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The RNA world : the nature of modern RNA suggests a prebiotic RNA world / edited by Raymond F. Gesteland, Thomas R. Cech, John F. Atkins.

Cold Spring Harbor, N.Y. : Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press, c2006.
3rd ed.
xxiii, 768 p. : ill. (some col.) ; 24 cm.
  • Cold Spring Harbor monograph series ; 43. [More in this series]
  • Cold Spring Harbor monograph series ; 43
Summary note:
"Recent studies on the activities of RNA in the cell have revolutionized our understanding of the many roles played by this molecule. The first two editions of The RNA World (1993, 1999) shed light on the pre-biotic era dominated by this versatile molecule, and provided an overview of the state of RNA research at the time. The new third edition of The RNA World updates this perspective, describing the vast array of newly discovered roles for RNA in the modern world. The updated original chapters are supplemented with new chapters on RNA-protein complexes, snRNPs and snoRNPs, telomerase RNA, RNAi, microRNAs, noncoding RNA, and many other subjects. This book is essential reading for anyone interested in the biology of nucleic acids and gene regulation and a valuable resource for teaching these concepts."--BOOK JACKET.
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Includes bibliographical references and index.
Foreword to the first edition / Francis Crick -- Prologue to the second edition / James D. Watson -- 1. Setting the stage : the history, chemistry, and geobiology behind RNA / S. A. Benner, M. A. Carrigan, A. Ricardo and F. Frye -- 2. Progress toward understanding the origin of the RNA world / G. F. Joyce and L. E. Orgel -- 3. Protocells : genetic polymers inside membrane vesicles / I. A. Chen, M. M. Hanczyc, P. L. Sazani and J. W. Szostak -- 4. Riboswitches and the RNA world / R. R. Breaker -- 5. Catalytic strategies of self-cleaving ribozymes : relics of an RNA world? / A. Ke and J. A. Doudna -- 6. How the group I intron works : a case study of RNA structure and function / J. L. Hougland, J. A. Piccirilli, M. Forconi, J. Lee and D. Herschlag -- 7. RNA, lipids, and membranes / T. Janas, T. Janas and M. Yarus -- 8. Aminoacyl tRNA synthetases : from the RNA world to the theater of proteins / P. Schimmel and K. Beebe -- 9. The roles of RNA in the synthesis of protein / P. B. Moore and T. A. Steitz -- 10. Evolution of ribosomes and translation from an RNA world / H. F. Noller -- 11. The RNP world / T. R. Cech, D. Moras, K. Nagai and J. R. Williamson -- 12. The ever-growing world of small nuclear ribonucleoproteins / K. T. Tycowski, N. G. Kolev, N. K. Conrad, V. Fok and J. A. Steitz -- 13. Spliceosome structure and function / C. L. Will and R. Luhrmann -- 14. Uridine insertion/deletion RNA editing as a paradigm for site-specific modifications of RNA molecules / L. Simpson -- 15. Telomerase RNA / E. H. Blackburn -- 16. The shapely mRNA : knotting ventured, knotting gained / J. F. Atkins, R. F. Gesteland, R. J. Jackson and N. M. Wills -- 17. Group II introns : ribozymes that splice RNA and invade DNA / A. M. Pyle and A. M. Lambowitz -- 18. SINEs and LINEs : troublemakers, saboteurs, benefactors, ancestors / A. M. Weiner -- 19. The biology of short RNAs / C. P. Petersen, J. G. Doench, A. Grishok and P. A. Sharp -- 20. Versatile roles of small RNA regulators in bacteria / G. Storz and S. Gottesman -- 21. Large noncoding RNAs in mammalian gene dosage regulation / R. J. Spencer and J. T. Lee -- 22. Predicting RNA secondary structure / D. H. Mathews, S. J. Schroeder, D. H. Turner and M. Zuker -- 23. A modular and hierarchical approach for all-atom RNA modeling / B. Masquida and E. Westhof -- 24. Automated in vitro selection and microarray applications for functional RNA sequences / A. D. Ellington, J. C. Cox, J. F. Lee and J. R. Collett -- 25. RNA folding, unfolding, and dynamics, one molecule at a time / I. Tinoco, Jr. and B. Onoa.
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