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Health behavior and health education : theory, research, and practice / Karen Glanz, Barbara K. Rimer, K. Viswanath, editors ; foreword by C. Tracy Orleans.

San Francisco, CA : Jossey-Bass, c2008.
4th ed.
xxxiii, 552 p. : ill. ; 25 cm.
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Preface / C. Tracy Orleans -- Pt. 1. Health Education and Health Behavior: The Foundations -- 1. The Scope of Health Behavior and Health Education / The Editors -- 2. Theory, Research, and Practice in Health Behavior and Health Education / The Editors -- Pt. 2. Models of Individual Health Behavior / Barbara K. Rimer -- 3. The Health Belief Model / Victoria L. Champion and Celette Sugg Skinner -- 4. Theory of Reasoned Action, Theory of Planned Behavior, and the Integrated Behavioral Model / Daniel E. Montano and Danuta Kasprzyk -- 5. The Transtheoretical Model and Stages of Change / James O. Prochaska, Colleen A. Redding and Kerry E. Evers -- 6. The Precaution Adoption Process Model / Neil D. Weinstein, Peter M. Sandman and Susan J. Blalock -- 7. Perspectives on Health Behavior Theories that Focus on Individuals / Noel T. Brewer and Barbara K. Rimer -- Pt. 3. Models of Interpersonal Health Behavior -- 8. How Individuals, Environments, and Health Behaviors Interact: Social Cognitive Theory / Alfred L. McAlister, Cheryl L. Perry and Guy S. Parcel -- 9. Social Networks and Social Support / Catherine A. Heaney and Barbara A. Israel -- 10. Stress, Coping, and Health Behavior / Karen Glanz and Marc D. Schwartz -- 11. Key Interpersonal Functions and Health Outcomes: Lessons from Theory and Research on Clinician-Patient Communication / Richard L. Street, Jr. and Ronald M. Epstein -- 12. Perspectives on Models of Interpersonal Health Behavior / K. Viswanath -- Pt. 4. Community and Group Models of Health Behavior Change / Karen Glanz -- 13. Improving Health Through Community Organization and Community Building / Meredith Minkler, Nina Wallerstein and Nance Wilson -- 14. Diffusion of Innovation / Brian Oldenburg and Karen Glanz -- 15. Mobilizing Organizations for Health Promotion: Theories of Organizational Change / Frances Dunn Butterfoss, Michelle C. Kegler and Vincent T. Francisco -- 16. Communication Theory and Health Behavior Change: The Media Studies Framework / John R. Finnegan, Jr. and K. Viswanath -- 17. Perspectives on Group, Organization, and Community Interventions / Michelle C. Kegler and Karen Glanz -- Pt. 5. Using Theory in Research and Practice -- 18. Using the Precede-Proceed Model to Apply Health Behavior Theories / Andrea Carson Gielen, Eileen M. McDonald, Tiffany L. Gary and Lee R. Bone -- 19. Social Marketing / J. Douglas Storey, Gary B. Saffitz and Jose G. Rimon -- 20. Ecological Models of Health Behavior / James F. Sallis, Neville Owen and Edwin B. Fisher -- 21. Evaluation of Theory-Based Interventions / Russell E. Glasgow and Laura A. Linnan -- 22. Perspectives on Using Theory: Past, Present, and Future / Karen Glanz and Barbara K. Rimer.
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