Surface plasmon resonance : methods and protocols / edited by Nico J. de Mol, Marcel J.E. Fischer.

New York, NY : Humana Press, c2010.
x, 286 p. : ill. (some col.) ; 27 cm.


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1. Surface plasmon resonance: a general introduction / Nico J. de Mol and Marcel J. E. Fischer -- 2. The Role of mass transport limitation and surface heterogeneity in the biophysical characterization of macromolecular binding processes by SPR biosensing / Schuck and Huaying Zhao -- 3. Amine coupling through EDC/NHS: a practical approach / Marcel J.E. Fischer -- 4. High-affinity immobilization of proteins using biotin- and gst-based coupling strategies / Stephanie Q. Hutsell, Randall J. Kimple, David P. Siderovski, Francis S. Willard, and Adam J. Kimple -- 5. A Capture coupling method for the covalent immobilization of hexahistidine tagged proteins for surface plasmon resonance / Adam J. Kimple, Robin E. Muller, David P. Siderovski, and Francis S. Willard -- 6. Affinity constants for small molecules from spr competition experiments / Nico J. de Mol -- 7. Surface plasmon resonance signal enhancement for immunoassay of small molecules / John S. Mitchell and Yinqiu Wu -- 8. High-throughput kinase assay based on surface plasmon resonance / Hiroyuki Takeda, Naoki Goshima, and Nobuo Nomura -- 9. SPR biosensor as a tool for screening prion protein binders as potential Antiprion Leads / Beining Chen -- 10. Carbohydrate-lectin interactions assayed by SPR / Eric Duverger, Nathalie Lamerant-Fayel, Natacha Frison, and Michel Monsigny -- 11. DNA sensors based on mixed self-assembled DNA/alkanethiol films / Sara Peeters and Tim Stakenborg -- 12. Preparation of lipid membrane surfaces for molecular interaction studies by surface plasmon resonance biosensors / Mojca Podlesnik Beseničar and Gregor Anderluh -- 13. Capture of intact liposomes on biacore sensor chips for protein-membrane interaction studies / Vesna Hodnik and Gregor Anderluh -- 14. Surface plasmon resonance spectroscopy for studying the membrane binding of antimicrobial peptides / Kristopher Hall and Marie-Isabel Aguilar -- 15. Surface plasmon resonance spectroscopy in determination of the interactions between amyloid β proteins (Aβ) and lipid membranes / Xu Hou, David H. Small, and Marie-Isabel Aguilar -- 16. Incorporation of a transmembrane protein into a supported 3D-matrix of liposomes for SPR studies / Annette Granéli -- 17. Application of surface plasmon resonance spectroscopy to study G-protein coupled receptor signaling / Konstantin E. Komolov and Karl-Wilhelm Koch -- 18. Integration of SPR biosensors with mass spectrometry (SPR-MS) / Dobrin Nedelkov -- 19. SPR/MS: recovery from sensorchips for protein identification by MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry / Jonas Borch and Peter Roepstorff
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