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Microbial toxins : methods and protocols / edited by Otto Holst.

New York : Humana Press, c2011.
xi, 239 p. : ill. (some col.) ; 27 cm.
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Detection of bacterial protein toxins by solid phase magnetic immunocapture and mass spectrometry / Gabriella Pocsfalvi and Gitta Schlosser -- Sensitive and rapid detection of cholera toxin-producing Vibrio cholerae using loop-mediated isothermal amplification / Wataru Yamazaki -- Ultrasensitive detection of botulinum neurotoxins and anthrax lethal factor in biological samples by ALISSA / Karine Bagramyan and Markus Kalkum -- Examination of Bacillus anthracis spores by multiparameter flow cytometry / William C. Schumacher ... [et al.] -- Cell-based fluorescent assay to detect the activity of shiga toxin and other toxins that inhibit protein synthesis / Shane Massey, Beatriz Quiñones, and Ken Teter -- Use of a vero cell-based fluorescent assay to assess relative toxicities of shiga toxin 2 subtypes from Escherichia coli / Beatriz Quiñones and Michelle S. Swimley -- Molecular methods : chip assay and quantitative real-time PCR : in detecting hepatotoxic cyanobacteria / Anne Rantala-Ylinen, Hanna Sipari, and Kaarina Sivonen -- Capillary electrophoresis chips for fingerprinting endotoxin chemotypes from whole-cell lysates / Béla Kocsis ... [et al.] -- Isolation of smooth-type lipopolysaccharides to electrophoretic homogeneity / Elder Pupo -- Method for unobtrusive labeling of lipopolysaccharides with quantum dots / Carlos Morales-Betanzos, Maria Gonzalez-Moa, and Sergei A. Svarovsky -- Fluorescence-based methods to assay inhibitors of lipopolysaccharide synthesis / Marcy Hernick -- Micromethods for lipid A isolation and structural characterization / Martine Caroff and Alexey Novikov -- Two efficient methods for the conjugation of smooth-form lipopolysaccharides with probes bearing hydrazine or amino groups. I. LPS activation with cyanogen bromide / Fernando Battaglini and Diego Pallarola -- Two efficient methods for the conjugation of smooth-form lipopolysaccharides with probes bearing hydrazine or amino groups. II. LPS activation with a cyanopyridinium agent / Fernando Battaglini and Diego Pallarola -- Extraction and analysis of fumonisins and compounds indicative of fumonisin exposure in plant and mammalian tissues and cultured cells / Nicholas C. Zitomer and Ronald T. Riley -- Determination of fumonisins B₁ and B₂ in maize food products by a new analytical method based on high-performance liquid chromatography and fluorimetric detection with post-column derivatization / Marilena Muscarella ... [et al.] -- Confirmatory method for aflatoxin M₁ determination in milk based on immunoaffinity cleanup and high-performance liquid chromatography with fluorometric detection / Marilena Muscarella ... [et al.] -- Simultaneous determination of aflatoxins B₁, B₂, G₁, and G₂ in foods and feed materials / Marilena Muscarella ... [et al.] -- Highly sensitive PCR-based detection specific to Aspergillus flavus / Amaia González-Salgado ... [et al.] -- Rapid enzymatic method for aflatoxin B detection / Danila Moscone, Fabiana Arduini, and Aziz Amine.
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