Adult neurogenesis / edited by Fred H. Gage, Gerd Kempermann, Hongjun Song.

Cold Spring Harbor, N.Y. : Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press, c2008.
xii, 671 p. : ill. (some col.) ; 24 cm.


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  • Cold Spring Harbor monograph series ; 52. [More in this series]
  • Cold Spring Harbor monograph series ; 52
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"The generation of new neurons in the adult mammalian brain is one of the most extraordinary examples of neuroplasticity. Bringing together leading researchers in the field of adult neurogenesis, this book provides an overview of this emerging field and lays the groundwork for future studies. It includes discussions on neural stem cell biology, methods and models for studying adult neurogenesis, physiological and molecular processes and their control, related neurological diseases, and comparisons of neurogenesis in humans, birds, fish, and invertebrates. This volume will be of interest to researchers in neurobiology, as well as those with clinical interests, as it has implications for understanding depression, epilepsy, and other neurological and psychiatric disorders."--BOOK JACKET.
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Preface / F. H. Gage, G. Kempermann and H. Song -- 1. Adult Neurogenesis: A Prologue / F. H. Gage, H. Song and G. Kempermann -- Methods: In vivo approaches -- 2. Numerology of Neurogenesis: Characterizing the Cell Cycle of Neurostem Cells / R. S. Nowakowski and N. L. Hayes -- 3. Detection and Phenotypic Characterization of Adult Neurogenesis / H. G. Kuhn and D. A. Peterson -- 4. Evolving Methods for the Labeling and Mutation of Postnatal Neuronal Precursor Cells: A Critical Review / J. J. Breunig, J. D. Macklis and P. Rakic -- 5. The Use of Reporter Mouse Lines to Study Adult Neurogenesis / G. Enikolopov and L. Overstreet-Wadiche -- 6. Retrovirus-mediated Cell Labeling / C. Zhao -- In vitro approaches -- 7. Neurospheres / I. Singec and A. Quinones-Hinojosa -- 8. Monolayer Cultures of Neural Stem/Progenitor Cells / J. Ray -- Basic Processes -- 9. Neurogenesis in the Adult Hippocampus / G. Kempermann, H. Song and F. H. Gage -- 10. Adult Subventricular Zone and Olfactory Bulb Neurogenesis / D. A. Lim, Y.-C. Huang and A. Alvarez-Buylla -- 11. Neurogenic Niches in the Adult Mammalian Brain / D. K. Ma, G.-I. Ming, F. H. Gage and H. Song -- Molecular and Physiological Mechanisms -- 12. Adult Neurogenesis: Similarities and Differences in Stem Cell Fate, Proliferation, Migration, and Differentiation in Distinct Forebrain Regions / D. C. Lie and M. Gotz -- 13. Proneuronal Genes Drive Neurogenesis on the Road from Development to Adulthood / E. T. Buchen and S. J. Pleasure -- 14. The Balance of Trophic Support and Cell Death in Adult Neurogenesis / H. G. Kuhn -- 15. Maturation and Functional Integration of New Granule Cells into the Adult Hippocampus / J. Bischofberger and A. F. Schinder -- Regulation -- 16. Genetics and Epigenetics in Adult Neurogenesis / J. Hsieh and J. W. Schneider -- 17. Activity Dependency and Aging in the Regulation of Adult Neurogenesis / G. Kempermann -- 18. Regulation of Hippocampal Neurogenesis by Systemic Factors Including Stress, Glucocorticoids, Sleep, and Inflammation / P. J. Lucassen, C. A. Oomen, A.-M. van Dam and B. Czeh -- 19. Regulation of Adult Neurogenesis by Neurotransmitters / M.-H. Jang, H. Song and G.-I. Ming -- Functional Significance -- 20. Adult Neurogenesis in the Olfactory Bulb / P.-M. Lledo -- 21. Neurogenesis and Hippocampal Memory System / D. N. Abrous and J. M. Wojtowicz -- 22. Computational Modeling of Adult Neurogenesis / J. B. Aimone and L. Wiskott -- Neurological Diseases -- 23. Hippocampal Neurogenesis: Depression and Antidepressant Responses / A. Sahay, R. Hen and R. S. Duman -- 24. Adult Neurogenesis in Neurodegenerative Diseases / P. Brundin, I. Winkler and E. Masliah -- 25. Epilepsy and Adult Neurogenesis / S. Jessberger and J. M. Parent -- 26. Neurogenesis following Stroke Affecting the Adult Brain / O. Lindvall and Z. Kokaia -- Comparative Neurogenesis -- 27. Adult Neurogenesis in Teleost Fish / G. K. H. Zupanc -- 28. Neurogenesis in the Adult Songbird: A Model for Inducible Striatal Neuronal Addition / S. A. Goldruan -- 29. Adult Human Neurogenesis: A Response to Cell Loss and New Circuitry Requirements? / M. A. Curtis, P. S. Eriksson and R. L. M. Faull -- 30. Adult Hippocampal Neurogenesis in Natural Populations of Mammals / I. Amrein, H.-P. Lipp, R. Boonstra and J. M. Wojtowicz.
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