The lung : development, aging and the environment / editors, Richard Harding, Kent E. Pinkerton, Charles G. Plopper.

San Diego, Calif. : London : Academic Press, c2004.
xiv, 403 p. : ill. (some col.), plates ; 29 cm.


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Pt. I. Critical Events in Normal Lung Development and Aging -- 1. Lung Morphogenesis, Role of Growth Factors and Transcription Factors / Wellington V. Cardoso -- 2. Development of Airway Epithelium / Charles G. Plopper and Michelle V. Fanucchi -- 3. Development of the Airway Innervation / Malcolm P. Sparrow, Markus Weichselbaum, Jenny Tollet, Peter K. McFawn and John T. Fisher -- 4. Development of Alveoli / Stephen E. McGowan and Jeanne M. Snyder -- 5. Development of the Pulmonary Basement Membrane Zone / Michael J. Evans and Philip L. Sannes -- 6. Development of the Pulmonary Vasculature / Rosemary Jones and Lynne M. Reid -- 7. Developmental Physiology of the Pulmonary Circulation / Steven H. Abman -- 8. Development of Fluid Transport Across Pulmonary Epithelia / Jonathan H. Widdicombe -- 9. Physical, Endocrine and Growth Factors in Lung Development / Stuart B. Hooper and Megan J. Wallace -- 10. Development of the Pulmonary Surfactant System / Sandra Orgeig, Christopher B. Daniels and Lucy C. Sullivan -- 11. Development of the Pulmonary Immune System / Lisa A. Miller -- 12. Development of Antioxidant and Xenobiotic Metabolizing Enzyme Systems / Michelle V. Fanucchi -- 13. Compensatory Lung Growth: Relationship to Postnatal Lung Growth and Adaptation in Destructive Lung Disease / Connie C. W. Hsia, Robert L. Johnson, Jr. and Ewald R. Weibel -- 14. Pulmonary Transition at Birth / Stuart B. Hooper and Richard Harding -- 15. Normal Aging of the Lung / Kent E. Pinkerton and Francis H. Y. Green -- Pt. II. Environmental Influences on Lung Development and Aging -- 16. Pulmonary Consequences of Preterm Birth / Kurt H. Albertine and Theodore J. Pysher -- 17. Role of Nutrition in Lung Development Before and After Birth / Richard Harding, Megan L. Cock and Cheryl A. Albuquerque -- 18. Influence of High Altitude on Lung Development and Function / David P. Johns and David W. Reid -- 19. Genetic Factors Involved in Susceptibility to Lung Disease / Steven R. Kleeberger -- 20. Effects of Environmental Tobacco Smoke on Lung Development / Jesse Joad -- 21. Nicotine Exposure During Early Development: Effects on the Lung / Gert S. Maritz -- 22. Exposure to Allergens During Development / Laurel J. Gershwin -- 23. Development of Atopy in Children / David B. Peden -- 24. Effects of Air Pollution on Lung Function Development and Asthma Occurrence / Frank D. Gilliland and Rob McConnell -- 25. Environmental Toxicants and Lung Development in Experimental Models / Michelle V. Fanucchi and Charles G. Plopper -- 26. Repair of Environmental Lung Injury During Development / Suzette Smiley-Jewell and Laura S. Van Winkle -- 27. Effects of Aging, Disease and the Environment on the Pulmonary Surfactant System / Sandra Orgeig and Christopher B. Daniels -- 28. Environmental Determinants of Lung Aging / Francis H. Y. Green and Kent E. Pinkerton.
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