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The PIH guide to chronic care integration for endemic non-communicable diseases / [editors-in-chief, Gene Bukhman, Alice Kidder ; principal authors, Alice Kidder ... [et al.]].

Boston, Mass. : Partners in Health, c2011.
Rwanda ed.
xxxii, 329 p. : ill. (some col.) ; 24 cm.
  • "Cardiac, renal, diabetes, pulmonary, and palliative care"
  • "Partners in Health; Harvard Medical School, Department of Global Health and Social Medicine, Program in Global Non-Communicable Disease and Social Change; [and] Brigham and Women's Hospital, Division of Global Health Equity".
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  • 1. Integration of chronic care services in Rwanda. The long tail of endemic non-communicable diseases in Rwanda -- A framework for strategic planning for endemic non-communicable disease -- Decentralization and integration of chronic care for non-communicable disease in Rwanda -- Which chronic diseases? -- the district hospital as a source of clinical leadership -- District inpatient care -- Health centers: case finding, initial management, and chronic care -- Referral centers -- Out-of country referral -- Screening -- Principles of patient follow-up and retention: community health workers and the electronic medical record -- Equipment, medication procurement, and costs -- 2. Palliative care and chronic care. History and philosophy of palliative care efforts in resource-poor settings -- Community health workers and common palliative care interventions in the treatment of chronic disease -- 3. Role of community health workers, family planning, mental health, pharmacy, laboratory, and social services in the treatment of chronic disease. Community health workers -- Housing assistance -- Nutritional support -- Mental health -- Family planning in chronic disease -- Pharmacy services -- Laboratory -- Other diagnostic equipment --
  • 4. Heart failure. Defining categories of health failure -- Physical exam findings for classification of heart failure -- Echocardiography for classification of heart failure -- Initial recognition and refreral of the heart failure patient -- Heart failure severity classification -- Decompensated heart failure -- Fluid status assessment -- Cardiomyopathy -- Hypertensive heart disease etiology and diagnosis -- Mitral stenosis -- Other valvular and congenital ehart disease -- Isolated right-sided heart failure etiology and diagnosis -- Heart failure patient follow-up -- Potassium management -- Arrhythmia diagnosis and management -- Role of electrocardiography in rural Rwanda -- Cardioversion -- Palpitations and somatization -- Palliative care for patients with heart failure -- 5. Cardiac surgery screening, referral, anticoagulation, and postoperative management. History of cardiac surgery in Rwanda -- Building a national cardiac surgery program -- Common procedures for cardiac valves -- Early post-operative evaluation (first 3 months) -- Ongoing monitoring of the post-operative patient -- Penicillin prophylaxis for patients with surgically corrected rheumatic valvular disease -- Methods of anticoagulation and indications -- Initiating warfarin therapy -- Titrating warfarin therapy -- drug supply and patient monitoring -- Dangers of anticoagulation --
  • 6. Chronic kidney disease. Etiology of chronic kidney disease in rural Rwanda -- Screening for renal failure in high-risk populations -- Classification of renal failure -- Initial evaluation and management of chronic kidney disease (CKD) -- Hyperkalemia -- Palliative care for chronic kidney disease -- Renal replacement therapy (hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis) -- Renal transplantation -- Acute kidney failure in hospitalized patients -- 7. Diabetes. Opportunistic identification and screening for diabetes in acute care helath center clinics -- Recognition and treatment of emergency states (hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia) -- Principles and initial management of diabetes -- Management of diabetes with insulin therapy -- Insulin use in the community -- Adjuvant therapies and routine monitoring for complications in patients with diabetes -- Diabetes and pregnancy -- Social assistance and community health workers --
  • 8. Hypertension. Clinical and community-based hypertension screening -- Initial management of newly referred adult hypertension cases in health center integrated chronic care clinics -- Recommended hypertension medications and dosing -- rcognition and management of hypertensive emergency in adults -- Renal dysfunction in hypertension -- Evaluation and management of hypertension in patients -- Follow-up treatment for hypertension in adults -- Diagnosis and management of hypertension in children -- Hypertension in pregnancy -- 9. Rheumatic heart disease prevention. Prevention of acute rheumatic fever: management of sore throat -- Preventing rheumatic heart disease: management of acute rheumatic fever and secondary prophylaxis for rheumatic fever -- Rheumatic heart disease screening -- 10. Chronic respiratory disease. The burden of chronic respiratory disease in rural Rwanda -- Integration of chronic respiratory disease management at health-center level -- Diagnosis and initial management of chronic respiratory disease in health center integrated chronic care clinics -- Follow-up management of asthma -- Bronchiectasis --
  • Epilogue -- Append. A. Essentials equipment and medicines. Essential equipment -- Essential medicines -- Append. B. Cost models. Summary of operational cost models -- Cardiomyopathy -- Cardiac surgery -- Screening for HIV nephropathy -- Diabetes -- Hypertension cost models -- Chronic respiratory disease cost models -- Append. C. Indicators for monitoring and evaluation. Heart failure and post-cardiac surgery follow-up -- Cardiac surgical referral and case selection -- Renal failure -- Diabetes -- Hypertension -- Chronic respiratory disease -- Append. D. Forms. Intake forms -- Flowsheets -- Append. E. Common normal values.
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