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Aerosols handbook : measurement, dosimetry, and health effects / edited by Lev S. Ruzer and Naomi H. Harley.

Boca Raton : CRC Press, c2005.
xvi, 709 p. : ill. ; 26 cm.
Summary note:
"The book covers a multitude of topics on indoor, outdoor, and industrial aerosols, including aerosol measurement, deposition, particle size distribution, and biokinetic processes. Where harmful exposure to ultrafine particles may occur through inhalation, dermal contact, and ingestion, the text discusses how the size, shape, and chemical properties of particles affect aerosol deposition in the lungs - and possibly other organs - and the overall toxicity. The authors cover all relevant aspects of aerosols, from epidemiology to molecular biology, and emphasize the importance of accurate aerosol measurement. They use extensive field research to illustrate the health effects of radioactive aerosols, diesel aerosols, and ultrafine particles."--BOOK JACKET.
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Includes bibliographical references and index.
Ch. 1. Aspects of health-related aerosols / James W. Gentry -- Ch. 2. Aerosol properties / William C. Hinds -- Ch. 3. Advances in monitoring methods for airborne particles / Philip K. Hopke -- Ch. 4. Ultrafine and nanoparticle emissions : a new challenge for internal combustion engine designers / D. B. Kittelson, W. F. Watts and J. P. Johnson -- Ch. 5. Breathing zone exposure assessment / Charles E. Rodes and Jonathan W. Thornburg -- Ch. 6. Mechanisms of particle deposition / Kristin K. Isaacs, Jacky A. Rosati and Ted B. Martonen -- Ch. 7. Aerosol dose / Lev S. Ruzer, Michael G. Apte and Richard G. Sextro -- Ch. 8. Modeling deposition of inhaled particles / Ted B. Martonen, Jacky A. Rosati and Kristin K. Isaacs -- Ch. 9. Assessing uncertainties in the relationship between inhaled particle concentrations, internal deposition, and health effects / Phillip N. Price -- Ch. 10. Aerosol chemistry and physics : indoor perspective / Lara A. Gundel and Richard G. Sextro -- Ch. 11. Aerosols in the industrial environment / Andrew D. Maynard and Paul A. Baron -- Ch. 12. Medical and pharmaceutical aerosols / Hugh D. C. Smyth, Lucila Garcia-Contreras, Daniel J. Cooney, Robert J. Garmise, Latarsha D. Jones and Anthony J. Hickey -- Ch. 13. Bioaerosols / Maire S. A. Heikkinen, Mervi K. Hjelmroos-Koski, Max M. Haggblom and Janet M. Macher -- Ch. 14. Radioactive aerosols / Lev S. Ruzer -- Ch. 15. Dosimetry and epidemiology of Russian uranium mines / I. V. Pavlov -- Ch. 16. Radioactive aerosols of the Chernobyl accident / A. K. Budyka and B. I. Ogorodnikov -- Ch. 17. Aerosol filtration (aerosol sampling by fibrous filters) / A. K. Budyka and B. I. Ogorodnikov -- Ch. 18. Radioactive aerosol standards / L. S. Ruzer, Yu. V. Kuznetzov, V. L. Kustova, D. E. Fertman and A. J. Rizin -- Ch. 19. Radon and thoron in the environment : concentrations and lung cancer risk / Naomi H. Harley -- Ch. 20. Risk from inhalation of the long-lived radionuclides uranium, thorium, and fallout plutonium in the atmosphere / Isabel M. Fisenne -- Ch. 21. Health physics considerations of aerosols in radiosynthesis laboratories / Mark L. Maiello -- Ch. 22. Diesel exhaust / Jonathan M. Samet -- Ch. 23. Health effects of ambient ultrafine particles / Beverly S. Cohen -- Ch. 24. Health effects of aerosols : mechanisms and epidemiology / Ira B. Tager.
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