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Epidemiology and demography in public health / editor-in-chief Japhet Killewo ; editors, H. Kristian Heggenhougen, Stella R. Quah.

San Diego, CA : Academic Press/Elsevier, c2010.
1st ed.
xv, 492 p. : ill., maps ; 29 cm.
Summary note:
"Epidomiology and Demography in Public Health presents practical information for undertaking disease surveillance and outbreak investigation as well as examining at the information needed to manage population dynamics of disease transmission." "Derived from Elsevier's acclaimed International Encyclopedia of public Health, the first section covers the historical perspectives and principles of epidemiology, including concepts of health and disease, disease surveillance and outbreak investigations, and research methods (observational epidemiology and clinical trials). In the second section, topics on the branches of epidemiology and epidemiology of specific communicable and non-communicable diseases that are currently considered common in most parts of the world are discussed. The third section addresses the population science of demography which includes measurements of life expectancy and longevity in specific populations. The fourth section deals with biostatistics and meta analysis and the final section is on ethical issues." "Practical guidance from planning to implementation of surveillance and investigation Explores contributing factors to the dynamics of disease transmission and how to identify population risks" "Includes discussion of ethics in epidemiology and demography, important for matters of privacy vs. public safety" "This book is intended for use by students and teachers in the health sciences, public health professionals, population sciences and those attending short courses as part of continuing medical and public health education and professional development. The book also provides reference materials for those working in the field of health and population sciences."--BOOK JACKET.
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Section 1. OVERVIEW OF HISTORY, CONCEPTS, PRINCIPLES AND METHODS -- History of Epidemiology / L M Irgens -- Concepts of Health and Disease / T C Soares -- Global Burden of Disease / C Mathers -- Disease Classification / R Jakob -- Classification of Mental Disorders / T B Ustun -- Population Measurement of Psychiatric and Psychological Disorders and Outcomes / H Meltzer -- Observational Epidemiology / J L Kelsey -- Health Surveys / J H Madans -- Clinical Trials / W R Harian -- Surveillance of Disease / T Nakano -- Emerging Diseases / J D Mayer -- Re-emerging Diseases / M E Wilson -- Factors Influencing the Emergence of Diseases / A M Kimball -- Risk Factors for Cardiovascular Diseases / A Dobson -- Epidemic Investigation / Y Sodahlon -- Governance of Epidemics: Trust and Health Consensus Building / Stella R Quah -- Infectious Disease Modeling / M Kretzschmar -- Chronic Disease Modeling / J J Barendregt -- Cancer Screening / A Auvinen -- Measurement and Modeling of Health-Related Quality of Life / B B Reeve -- Methods of Measuring and Valuing Health / J Ratcliffe -- Measuring the Quality of Life of Children and Adolescents / L Gold -- Systematic Reviews in Public Health / M Petticrew -- Section 2. FIELDS OF EPIDEMIOLOGY -- Clinical Epidemiology / D L Sackett -- Environmental and Occupational Epidemiology / J Douwes -- Social Epidemiology / C Morroni -- Epidemiology of Inequity: Will Research Make a Difference? / H K Heggenhougen -- Cultural Epidemiology / J A Trostle -- Genetic Epidemiology / N Anderson -- Dental Epidemiology / Z Marshman -- Cancer Epidemiology / J Peto -- Psychiatric Epidemiology / K Magruder -- Perinatal Epidemiology / P Bergsjø -- Section 3. EPIDEMIOLOGY OF SPECIFIC DISEASES -- Epidemiology of Diabetes Mellitus / H E Resnick -- Epidemiology of Injuries / D-M Alexe -- Epidemiology of Tuberculosis / T H Holtz -- Epidemiology of HIV/AIDS and its Surveillance / C Farquhar -- Epidemiology of Influenza / G A Poland -- Section 4. DEMOGRAPHY -- Demography, Epidemiology and Public Health / O S Miettinen -- Population Growth / R Engelman -- Trends in Human Fertility / J G Cleland -- Life Expectancy Measurements / D M J Naimark -- Active Life Expectancy / K G Manton -- Demography of Aging / V L Lamb -- Longevity in Specific Populations / T T Samaras -- Populations at Special Health Risk: Migrants / F Samkange-Zeeb -- Section 5. BIOSTATISTICS -- Biostatistics / F V Wilder -- Meta-Analysis / J P A Ioannidis -- Section 6. ETHICAL ISSUES -- Ethics of Public Health Research / S Johnson -- Codes of Ethics in Public Health / R Gaare Bernheim -- Ethics of Screening / S S Coughlin -- Ethics of Health Promotion / N Guttman.
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