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Geographic information systems and health applications / Omar A. Khan, editor ; Ric Skinner, associate editor.

Hershey, PA : Idea Group Pub., c2003.
xv, 325 p. : ill., maps ; 26 cm.
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Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • Foreword / Ric Skinner -- Preface / Omar A. Khan -- Sect. I. Health Disparities & Community Health Issues -- Ch. I. Race, Class and Place: Directions for the Future of Public Health / Gregory Pappas and Mohammed Akhter -- Ch. II. Understanding Health Disparities Through Geographic Information Systems / Samuel Soret, Karl J. McCleary, Patrick A. Rivers, Susanne B. Montgomery and Seth A. Wiafe -- Ch. III. Using a GIS and the American Community Survey to Address Community Health Problems / Jane L. McCall, Amy K. Pasini and Richard B. Wait -- Ch. IV. The Application of Spatial Analysis to the Public Health Understanding of Alcohol and Alcohol-Related Problems / Robert Lipton, D. M. Gorman, William F. Wieczorek and Paul Gruenewald -- Sect. II. GIS & Cancer -- Ch. V. The New Kid on the Block: A Look at How Geographic Information Systems are Changing the Face of Cancer Research / Jane L. McCall --
  • Ch. VI. Community Breast Cancer Mapping in Huntington, LongIsland / Scott Carlin -- Ch. VII. Application of GIS-Based Statistical Method to Assess Spatio-Temporal Changes in Breast Cancer Clustering in the Northeastern United States / Daikwon Han and Peter A. Rogerson -- Ch. VIII. Geographical Analysis of Disease in Small Areas Using Hierarchical Bayesian Models: Mapping Men's Lung Cancer Mortality in Galicia, Spain / C. L. Vidal-Rodeiro, M. I. Santiago-Perez, E. Vazquez-Fernandez, M. E. Lopez-Vizcaino and X. Hervada-Vidal -- Sect. III. Infectious Disease & International Health -- Ch. IX. Using Hierarchical Nearest Neighbor Analysis and Animation to Investigate the Spatial and Temporal Patterns of Raccoon Rabies in West Virginia / Andrew Curtis, Michael Leitner and Cathleen Hanlon -- Ch. X. Spatial Cluster Analysis for Etiological Research and Identification of Socio-Environmental Risk Factors / Michael Emch and Mohammad Ali --
  • Ch. XI. The Use of GIS and Remote Sensing in Schistosomiasis Control in China / Edmund Y. W. Seto, Bing Xu, Weiping Wu, George Davis, Dongchuan Qiu, Xueguang Gu, Peng Gong and Robert C. Spear -- Ch. XII. Bacterial Source Tracking of Nonpoint Source Pollution Using GIS and DNA Fingerprinting Technologies / M. E. Folkoff, E. A. Venso, D. W. Harris, M. F. Frana and M. S. Scott -- Ch. XIII. Spatial Modeling of Risk Factors for Gender-Specific Child Mortality in a Rural Area of Bangladesh / Mohammad Ali, Christine Ashley, M. Zahirul Hag and Peter Kim Streatfield -- Sect. IV. Hospitals & Healthcare -- Ch. XIV. Using GIS to Unveil Distance Effects on Hospitalizations in Victoria / Ge Lin -- Ch. XV. Spatial Accessibility to Primary Care and Physician Shortage Area Designation: A Case Study in Illinois with GIS Approaches / Wei Luo and Fahui Wang -- Ch. XVI. Using GIS with Publicly Available Data for Hospital Market Share Analysis / Evan R. Wolarsky --
  • Ch. XVII. Mapping Accessibility to General Practitioners / Lars Brabyn and Paul Gower.
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