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Cytoskeleton methods and protocols / edited by Ray H. Gavin.

New York, NY : Humana Press, c2009.
2nd ed.
xi, 390 p. : ill. ; 27 cm.
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Includes bibliographical references and index.
High resolution multimode light microscopy of cell migration: long-term imaging and analysis / T. Wollert and G.M. Langford -- Imaging the cytoskeleton in live Xenopus laevis embryos / S. Woolner, A.L. Miller and W.M. Bement -- Live-cell imaging of the cytoskeleton and mitochondrial-cytoskeletal interactions in budding yeast / T.C. Swayne, T.G. Lipkin and L.A. Pon -- Jasplakinolide: an actin-specific reagent that promotes actin polymerization / A. Holzinger -- Analysis of centrosome function and microtubule dynamics by time-lapse microscopy in Xenopus egg extracts / C. Wiese, J.R. Mayers and A.J. Albee -- Quantitative fluorescence microscopy techniques / A. Esposito ... [et al.] -- A FRET-based approach for studying conformational changes of a cytoskeleton-related tumor suppressor molecule / R.F. Hennigan ... [et al.] -- Sample preparation for fluorescence imaging of the cytoskeleton in fixed and living plant roots / J. Dyachok ... [et al.] -- Imaging of the cytoskeleton and mitochondria in fixed budding yeast cells / T.C. Swayne, I.R. Boldogh and L.A. Pon -- Imaging cytoskeleton components by electron microscopy / T. Svitkina -- Purification and localization of intraflagellar transport particles and polypeptides / R.D. Sloboda -- High pressure freezing, electron microscopy, and immuno-electron microscopy of Tetrahymena thermophila basal bodies / J.B. Meehl, T.H. Giddings, Jr. and M. Winey -- Strategies for imaging microtubules in plant cells / A. Holzinger, E. Kawamura and G.O. Wasteneys -- A rapid tracking method for the quantitative analysis of organelle streaming velocity / C.L. Holweg -- Melanosome motility in fish retinal pigment epithelial cells / C. King-Smith -- Analysis of properties of cilia using Tetrahymena thermophila / V. Rajagopalan ... [et al.] -- Application of cell traction force microscopy for cell biology research / J.H. Wang and B. Li -- 2D and 3D quantitative analysis of cell motility and cytoskeletal dynamics / D. Wessels, S. Kuhl and D.R. Soll -- Detergent-extracted models for the study of cilia or flagella / C.B. Lindemann and K.A. Lesich -- The analysis of intermediate filament dynamics using transfections and cell fusions / J.M. Paramio -- Functional analysis of actin-binding proteins in the central nervous system of Drosophila / Q. He -- Proteomic tools for the analysis of cytoskeleton proteins / E. Wywial, V.N. Dongre and S.M. Singh.
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