Current therapy in oral and maxillofacial surgery / contributing editors, Shahrokh C. Bagheri, R. Bryan Bell, Husain Ali Khan.

Philadelphia : Elsevier Saunders, c2012.
xviii, 1114 p. : ill. (chiefly col.) : 29 cm.


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  • The history of oral and maxillfacial surgery / Lou S. Belinfante -- Wound healing: repair biology and wound and scar treatment / Anh D. Le, Jimmy James Brown -- Flap classification and principles of flap design for head and neck reconstruction / Andrew S. Salama -- Principles of repair and grafting of bone and cartilage / Tara L. Aghaloo, Alan L. Felsenfeld -- Burns of the head and neck / Burns of the Head and Neck / Nathan A. Kemalyan -- Endoscopic oral and maxillofacial surgery / Joseph P. McCain, King Kim -- Principles of microvascular surgery / Remy H. Blanchaert Jr. -- Antibiotic prophylaxis to prevent surgical site infections in oral and maxillofacial surgery / Julie Ann Smith -- Tissue engineering / Miller H. Smith, Kenji Izumi, Stephen E. Feinberg -- Molecular biology of head and neck cancer: therapeutic implications / David K. Lam, Brian L. Schmidt -- Principles of distraction osteogenesis / Cesar A. Guerrero, Helen Rivera, Elena V. Mujica, Mariana Henriquez, Marianela Gonzalez -- Principles of implantology and osseointegration / Guillermo E. Chacon, M. Ugalde --
  • Management of asymptomatic wisdom teeth: an evidence-based approach / Thomas B. Dodson -- Value of oral and maxillofacial surgeons: dentistry's liaisons to medicine and hospital care / Connie L. Drisko -- Removal of third molars / M.A. Pogrel -- Management of the impacted canine / Steven W. Beadnell -- Implants for orthodontic anchorage: temporary anchorage device [TAD] / Joyce T. Lee -- Dental implant prosthetic rehabilitation: autogenous bone grafting for alveolar defects / Stephen A. Bankston -- Dental implant prosthetic rehabilitation: allogeneic grafting/bone graft substitutes in implant dentistry / Mark R. Stevens, Hany A. Emam -- Dental implant prosthetic rehabilitation: vertical distraction osteogenesis / Glen Maron -- Dental implant prosthetic rehabilitation: sinus grafting / Antwan L. Treadway, Stephen A. Bankston -- Reconstruction of the atrophic mandible / Michael S. Jaskolka, George H. Blakey III -- Zygoma implants in the compromised maxilla: their use in both atrophic and maxillectomy patients / Eric J. Dierks, Kenji W. Higuchi -- Efficacy of rhBMP-2 in association with dental implants / Robert Gilbert Triplett, Mark E. Wong -- Computer-assisted implant surgery / Edward R. Schlissel -- Management of the anticoagulated patient / Rabie M. Shanti, Shahid R. Aziz -- The preoperative cardiac evaluation / Heather B. Westmoreland, A. Maziar Zafari -- Management of the irradiated patient / Martin I. Salgueiro, Mark R. Stevens -- Management of trigeminal nerve injuries / Shahrokh C. Bagheri, Roger Albert Meyer --
  • Outpatient intravenous sedation for oral surgery / Harry Papadopoulos -- Nonsurgical management of facial pain / Steven J. Scrivani, David A. Keith, Jennifer P. Bassiur, James A Kraus, Noshir R. Mehta -- The pharmacology of Ketamine and its use in outpatient anesthesia / Christopher T. Kirkup, Jeffrey Bennett -- Nerve damage in dentistry / M.A. Pogrel --
