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The sociology of health promotion : critical analyses of consumption, lifestyle, and risk / edited by Robin Bunton, Sarah Nettleton, and Roger Burrows.

London ; New York : Routledge, c1995.
ix, 253 p. : ill. ; 24 cm.
Summary note:
  • Over the last decade the promotion of health has become a central feature of health policy at local, national and international levels, forming part of global health initiatives such as those endorsed by the World Health Organisation. At the same time a concern with 'healthy living' has become a preoccupation for many people.
  • The Sociology of Health Promotion responds by offering the first critical sociological account of these developments and locates them within a set of wider socio-cultural changes associated with late modernism. Drawing upon the work of Foucault, Beck, Giddens, Featherstone and others the book presents a theoretical as well as empirical examination of health promotion.
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  • The Sociology of Health Promotion offers analyses of contemporary public health policy, lifestyle, consumption, risk and health. It also examines socio-political critiques of health promotion and reflects upon their implications for policy and practice. Substantive topics covered include: the institutional emergence of health promotion at both global and national levels, accidents and the risk society, smoking, HIV/AIDS, ageing, the body, and health-related consumption.
  • A key theme of the collection is that health promotion is emblematic of wider socio-cultural changes. Changes such as the demise of institutional forms of welfare and social control, a blurring of 'expert' and lay knowledge, a heightened collective perception of uncontainable risks, and a shift to a consumer- rather than producer-driven economy.
  • . This collection will be invaluable reading for students and social scientists with an interest in health and health policy, health promotors, public health doctors and practitioners engaging in critical reflection upon their professional activities.
Bibliographic references:
Includes bibliographical references and indexs.
  • 1. Sociology and health promotion: health, risk and consumption under late modernism / Roger Burrows, Sarah Nettleton and Robin Bunton -- 2. Health promotion: rhetoric and reality / Richard Parish -- 3. From Alma Ata to Asda - and beyond: a commentary on the transition in health promotion services in primary care from commodity to control / Laurann Yen -- 4. Sociological critiques of health promotion / Sarah Nettleton and Robin Bunton -- 5. Feminist critiques of health promotion / Norma Daykin and Jennie Naidoo -- 6. Developing anti-racist health promotion strategies / Jenny Douglas -- 7. The modern and the postmodern in health promotion / Michael Kelly and Bruce Charlton -- 8. The baby and the bath water: examining socio-cultural and free-market critiques of health promotion / Charlie Davison and George Davey Smith -- 9. The development of a scientific fact: the case of passive smoking / Peter Jackson --
  • 10. Accidents and the risk society: some problems with prevention / Judith Green -- 11. Chance and modernity: accidents as a public health problem / Lindsay Prior -- 12. 'London dentist in HIV scare': HIV and dentistry in popular discourse / Nicki Thorogood -- 13. In the name of health / Barry Glassner -- 14. Positive ageing: what is the message? / Mike Hepworth -- 15. Health and lifestyle: a critical mess? Notes on the dedifferentiation of health / Martin O'Brien -- 16. Consumption and health in the 'epidemiological' clinic of late modern medicine / Robin Bunton and Roger Burrows.
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