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Analgesia : methods and protocols / edited by Árpád Szállási.

Totowa, N.J. : Humana ; London : Springer [distributor], 2010.
xvii, 560 p. : ill. (some col.) ; 27 cm.
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Includes bibliographical references and index.
Alternatives to mammalian pain models 1: use of C. elegans for the study of volatile anesthetics / L.M. Steele, M.M. Sedensky and P.G. Morgan -- Alternatives to mammalian pain models 2: using Drosophila to identify novel genes involved in nociception / J.C. Caldwell and W.D. Tracey, Jr. -- Animal models of acute surgical pain / H. Kim, B. Sung and J. Mao -- Animal models of acute and chronic inflammatory and nociceptive pain / J.M. Boyce-Rustay, P. Honore and M.F. Jarvis -- Noxious heat threshold measured with slowly increasing temperatures: novel rat thermal hyperalgesia models / K. Bolcskei, G. Petho and J. Szolcsanyi -- Locomotor activity in a novel environment as a test of inflammatory pain in rats / D.J. Matson, D.C. Broom and D.N. Cortright -- Rationale and methods for assessment of pain-depressed behavior in preclinical assays of pain and analgesia / S.S. Negus ... [et al.] -- Animal models of orofacial pain / A. Khan and K.M. Hargreaves -- Migraine models / S. Benemei ... [et al.] -- Experimental models of visceral pain / M. Karpitschka and M.E. Kreis -- Human correlates of animal models of chronic pain / A. Szallasi -- Human experimental pain models 1: the ultraviolet light UV-B pain model / J.G. Modir and M.S. Wallace -- Human experimental pain models 2: the cold pressor model / J.G. Modir and M.S. Wallace -- Human experimental pain models 3: heat/capsaicin sensitization and intradermal capsaicin models / J.G. Modir and M.S. Wallace -- The value of the dental impaction pain model in drug development / S.A. Cooper and P.J. Desjardins -- Live cell imaging for studying g protein-coupled receptor activation in single cells / D.K. Saini and N. Gautam -- Recombinant cell lines stably expressing functional ion channels / F. Steiner, S. Ghose and U. Thomet -- Ion channels in analgesia research / T. Rosenbaum, S.A. Simon and L.D. Islas -- Electrophysiological and neurochemical techniques to investigate sensory neurons in analgesia research / A. Babes ... [et al.] -- The genetics of pain and analgesia in laboratory animals / W.R. Lariviere and J.S. Mogil -- RT-PCR analysis of pain genes: use of gel-based RT-PCR for studying induced and tissue-enriched gene expression / K. Mitchell and M.J. Iadarola -- Gene-based approaches in the study of pathological pain / E. Dominguez, A. Meunier and M. Pohl -- Linkage analysis and functional evaluation of inherited clinical pain conditions / J.J. Krupp, D. Hellgren and A.B. Eriksson -- Rat bone marrow stromal cells and oligonucleotides in pain research / M.F. Coronel, N.A. Chasseing and M.J. Villar -- Transplantation of human mesenchymal stem cells in the study of neuropathic pain / D. Siniscalco -- Delivery of RNA interference to peripheral neurons in vivo using herpes simplex virus / A.M. Anesti -- Combination of cell culture assays and knockout mouse analyses for the study of opioid partial agonism / S. Ide ... [et al.] -- Assessing potential functionality of catechol-O-methyltransferase (COMT) polymorphisms associated with pain sensitivity and temporomandibular joint disorders / A.G. Nackley and L. Diatchenko -- Genetic polymorphisms and human sensitivity to opioid analgesics / D. Nishizawa ... [et al.] -- Molecular assays for characterization of alternatively spliced isoforms of the u opioid receptor (MOR) / P. Gris ... [et al.] -- Inhalational anesthetic photolabeling / R.G. Eckenhoff, J. Xi and W.P. Dailey -- Measuring membrane protein interactions using optical biosensors / J. Rucker, C. Davidoff and B.J. Doranz -- Proteomics and metabolomics and their application to analgesia research / N.A. Reisdorph and R. Reisdorph -- Preemptive analgesia: problems with assessment of clinical significance / I. Kissin -- Standardization of pain measurements in clinical trials / W.K. Sietsema -- Procedural sedation and analgesia research / J.R. Miner -- Non-invasive transcranial direct current stimulation for the study and treatment of neuropathic pain / H. Knotkova and R.A. Cruciani -- Pain imaging in the emerging era of molecular medicine / C.S. Stohler and J.K. Zubieta -- Current and emerging pharmacologic therapies for pain and challenges which still lay ahead / C. Noto and M. Pappagallo .
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