Arterial chemoreceptors / Constancio Gonzalez, Colin A. Nurse, Chris Peers, editors.

International Society of Arterial Chemoreception. Meeting (17th : 2008 : Valladolid, Spain) [Browse]
[Dordrecht] : Springer, c2009.
xxv, 455 p. : ill., port. ; 24 cm.


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Advances in experimental medicine and biology ; v. 648. [More in this series]
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Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • The discovery of sensory nature of the carotid bodies / F. De Castro -- Fifty years of progress in carotid body physiology / R.S. Fitzgerald, C. Eyzaguirre and P. Zapata -- Carotid body: new stimuli and new preparations / Colin A. Nurse -- Enzyme-linked acute oxygen sensing in airway and arterial chemoreceptors / Paul J. Kemp and C. Peers -- Cysteine residues in the C-terminal tail of the human BK[Ca][alpha] subunit are important for channel sensitivity to carbon monoxide / S.P. Brazier ... [et al.] -- Modulation of O2 sensitive K+ channels by AMP-activated protein kinase / M.L. Dallas ... [et al.] -- Hydrogen sulfide inhibits human BK[Ca] channels / V. Telezhkin ... [et al.] -- DDPX modifies TEA sensitivity of the Kv4 channels in rabbit carotid body chemoreceptor cells / O. Colinas ... [et al.] -- Sustained hypoxia enhances TASK-like current inhibition by acute hypoxia in rat carotid body type-I cells / F. Ortiz, R. Iturriaga and R. Varas -- Inhibition of L-type Ca2+ channels by carbon monoxide / M.L. Dallas, J.L. Scragg and C. Peers -- Effects of the polyamine spermine on arterial chemoreception / S. Cayzac ... [et al.] -- RT-PCR and pharmacological analysis of L-and T-type calcium channels in rat carotid body / A.I. Cáceres, E. Gonzalez-Obeso, C. Gonzalez and A. Rocher -- Functional characterization of phosphodiesterases 4 in rat carotid body: effect of oxygen concentrations / A.R. Nunes, J.R. Batuca and E.C. Monteiro -- Calcium sensitivity for hypoxia in PGNs with PC-12 cells in co-culture / G.P. Patel, S.M. Baby, A. Roy and S. Lahiri -- Modification of relative gene expression ratio obtained from real time qPCR with whole carotid body by using mathematical equations / J.H. Kim and J.L. Carroll -- Neurotransmitters in carotid body function: the case of dopamine / R. Iturriaga, J. Alcayaga and C. Gonzalez -- Adenosine in peripheral chemoreception: new insights into a historically overlooked molecule / S.V. Conde, E.C. Monteiro, A. Obeso and C. Gonzalez --
  • The A2B-D2 receptor interaction that controls carotid body catecholamines release locates between the last two steps of hypoxic transduction cascade / S. V. Conde, A. Obeso, E.C. Monteiro and C. Gonzalez -- Benzodiazepines and GABA-GABA[A] receptor system in the cat carotid body / A. Igarashi, N. Zadzilka and M. Shirahata -- Evidence for histamine as a new modulator of carotid body chemoreception / R. Del Rio, E. A. Moya, J. Alcayaga and R. Iturriaga -- Fluoresceinated peanut agglutinin (PNA) is a marker for live O2 sensing glomus cells in rat carotid body / I. Kim, D.J. Yang, D.F. Donnelly and J.L. Carroll -- Neuroglobin in aging carotid bodies / V. Verratti ... [et al.] -- Oxygen sensing and the activation of the hypoxia inducible factor 1 (HIF-1) / Joachim Fandrey and Max Gassmann -- Upregulation of erythropoietin and its receptor expression in the rat carotid body during chronic and intermittent hypoxia / S.Y. Lam, G.L. Tipoe and M.L. Fung -- Iron chelation and the ventilatory response to hypoxia / Mieczyslaw Pokorski ... [et al.] -- Systemic effects resulting from carotid body stimulation / Prem Kumar -- Bicarbonate-regulated soluble adenylyl cyclase (sAC) mRNA expression and activity in peripheral chemoreceptors / A.R. Nunes, E.C. Monteiro, S.M. Johnson and E.B. Gauda -- Developmental maturation of chemosensitivity to hypoxia of peripheral arterial chemoreceptors / Estelle B. Gauda, John L. Carroll and David F. Donnelly -- Physiological carotid body denervation during aging / C. Di Giulio ... [et al.] -- Does ageing modify ventilatory responses to dopamine in anaesthetised rats breathing spontaneously? / T.C. Monteiro, A. Obeso, C. Gonzalez and E.C. Monteiro -- The role of the carotid bodies in the counter-regulatory response to hypoglycemia / Denham S. Ward, William A. Voter and Suzanne Karan -- The respiratory responses to the combined activation of the muscle metaboreflex and the ventilatory chemoreflex / C.K. Lykidis, P. Kumar and G.M. Balanos --
  • Cardiovascular responses to hyperoxic withdrawal of arterial chemosensory drive / Patricio Zapata ... [et al.] -- Time-dependence of hyperoxia-induced impairment in peripheral chemoreceptor activity and glomus cell calcium response / J.L Carroll ... [et al.] -- Long-term regulation of carotid body function: acclimatization and adaptation / N.R. Prabhakar ... [et al.] -- Effects of intermittent hypoxia on blood gases plasma catecholamine and blood pressure / M.C. Gonzalez-Martin ... [et al.] -- Cardioventilatory acclimatization induced by chronic intermittent hypoxia / R. Iturriaga ... [et al.] -- Ventilatory drive is enhanced in male and female rats following chronic intermittent hypoxia / E. Edge, J.R. Smelly, A. Bradford and K.D. O'Halloran -- Contrasting effects of intermittent and continuous hypoxia on low O2 evoked catecholamine secretion from neonatal rat chromaffin cells / Dangjai Souvannakitti, Ganesh K. Kumar, Aaron Fox and Nanduri R. Prabhakar -- Hypoxic pulmonary vasoconstriction / A. Mark Evans and Jeremy P.T. Ward -- Impact of modulators of mitochondrial ATP-sensitive potassium channel (mitoK[ATP]) on hypoxic pulmonary vasoconstriction / R. Paddenberg ... [et al.] -- Oxygen sensing in the brain / Frank L. Powell, Cindy B. Kim, Randall S. Johnson and Zhenxing Fu -- The central respiratory chemoreceptor: where is ti located? / Y. Okada ... [et al.] -- Anatomical architecture and responses to acidosis of a novel respiratory neuron group in the high cervical spinal cord (HCRG) of the neonatal rat / Y. Okada ... [et al.] --
  • Systemic inhibition of the Na+/H+ exchanger type 3 in intact rats activated brainstem respiratory regions / R. Pasaro ... [et al.] -- Nitric oxide in the solitary tract nucleus (STn) modulates glucose homeostasis and FOS-ir expression after carotid chemoreceptor stimulation / M. Lemus ... [et al.] -- Airway receptors and their reflex function / J. Yu -- Airway chemosensitive receptors in vagus nerve perform neuro0immune interaction for lung-brain communication / H.F. Li and J. Yu -- The role of NOX2 and "novel oxidases" in airway chemoreceptor P2 sensing / Ernest Cutz, Jie Pan and Herman Yeger -- Recruitment of GABA[A] receptors in chemoreceptor pulmonary neuroepithelial bodies by prenatal nicotine exposure in monkey lung / X.W. Fu and E.R. Spindel
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