  • The surgical airway / Timothy Marx Osborn, Eric J. Dierks -- Traumatic epistaxis / Michael M. Demo, Martin B. Steed -- Nasal fractures / Tirbod Fattahi -- Mandibular fractures / Stephen P.R. MacLeod -- Mandibular subcondylar fractures / Larry L. Cunningham, Jr., Aaron Sterling Card -- Orbital fractures / R. Bryan Bell, Saif S. Al-Bustani -- Zygomaticomaxillary complex fractures / Christopher John Haggerty, Nagi Demian, Jose M. Marchena -- Le Fort fractures / Zachary S. Peacock, Brian Thomas Bast -- Naso-orbito-ethmoid fractures / Mark Engelstad -- Frontal sinus fractures / Yoh Sawatari, Johanny Caceres -- Pan-facial trauma / Alan S. Herford -- Management of avulsive gunshot wounds to the face / Amir H. Dorafshar, Eduardo D. Rodriguez -- Secondary reconstruction of post-traumatic maxillomandibular deformities / Rabie M. Shanti, Shahid R. Aziz --
  • Neck mass: diagnosis and management / Deepak Kademani, Meredith August -- Keratocystic odontogenic tumor / M.A. Pogrel -- Contemporary treatment of ameloblastoma / Deepak Kademani, David Michael Junck -- Jaw cysts, benign odontogenic tumors of the jaws, and fibro-osseous diseases / Robert E. Marx -- The central giant cell granuloma / M.A. Pogrel -- Oral squamous cell carcinoma: epidemiology, clinical and radiographic evaluation, and staging / Brent B. Ward, Fayette C. Williams -- Oral squamous cell carcinoma / David L. Hirsch, Michael J. Spink -- Oral squamous cell carcinoma: management of the neck / Tuan Giang Bui, R. Bryan Bell -- Indications for adjuvant chemotherapy and radiation therapy / Robert Andre Ord -- Salivary gland tumors: the parotid gland / Curtis Gregoire -- Minor salivary gland tumors / Antonia Kolokythas, Michael Miloro -- Management of head and neck sarcoma / Rafael A. Madero-Visbal, Thomas D. Shellenberger -- Osteoradionecrosis / Kevin Arce --
  • Mandibular reconstruction / Jason K. Potter -- Palato-Maxillary reconstruction / Dimitrios Nikolarakos, Jason K. Potter -- Contemporary methods in tongue reconstruction / Phillip Pirgousis, Rui Fernandes -- Lip cancer: ablative and reconstructive surgery / Eric R. Carlson, Andres Guerra -- The temporalis system of flaps in head and neck reconstruction: temporoparietal fascia and temporalis muscle flaps / Jon D. Holmes -- Bisphosphonates and bisphosphonate-induced osteonecrosis of the jaws / Robert E. Marx -- Maxillofacial reconstruction using cancellous cellular marrow grafts / Robert E. Marx -- Ear reconstruction / Shawn A. McClure, Steven P. Best -- The pectoralis major myocutaneous flap / Dale A. Baur, Michael P. Horan, Juan C. Rodriquez -- Radial forearm free flap / Brian M. Woo, D. David Kim -- Fibula free flap and mandibular reconstruction / Phillip Pirgousis, Rui Fernandes -- Anterolateral thigh flap / Joshua Eli Lubek, Stephen L. Engroff -- Deep circumflex iliac artery free flap / Stephen L. Engroff, Joshua Eli Lubek -- Implant-assisted prosthetic reconstruction after tumor ablation / Devin Joseph Okay, Daniel Buchbinder --
  • Computer-aided surgical simulation for orthognathic surgery / James J. Xia, Jaime Gateno, John F. Teichgraeber -- Mandibular deficiency: bilateral sagittal spilt osteotomy / Jessica J. Lee -- Maxillary deficiency: Le Fort I osteotomy / Vincent James Perciaccante -- Maxillary deficiency: transverse plane discrepancies / Rafael E. Alcalde, Dale S. Bloomquist, Don Joondeph -- Mandibular orthognathic surgery: vertical ramus osteotomy vs. sagittal split osteotomy / Shahid R. Aziz, Steven M. Roser -- Distraction osteogenesis / Marianela Gonzalez, Cesar A. Guerrero, Micahel P. Ding -- Mandibular asymmetry: diagnosis and treatment considerations / Brian B. Farrell, Myron R. Tucker -- Mandibular asymmetry: condylar elongation/hypertrophy / Felice O'Ryan -- Mandibular asymmetry: temporomandibular joint degeneration / Larry M. Wolford --
