Hyperthermia in cancer treatment : a primer / Gian Franco Baronzio, E. Dieter Hager.

Georgetown : Landes Bioscience ; New York : Springer, 2006.
366 p. : ill. ; 24 cm.


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Sect. I. Physical aspects of hyperthermia -- 1. Hyperthermia, physics, vector potential, electromagnetic heating : a primer / Ugo Cerchiari -- 2. Thermometry : clinical aspects and perspectives / Barbara Baiotto and Piergiorgio Marini -- 3. Physical background and technical realizations of hyperthermia / Andras Szasz, Oliver Szasz and Nora Szasz -- 4. Thermotherapy and nanomedicine : between vision and reality / Andreas Jordan -- Sect. II. Biological aspects of hyperthermia -- 5. Influence of tumor microenvironment on thermoresponse : biologic and clinical implications / Gian Franco Baronzio, Alberto Gramaglia, Attilio Baronzio and Isabel Freitas -- 6. Hyperthermia and angiogenesis : results and perspectives / Cristina Roca and Luca Primo -- 7. Vascular effects of localized hyperthermia / Debra K. Kelleher and Peter Vaupel -- 8. On the biochemical bash of turnout damage by hyperthermia / Paola Pietrangeli and Bruno Mondovi -- 9. Results of hyperthermia alone or with radiation therapy and/or chemotherapy / Pietro Gabriele and Cristina Roca -- 10. Thermo-chemo-radiotherapy association : biological rationale, preliminary observations on its use on malignant brain tumors / Gien Franco Baronzio, Vincenzo Cerreta, Attilio Baronzio, Isabel Freitas, Marco Mapelli and Alberto Gramaglia -- 11. A step deep on hyperthermia, hypoxia and chemotherapy interactions / Giammaria Fiorentini, Ugo De Giorgi, Maurizio Cantore, Andrea Mambrini and Stefano Guadagni -- Sect. III. Clinical aspects of hyperthermia -- 12. Locoregional hyperthermia / E. Dieter Hager -- 13. Hyperthermia and radiotherapy in the management of prostate cancer / Sergio Villa -- 14. Tumor ablation using radiofrequency energy : technical methods and application on liver tumors / Johannes-Marcus Hansler, Luigi Solbiati, E. Dieter Hager, Tiziana Ierace, Luca Cova and Gian Franco Baronzio -- 15. Cytoreduction, peritonectomy and hyperthermic antiblastic peritoneal perfusion for the treatment of peritoneal carcinomatosis / Michele De Simone and Marco Vaira -- 16. Hyperthermic isolated limb perfusion / Michele De Simone and Marco Vaira -- 17. Intracavitary hyperthermic perfusion / E. Dieter Hager -- 18. Whole body hyperthermia at 43.5-44[degrees]C : dream or reality? / Alexey V. Suvernev, Georgy V. Ivanov, Anatoly V. Efremov and Roman Tchervov -- 19. Extreme whole-body hyperthermia with water-filtered infrared-a radiation / Alexander van Ardenne and Holger Wehner -- 20. Effects of local and whole body hyperthermia on immunity / Gian Franco Baronzio, Roberta Della Seta, Marlo D'Amico, Attilio Baronzio, Isabel Freitas, Giorgio Forzenigo, Alberto Gramaglia and E. Dieter Hager -- 21. Fever, pyrogens and cancer / Ralf Kleef and E. Dieter Hager -- 22. Future perspectives of interstitial and perfusional hyperthermia / Gian Franco Baronzio, Michele De Simone, Gianmaria Fiorentini, Salvatore D'Angelo, Giovanni Visconti and E. Dieter Hager -- Addendum : radiofrequeney thermal ablation in the treatment of lung malignancies / Cosimo Gadaleta, Anna Catino and Vittorio Mattioli.
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