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Biomarkers for antioxidant defense and oxidative damage : principles and practical applications / edited by Giancarlo Aldini ... [et al.].

Ames, Iowa : Wiley-Blackwell, 2010.
xv, 363 p. : ill. ; 26 cm.
Bibliographic references:
Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • Antioxidant activity and oxidative stress : an overview / Kyung-Jin Yeum, Robert M. Russell, and Giancarlo Aldini -- Enzymatic antioxidant defenses / Sayuri Miyamoto, Hirofumi Arai, and Junji Terao -- Antioxidant as biomarkers of oxidative stress / Ikuyo Ichi and Shosuke Kojo -- LDL oxidation as a biomarker of antioxidant status / Mohsen Meydani, EunHee Kong, and Ashley Knight -- The isoprotanes : accurate markers and potent mediators of oxidant injury in vivo / Joshua D. Brooks ... [et al.] -- Hydroxyoctadecadienoic acid (HODE) as a marker of linoleic acid oxidation / Yasukazu Yoshida and Etsuo Niki -- Oxysterols : potential biomarkers of oxidative stress / Luigi Iuliano and Ulf Diczfalusy -- Lipid peroxidatin originating unsaturated aldehydes and their metabolites as biomarkers / Françoise Guéraud -- Oxidation modification of proteins : an overview / Paul J. Thornalley and Naila Rabbani --
  • Immunochemical detection of lipid peroxidation-specific epitopes / Koji Uchida -- Mass spectrometric strategies for identification and characterization of cabonylated peptides and proteins / Marina Carini and Marcia Orioli -- Nitrotyrosine : quantitative analysis, mapping in proteins, and biological significance / José Souza ... [et al.] -- Ubiquitin conjugates : a sensitive marker of oxidative stress / Fu Shang and Allen Taylor -- Covalent modifications of albumin cys34 as a biomarker of mild oxidative stress / Giancarlo Aldini, Kyung-Jin Yeum, and Giulio Vistoli -- Protein S-glutathionilation and S-cysteinilation / Graziano Colombo ... [et al.] -- DNA oxidation, antioxidant effects, and DNA repair measured with the comet assay / Mária Duinšká and Andrew R. Collins -- Hydroxylated nucleotides : measurement and utility as biomarkers of DNA damage, oxidative stress, and antioxidant efficacy / Phyllis E. Bowen -- Exocylic DNA adducts as biomarkers of antioxidant defense and oxidative stress / Roger W.L. Godschalk.
  • 9780813815350 (hardback : alk. paper)
  • 0813815355 (hardback : alk. paper)
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