  • Cleft lip and palate: timing and approaches to reconstruction / Radhika Chigurupati -- Cleft lip and palate: nasoalveolar molding / Judah S. Garfinkle, Barry H. Grayson -- Cleft lip and palate: primary cleft lip repair / Bernard J. Costello, Ramon L. Ruiz -- Cleft lip and palate: primary cleft palate repair / Paul S. Tiwana, Matthew J. Madsen -- Cleft lip and palate: bone graft reconstruction of the cleft maxilla / Gregory J. Mackay -- Cleft lip and palate: orthognathic surgery / David S. Precious -- Cleft lip and palate: prosthetic rehabilitation in the growing cleft patient / Betsy K. Davis -- Nonsyndromic single suture craniosynostosis / Pat Ricalde -- Craniofacial dysostosis syndromes / Jeffrey C. Posnick, Ramon L. Ruiz, Paul S. Tiwana -- Pediatric head and neck tumors: benign lesions / Shelly Abramowicz, Bonnie L. Padwa -- Pediatric malignant tumors of the head and neck / Sean P. Edwards -- Surgical care of the hemifacial microsomia patient / Stanley Yung-Chuan Liu, Phoebe Good, Janice S. Lee -- Mandibular dysostosis / Timothy A. Turvey -- Pediatric cranio-maxillofacial trauma: mandibular fractures / Paul S. Tiwana, Aaron Vickers -- Pediatric mid-face fractures / Clement Qaqish, John F. Caccamese, Jr. --
  • Diagnosis and management of temporomandibular joint pain and masticatory dysfunction / Franklin M. Dolwick, Shelly Abramowicz, Shahrokh C. Bagheri -- Temporomandibular joint: hypermobility and ankylosis / Gary F. Bouloux -- Alloplastic temporomandibular joint reconstruction / Louis G. Mercuri -- Current therapy of the effects of juvenile idiopathic arthritis on the facial skeleton / Robert W.T. Myall, R. Bryan Bell --
  • Initial assessment of the facial cosmetic surgery patients / Husain Ali Khan, Shahrokh C. Bagheri -- Current trends in rhinoplasty / Shahrokh C. Bagheri, Husain Ali Khan -- Revision rhinoplasty / Behnam Bohluli, Shahrokh C. Bagheri -- Forehead, eyebrow and upper eyelid lifting / Angelo Cuzalina, Tarek Victor Copty -- Micrografting and hair transplantation surgery / Barry H. Hendler, David C.Stanton -- Rhytidectomy (face-lifting) / Angelo Cuzalina, Tarek Victor Copty, Husain Ali Khan -- Blepharoplasty / Joseph D. Walrath, Brent R. Hayek, Ted Wojno -- Ablative facial resurfacing / Matthew R. Hlavacek -- Treatment of non-melanoma skin cancer / Jill M. Weber, Jonathan S. Bailey -- Evaluation and management of maxillofacial vascular lesions / Edward T. Lahey III, Leonard B. Kaban --
  • Obstructive sleep apnea: evaluation and treatment planning / Reginald H.B. Goodday -- Obstructive sleep apnea: surgical treatment: Part I, UPPP, genioglossus advancement, hyoid suspension / Robert A. Strauss, Adam P. McCormick -- Obstructive sleep apnea: surgical treatment: part II, maxillomandibular advancement for adults / Jeffrey R. Prinsell -- Obstructive sleep apnea:surgical treatment: part III, mandibular advancement for children / Brinda Thimmappa, Stephen A. Schendel --
  • Antimicrobial treatment of head and neck infections / Thomas R. Flynn -- Principle and surgical management of head and neck infections / Thomas R. Flynn -- Ludwig's angina / Sam E. Farish.
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