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A history of epidemiologic methods and concepts / edited by Alfredo Morabia.

Boston, MA : Birkhauser Verlag, 2004.
xvii, 405 p. : ill. ; 24 cm.
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Includes bibliographical references and index.
The Annecy workshop -- Epidemiology teaching -- An antidote to dogmatism -- Pt. I. Epidemiology : an epistemological perspective / Alfredo Morabia -- Pt. II. Collection of papers on the history of epidemiological methods and concepts -- The changing assessments of John Snow's and William Farr's cholera studies / John M. Eyler -- Changing images of John Snow in the history of epidemiology / Jan P. Vandenbroucke -- Constructing vital statistics : Thomas Rowe Edmonds and William Farr, 1835-1845 / John M. Eyler -- "On prognosis" (British medical almanack 1838; supplement 199-216) / William Farr -- Comments on the paper "on prognosis" by William Farr : a forgotten masterpiece / Gerry Bernhard Hill -- Comments regarding "on prognosis" by William Farr (1838), with reconstruction of his longitudinal analysis of smallpox recovery and death rates / B. Burt Gerstman -- Continuing controversies over "risks and rates" - more than a century after William Farr's "on prognosis" / Jan P. Vandenbroucke -- Understanding William Farr's 1838 article "on prognosis" : comment / John M. Eyler -- Methods of outbreak investigation in the "era of bacteriology" 1880-1920 / Anne Hardy -- Statistical methods in epidemiology : Karl Pearson, Ronald Ross, Major Greenwood and Austin Bradford Hill, 1900-1945 / Anne Hardy and M. Eileen Magnello -- Cohort analysis : W. H. Frost's contributions to the epidemiology of tuberculosis and chronic disease / George W. Comstock -- A short history of pathology registries, with emphasis on cancer registries / Benedetto Terracini and Roberto Zanetti -- Cohort studies : history of the method / Richard Doll -- Issues of causality in the history of occupational epidemiology / Steven D. Stellmann -- Origins and early development of the case-control study / Nigel Paneth, Ezra Susser and Mervyn Susser -- The history of confounding / Jan P. Vandenbroucke -- History of bias / Paolo Vineis -- Causality in epidemiology / Paolo Vineis -- Evolution of epidemiologic methods and concepts in selected textbooks of the 20[superscript th] century / Fang F. Zhang, Desiree C. Michaels, Barun Mathema, Shuaib Kauchali, Anjan Chatterjee, David C. Ferris, Tamarra M. James, Jennifer Knight, Matthew Dounel, Hebatullah O. Tawfik, Janet A. Frohlich, Li Kuang, Elena K. Hoskin, Frederick J. Veldman, Giulia Baldi, Koleka P. Mlisana, Lerole D. Mametja, Angela Diaz, Nealia L. Khan, Pamela Sternfels, Jeffery J. Sevigny, Asher Shamam and Alfredo Morbia -- Commentary on the paper by Zhang et al. - interaction and evolution in epidemiology / Kenneth J. Rothman -- Commentary on the paper by Zhang et al. - lack of evolution of epidemiologic "methods and concepts" / Olli S. Miettinen.
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