3D cell culture : methods and protocols / edited by John W. Haycock.

New York, NY : Humana Press, 2011.
xi, 343 p. : ill. (some col.) ; 26 cm.


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1. 3D Cell Culture: A Review of Current Approaches and Techniques / John W. Haycock -- 2. Scaffolds for Tissue Engineering and 3D Cell Culture / Claudio Migliaresi -- 3. Tracking Nanoparticles in Three-Dimensional Tissue-Engineered Models Using Confocal Laser Scanning Microscopy / Giuseppe Battaglia -- 4. Using Immuno-Scanning Electron Microscopy for the Observation of Focal Adhesion-substratum interactions at the Nano and Microscale in S-Phase Cells / Matthew J. Dalby -- 5. 3D Sample Preparation for Orthopaedic Tissue Engineering Bioreactors / L. Araida Hidalgo-Bastida -- 6. Quantification of mRNA Using Real-Time PCR and Western Blot Analysis of MAPK Events in Chondrocyte/Agarose Constructs / Tina T. Chowdhury -- 7. Genetic Modification of Chondrocytes Using Viral Vectors / Michael Barker -- 8. Stem Cell and Neuron Co-cultures for the Study of Nerve Regeneration / Giorgio Terenghi -- 9. Production of Tissue-Engineered Skin and Oral Mucosa for Clinical and Experimental Use / Louise Smith -- 10. Three-Dimensional Alignment of Schwann Cells Using Hydrolysable Microfiber Scaffolds: Strategies for Peripheral Nerve Repair / John W. Haycock -- 11. Encapsulation of Human Articular Chondrocytes into 3D Hydrogel: Phenotype and Genotype Characterization / Rui L. Reis -- 12. Micro-structured Materials and Mechanical Cues in 3D Collagen Gels / Robert Brown -- 13. Organotypic and 3D Reconstructed Cultures of the Human Bladder and Urinary Tract / Jennifer Southgate -- 14. Ex Vivo Organ Culture of Human Hair Follicles: A Model Epithelial-Neuroectodermal-Mesenchymal Interaction System / Desmond J. Tobin -- 15. Human Endothelial and Osteoblast Co-cultures on 3D Biomaterials / C. James Kirkpatrick -- 16. Assessment of Nanomaterials Cytotoxicity and Internalization / Nicola Tirelli -- 17. Practical Aspects of OCT Imaging in Tissue Engineering / Stephen J. Matcher -- 18. Osteogenic Differentiation of Embryonic Stem Cells in 2D and 3D Culture / Kevin Shakesheff -- 19. 3D Structuring of Biocompatible and Biodegradable Polymers Via Stereolithography / Frederik Claeyssens -- 20. Alvetex®: Polystyrene Scaffold Technology for Routine Three Dimensional Cell Culture / Stefan Przyborski.
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