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Principles of public health practice / edited by F. Douglas Scutchfield, C. William Keck.

Clifton Park, NY : Delmar Cengage Learning, c2009.
3rd ed.
xxix, 832 p. : ill., maps ; 25 cm.
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Foreword / C. Everett Koop -- Public Health Competencies by Chapter -- Pt. 1. Basis of Public Health -- Ch. 1. Concepts and Definitions of Public Health Practice / F. Douglas Scutchfield and C. William Keck -- Ch. 2. History and Development of Public Health / Elizabeth Fee -- Ch. 3. Emergence of a New Public Health / C. William Keck and F. Douglas Scutchfield -- Ch. 4. Social Determinants of Health: Their Influence on Personal Choice, Environmental Exposures, and Health Care / Steven H. Woolf and Robert L. Phillips, Jr. -- Ch. 5. Public Health Policy and the Policy-Making Process / Thomas C. Ricketts -- Ch. 6. The Legal Basis for Public Health Practice / Edward P. Richards III and Katharine C. Rathbun -- Ch. 7. Public Health Ethics / James C. Thomas -- Pt. 2. Settings for public Health Practice -- Ch. 8. The Federal Contribution to Public Health / William L. Roper -- Ch. 9. The State Public Health Agencies / A. Richard Melton and Laverne Alves Snow -- Ch. 10. The Local Health Department / Carolyn J. Leep, Grace Gorenflo and Patrick M. Libbey -- Pt. 3. Tools for Public Health Practice -- Ch. 11. Epidemiology and Public Health Data / Donna F. Stroup and Stephen B. Thacker -- Ch. 12. Community Health Planning and Programming / Laura H. Downey and F. Douglas -- Ch. 13. Prevention Effectiveness / Kakoli Roy, Zhuo Chen and Anne Haddix -- Ch. 14. Behavioral Community Health Needs Assessment / John Elder, Paula M. Usita and Noe Crespo -- Ch. 15. The Management of Public Health Organizations / Julia F. Costich and J. Michael Moser -- Ch. 16. Performance Measurement and Management in Public Health / Paul K. Halverson -- Ch. 17. Public Health Workforce / Patricia M. Sweeney and Kristine M. Gebbie -- Ch. 18. Leadership in Public Health Practice / Cynthia D. Lamberth and Louis Rowitz -- Pt. 4. The Provision of Public Health Services -- Ch. 19. Chronic Disease Control / Janet Collins, Linnea Evans and David V. McQueen -- Ch. 20. Reducing Tobacco Use / Michael P. Eriksen and Lawrence W. Green -- Ch. 21. Drug and Alcohol Issues in Public Health / C. G. Leukefeld, M. Staton-Tindall, Carrie B. Oser, William W. Stoops and J. Mosher -- Ch. 22. Infectious Disease Control / Alan R. Hinman -- Ch. 23. Public Health Preparedness / Linda Young Landesman, Isaac B. Weisfuse and Susan Waltman -- Ch. 24. Environmental Health in Public Health / Alan M. Jacobs and DuWayne Porter -- Ch. 25. Primary Care and Public Health / Michael R. King, Kevin A. Pearce and Samuel C. Matheny -- Ch. 26. Maternal and Child Health / Carol Hogue -- Ch. 27. Injury Control / Maria Segui-Gomez and Susan P. Baker -- Ch. 28. Oral Diseases: The Neglected Epidemic / Myron Allukian Jr. -- Ch. 29. The Public Health Laboratory / Ronald L. Cada and Ralph Timperi -- Ch. 30. Global Health / Alfredo E. Vergara and Sten H. Vermund -- Pt. 5. The Future of Public Health Practice -- Ch. 31. The Future of Public Health / C. William Keck and F. Douglas Scutchfield -- App. A. Major National Public Health Professional Associations / C. William Keck and F. Douglas Scutchfield -- App. B. What Is Evidence-Based Public Health? / Nancy A. Myers -- App. C. Core Competencies for Public Health Practice / Diane Downing.
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