal, Myrtille Tibayrenc and Jean-Paul Gonzalez.
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