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Batch effects and noise in microarray experiments : sources and solutions / edited by Andreas Scherer.

Chichester, U.K. : J. Wiley, 2009.
xx, 252 p. : ill. ; 26 cm.
Wiley series in probability and statistics. [More in this series]
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Includes bibliographical references and index.
Variation, variability, batches and bias in microarray experiments : an introduction / Andreas Scherer -- Microarray platforms and aspects of experimental variation / John A. Coller, Jr. -- Experimental design / Peter Grass -- Batches and blocks, sample pools and subsamples in the design and analysis of gene expression studies / Naomi Altman -- Aspects of technical bias / Martin Schumacher ... [et al.] -- Bioinformatic strategies for cDNA-microarray data processing / Jessica Fahlén ... [et al.] -- Batch effect estimation of microarray platforms with analysis of variance / Nysia I. George and James J. Chen -- Variance due to smooth bias in rat liver and kidney baseline gene expression in a large multi-laboratory data set / Michael J. Boedigheimer ... [et al.] -- Microarray gene expression : the effects of varying certain measurement conditions / Walter Liggett ... [et al.] -- Adjusting batch effects in microarray experiments with small sample size using empirical Bayes methods / W. Evan Johnson and Cheng Li -- Identical reference samples and empirical Bayes method for cross-batch gene expression analysis / Wynn L. Walker and Frank R. Sharp -- Principal variance components analysis : estimating batch effects in microarray gene expression data / Jianying Li ... [et al.] -- Batch profile estimation, correction, and scoring / Tzu-Ming Chu ... [et al.] -- Visualization of cross-platform microarray normalization / Xuxin Liu ... [et al.] -- Toward integration of biological noise : aggregation effect in microarray data analysis / Lev Klebanov and Andreas Scherer -- Potential sources of spurious associations and batch effects in genome-wide association studies / Huixiao Hong ... [et al.] -- Standard operating procedures in clinical gene expression biomarker panel development / Khurram Shahzad ... [et al.] -- Data, analysis, and standardization / Gabriella Rustici, Andreas Scherer, and John Quackenbush.
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