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Critical perspectives on racial and ethnic differences in health in late life / Norman B. Anderson, Randy A. Bulatao, and Barney Cohen, editors ; Panel on Race, Ethnicity, and Health in Later Life, Committee on Population, Division of Behavioral and Social Sciences and Education.

Washington, D.C. : National Academies Press, c2004.
xv, 735 p. : ill., maps ; 23 cm.
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Includes bibliographical references.
1. Introduction / Barney Cohen -- 2. Racial and ethnic identification, official classifications, and health disparities / Gary D. Sandefur, Mary E. Campbell and Jennifer Eggerling-Boeck -- 3. Racial and ethnic disparities in health and mortality among the U.S. elderly population / Robert A. Hummer, Maureen R. Benjamins and Richard G. Rogers -- 4. Ethnic differences in dementia and alzheimer's disease / Jennifer J. Manly and Richard Mayeux -- 5. The life-course contribution to ethnic disparities in health / Clyde Hertzman -- 6. Selection processes in the study of racial and ethnic differentials in adult health and mortality / Alberto Palloni and Douglas C. Ewbank -- 7. Immigrant health : selectivity and acculturation / Guillermina Jasso, Douglas S. Massey, Mark R. Rosenzweig and James P. Smith -- 8. Genetic factors in ethnic disparities in health / Richard S. Cooper -- 9. Race/ethnicity, socioeconomic status, and health / Eileen M. Crimmins, Mark D. Hayward and Teresa E. Seeman -- 10. The role of social and personal resources in ethnic disparities in late-life health / Carlos F. Mendes de Leon and Thomas A. Glass -- 11. What makes a place healthy? : neighborhood influences on racial/ethnic disparities in health over the life course / Jeffrey D. Morenoff and John W. Lynch -- 12. Racial/ethnic disparities in health behaviors : a challenge to current assumptions / Marilyn A. Winkleby and Catherine Cubbin -- 13. Cumulative psychosocial risks and resilience : a conceptual perspective on ethnic health disparities in late life / Hector F. Myers and Wei-Chin Hwang -- 14. Significance of perceived racism : toward understanding ethnic group disparities in health, the later years / Rodney Clark -- 15. A neurovisceral integration model of health disparities in aging / Julian F. Thayer and Bruce H. Friedman -- 16. Geography and racial health disparities / Amitabh Chandra and Jonathan S. Skinner -- 17. Behavioral health interventions : what works and why? / David M. Cutler -- 18. Ethnic disparities in aging health : what can we learn from the United Kingdom? / James Y. Nazroo -- 19. An exploratory investigation into racial disparities in the health of older South Africans / Debbie Bradshaw, Rosana Norman, Ria Laubscher, Michelle Schneider, Nolwazi Mbananga and Krisela Steyn.
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