Health care emergency management : principles and practice / editors Michael J. Reilly and David S. Markenson.

Sudbury, Mass. : Jones and Bartlett Learning, c2011.
xxi, 483 p. : ill. ; 23 cm.


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"Recent research underscores a serious lack of preparedness among hospitals nationwide and a dearth of credible educational programs and resources for hospital emergency preparedness. As the only resource of its kind, Health Care Emergency Management: Principles and Practice specifically addresses hospital and health system preparedness in the face of a large-scale disaster or other emergency." "Administrators, emergency preparedness coordinators, and clinical staff who are charged with managing preparedness and emergency management functions for hospitals or healthcare systems will turn to this guide as an essential reference in planning for disasters, terrorism, and public health emergencies. Health Care Emergency Management is also ideal for emergency preparedness courses in programs of health administration or public health. Through case studies and practical examples, this book engages the reader in active learning about this exciting, challenging, and rewarding field."--BOOK JACKET.
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1. The Ultrasound-Guided Core Needle Biopsies -- 2. An Inconvenient Year: 1-20-08 -- 3. First Opinion -- 4. Second Opinion -- 5. Third Opinion -- 6. Free Day, -- 7. Fourth Opinion -- 8. Estrogen-Progesterone Test -- 9. Fifth Opinion -- 10. The Facts I Am Considering as Key after All Five Opinions -- 11. The Decision -- 12. "Prenderla Giorno per Giorno" (Taking It One Day at a Time) MRI's and the Ultrasound Tests -- 13. Notes of Clarification -- 14. MRI & Ultrasound Test Results, Second Round BCD Results -- 15. It's the "Me" in Medical that's the Problem -- 16. Something Else We Need to Change: How They Track Research -- 17. Test No. 3: Core Needle Biopsy of Axillary Lymph Nodes -- 18. Hear Me as a Woman and Not as a Cancer Patient -- 19. Results of Test No. 3: Core Needle Biopsy of Axillary Lymph Node -- 20. The Night before the Next Two Days -- 21. And Then There Was One, Which Is Truly the Loneliest Number That Can Ever Be -- 22. It All Comes at Me at Once -- 23. Short Takes -- 24. My Body Sends Me Two Important Signs, Two Days after Surgery -- 25. A New Twist to Living out the String -- 26. The Disengagement of Dickie the Drain But First, My Tribute to D2 (D-Squared) -- 27. Pictures: Ladies, These are for You -- 28. Dickie the Drain is History -- 29. A Boutique Like Most Have Never Seen Before -- 30. Taking Control of How I Lose the Rest of Me But First, How I Met the Auditor -- 31. Shaving My Hair Off -- 32. A Family Connection: Through All the Clutter and Noise, I Hear Her -- 33. Kind of/ Sort of Meeting the Chemo Oncologist -- 34. The Second Opinion from a Radiation Oncologist & My Get Out Of Jail Free Card -- 35. I Have Never Shopped For a Rug Like This Before (Part 1) -- 36. I Have Never Shopped For a Rug Like This Before (Part 2) -- 37. Alright, Enough Already! -- 38. The Mugascan -- 39. What Exactly Is a Skin-Sparing Mastectomy? -- 40. Chemo, the New Cocktail for Me & My Introduction to Red Death -- 41. Getting the Shot from Larry -- 42. The First Few Days after Chemo -- 43. Doing What I Always Do: Reaching Through the Sky and Dreaming Big Really Big -- 44. The Big Shave (Part 1) -- 45. The Big Shave Party (Part 2) What a Difference a Day Makes-24 Little Hours -- 46. The Second Chemo Treatment: Going Chemotose -- 47. Learning and Teaching Lessons while Allowing the Boat to Take Its Course -- 48. Hair Today But Gone Tomorrow or Tony, the Trucker and Tits -- 49. Larry & the Three Bald Zaccones at Chemo No. 3 -- 50. In the Beginning -- 51. The Week before Chemo No. 4 -- 52. Camp Chemo: the First Five-Star Camp of Its Kind -- 53. The Genetic Counselor and Chemo No. 5 -- 54. Embrace the Suck -- 55. A Medical Imbalance: The Current Teams Plan for Radiation -- 56. Chemo No. 6 With Withering Contempt, Half-Concealed Irritation and Feigned Amusement I Move on to Weary Disdain I am a Human Chia Pet -- 57. Chemo No. 7, Shot No. 7 and the Land Of Oz -- 58. When Everything Is Coming Your Way, You're in the Wrong Lane -- 59. The Last Chemo, a Little Respite and Then Diving into the Next Step -- 60. How to Keep It Moving -- 61. Do Boneless, Skinless Chicken Cutlets Float? -- 62. Slash, Poison and Burn & Focusing on the Long-Term -- 63. Hoping That This Will Extend My Expiration Date -- 64. A New Twist to Cleavage and the Tests before Radiation -- 65. From Strategic Planning to Strategic Plotting, All in One Day -- 66. The New Chick Gang, a Caveat and a String -- 67. A Cord to the Right of Me, a Mammogram to the Left Here I Am Stuck in the Middle with One Boob -- 68. When the Dark Days Come, Let Them Come -- 69. The Case of the Disappearing Tattoos -- 70. Lately, I've Walked More Than a Few Miles in My Italian Leather Slingbacks -- 71. Nutrition, Drugs and Their Amazing Interactions -- 72. I've Decided That Much of What You Want in Life, Lies Right Outside Your Comfort Zone -- 73. Tissue and Needles and More Oh, My! -- 74. Dreaming with Your Eyes Wide Open & the Transition from Patient to Advocate -- 75. All I Need to Do Is to Show Up -- 76. Measure Twice, Cut Once: Reconstruction Surgery -- 77. The Waiting Begins Again -- 78. OK, So How Fast Is the Speed of Dark? -- 79. "Stress Is When You Wake Up Screaming and Then You Realize You Haven't Slept Yet" -- 80. Love Means Never Having to Say You're Sorry -- 81. Wondering What Happens When You Get Scared Half to Death Twice -- 82. Life De-drained and Re-claimed -- 83. Nurses and Their Critically Important Role -- 84. One Nipple Away from a Full Set & My Last Tattoo -- 85. Origami's Fabulous Folds & Lefty Gets a Lift -- 86. When Support Moves Beyond a Bra -- 87. Accepting the Challenge and My Future -- 88. And This: My Final Chapter.
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