Fundamental neuroscience / edited by Duane E. Haines ; contributors, M.D. Ard ... [et al.] ; illustrators, M.P. Schenk and M.E. Kirkman ; photographer, G.W. Armstrong ; typist, K.M. Squires.

2nd ed.
New York : Churchill Livingstone, c2002.
x, 582 p. : ill. (some col.) ; 29 cm.


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  • Sect. I. Essential Concepts. 1. Orientation to Structure and Imaging of the Central Nervous System / D. E. Haines, F. A. Raila and A. C. Terrell. 2. The Cell Biology of Neurons and Glia / J. B. Hutchins, J. P. Naftel and M. D. Ard. 3. The Electrochemical Basis of Neuronal Integration / P. B. Brown. 4. The Chemical Basis for Neuronal Communication / R. W. Rockbold. 5. Development of the Nervous System / O. B. Evans and J. B. Hutchins -- Sect. II. Regional Neurobiology. 6. The Ventricles, Choroid Plexus, and Cerebrospinal Fluid / J. J. Corbett, D. E. Haines and M. D. Ard. 7. The Meninges / D. E. Haines. 8. A Survey of the Cerebrovascular System / D. E. Haines. 9. The Spinal Cord / D. E. Haines, G. A. Mihailoff and R. P. Yezierski. 10. An Overview of the Brainstem / D. E. Haines and G. A. Mihailoff. 11. The Medulla Oblongata / D. E. Haines and G. A. Mihailoff. 12. The Pons and Cerebellum / G. A. Mihailoff and D. E. Haines.
  • 13. The Midbrain / G. A. Mihailoff, D. E. Haines and P. J. May. 14. A Synopsis of Cranial Nerves of the Brainstem / D. E. Haines and G. A. Mihailoff. 15. The Diencephalon / G. A. Mihailoff and D. E. Haines. 16. The Telencephalon / D. E. Haines and G. A. Mihailoff -- Sect. III. Systems Neurobiology. 17. The Somatosensory System I: Tactile Discrimination and Position Sense / S. Warren, N. F. Capra and R. P. Yezierski. 18. The Somatosensory System II: Touch, Thermal Sense, and Pain / S. Warren, R. P. Yezierski and N. F. Capra. 19. Viscerosensory Pathways / S. G. P. Hardy and J. P. Naftel. 20. The Visual System / J. B. Hutchins and J. J. Corbett. 21. The Auditory System / C. K. Henkel. 22. The Vestibular System / J. D. Dickman. 23. Olfaction and Taste / R. D. Sweazey. 24. Motor System I: Peripheral Sensory, Brainstem, and Spinal Influence on Anterior Horn Neurons / G. A. Mihailoff and D. E. Haines.
  • 25. Motor System II: Corticofugal System and the Control of Movement / G. A. Mihailoff and D. E. Haines. 26. The Basal Nuclei / T. P. Ma. 27. The Cerebellum / D. E. Haines, G. A. Mihailoff and J. R. Bloedel. 28. Visual Motor Systems / P. J. May and J. J. Corbett. 29. Visceral Motor Pathways / J. P. Naftel and S. G. P. Hardy. 30. The Hypothalamus / S. G. P. Hardy, R. B. Chronister and A. D. Parent. 31. The Limbic System / R. B. Chronister and S. G. P. Hardy. 32. The Cerebral Cortex / J. C. Lynch. 33. The Neurologic Examination / M. E. Santiago and J. J. Corbett.
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