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The American medical ethics revolution : how the AMA's code of ethics has transformed physicians' relationships to patients, professionals, and society / edited by Robert B. Baker ... [et al.].

Baltimore, Md. : Johns Hopkins University Press, 1999.
xxxix, 396 p. ; 24 cm.
Summary note:
  • "The American Medical Association enacted its Code of Ethics in 1847, the first such national codification.
  • In this volume, a distinguished group of experts from the fields of medicine, bioethics, and the history of medicine reflect on the development of medical ethics in the United States, using historical analyses as a springboard for discussions of the problems of the present, including what the editors call "a sense of moral crisis precipitated by the shift from a system of fee-for-service medicine to a system of fee-for-system medicine, better known as 'managed care.'""--BOOK JACKET.
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Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • I. American Medical Ethics: Historical Reflections. 1. Setting the Stage: Moral Philosophy, Benjamin Rush, and Medical Ethics in the United States before 1846 / Chester R. Burns. 2. The American Medical Ethics Revolution / Robert B. Baker. 3. The 1880s Rebellion against the AMA Code of Ethics: "Scientific Democracy" and the Dissolution of Orthodoxy / John Harley Warner. 4. The Challenge of Specialism in the 1900s / Rosemary A. Stevens. 5. Medical Ethics and the Media: Oaths, Codes, and Popular Culture / Susan E. Lederer -- II. Professionalism and Professional Ethics. 6. One Hundred Fifty Years Later: The Moral Status and Relevance of the AMA Code of Ethics / Edmund D. Pellegrino. 7. Professionalism and Institutional Ethics / Eliot Freidson. 8. Doctor, Schmocter: Practice Positivism and Its Complications / Arthur Isak Applbaum. 9. Who Should Control the Scope and Nature of Medical Ethics? / Robert M. Veatch. 10. Medical Ethics as a Medical Matter / Mark Siegler.
  • 11. Professionalism and Professional Ethics / Alexander Morgan Capron. 12. Who Needs Physicians' Professional Ethics? / Stephen R. Latham and Linda L. Emanuel -- III. Current Challenges to Medical Ethics. 13. Codes Visible and Invisible: The Twentieth-Century Fate of a Nineteenth-Century Code / Charles E. Rosenberg. 14. Alternative Medicine and the AMA / Paul Root Wolpe. 15. The Challenge of Serving Both Patient and Populace / Christine K. Cassel. 16. The Challenge of Universal Access to Health Care with Limited Resources / Robert M. Tenery, Jr. -- IV. Future Challenges to Biomedical Ethics. 17. Future Challenges to Medical Ethics and Professional Values / Albert R. Jonsen. 18. Can Ethics Help Guide the Future of Biomedicine? / Arthur L. Caplan. 19. Bioethics in the Developing World: National Responsibilities and International Collaboration / Florencia Luna.
  • 20. Medical Ethics and Human Rights: Reflections on the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Nuremberg Code / George J. Annas -- AMA Codes and Principles of Medical Ethics, 1847-1997. A. Note to 1847 Convention / Isaac Hays. B. Introduction to the 1847 Code of Ethics / John Bell. C. Code of Ethics (1847) / John Bell and Isaac Hays. D. Principles of Medical Ethics (1903) / A.M.A. E. Principles of Medical Ethics (1912) / A.M.A. F. Principles of Medical Ethics (1957) / A.M.A. G. Principles of Medical Ethics (1980) / A.M.A. H. Fundamental Elements of the Patient-Physician Relationship (1990/1994) / A.M.A. Council on Ethical and Judicial Affairs. I. Selected Opinions and Reports (Opinions 7.03 and 8.061; Reports on "Financial Incentives and the Practice of Medicine" and "Sexual Misconduct in the Practice of Medicine") / A.M.A. Council on Ethical and Judicial Affairs.
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