Live cell imaging : methods and protocols / edited by Dmitri B. Papkovsky.

New York, NY : Humana Press, 2010.
xi, 367 p. : ill. ; 27 cm.


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Laboratory Manual
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Includes bibliographical references and index.
Instrumentation for live-cell imaging and main formats / Martin Oheim -- Labels and probes for live cell imaging: overview and selection Guide / Scott A. Hilderbrand -- Live cell imaging: an industrial perspective / Terry McCann -- Design of fluorescent fusion protein probes / Elizabeth Pham, Kevin Truong -- Synthetic fluorescent probes for imaging of peroxynitrite and hypochlorous acid in living cells / Dan Yang, Zhen-Ning Sun, Tao Peng, Hua-Li Wang, Jian-Gang Shen, Yan Chen, Paul Kwong-Hang Tam -- Photo-activatable probes for the analysis of receptor function in living cells / Wen-Hong Li -- The Application of fluorescent probes for the analysis of lipid dynamics during phagocytosis / Ronald S. Flannagan, Sergio Grinstein -- Imaging of mitotic cell division and apoptotic intra-nuclear processes in multicolor / Kenji Sugimoto, Shigenobu Tone -- Manipulation of neutrophil-like HL-60 cells for the study of directed cell migration / Arthur Millius, Orion D. Weiner -- A Method for analyzing protein-protein interactions in the plasma membrane of live B cells by fluorescence resonance energy transfer imaging as acquired by total internal reflection fluorescence microscopy / Hae Won Sohn, Pavel Tolar, Joseph Brzostowski, Susan K. Pierce -- Sample preparation for STED microscopy / Christian A. Wurm, Daniel Neumann, Roman Schmidt, Alexander Egner, Stefan Jakobs -- Two-photon permeabilization and calcium measurements in cellular organelles / Oleg Gerasimenko, Julia Gerasimenko -- Imaging and analysis of three-dimensional cell culture models / Benedikt W. Graf, Stephen A. Boppart -- Long-term imaging in microfluidic devices / Gilles Charvin, Catherine Oikonomou, Frederick Cross -- Monitoring of cellular responses to hypoxia / Joachim Fandrey, Christoph Wotzlaw -- Imaging of cellular oxygen and analysis of metabolic responses of mammalian cells / Andreas Fercher, Tomas C. O'Riordan, Alexander V. Zhdanov, Ruslan I. Dmitriev, Dmitri B. Papkovsky / Martin vandeVen, Corina Balut, Szilvia Baron, Ilse Smets, Paul Steels, Marcel Ameloot -- Live cell imaging analysis of receptor function / Daniel C. Worth, Maddy Parsons -- Subcellular dynamic imaging of protein-protein interactions in live cells by bioluminescence resonance energy transfer / Julie Perroy -- Quantitative analysis of membrane potentials / Manus W. Ward -- Image correlation spectroscopy to define membrane dynamics / Jeremy Bonor, Anja Nohe
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