The politics of Medicaid / Laura Katz Olson.

Olson, Laura Katz, 1945- [Browse]
New York : Columbia University Press, c2010.
xii, 426 p. ; 24 cm.


Summary note
""Wow! A book that does exactly what its title promises---captures the politics of the policy of Medicaid. No other work does so as comprehensively and with such sharp insight and purpose. Laura Katz Olson weaves every detail into an overarching struggle between those who would strenthen Medicaid's ability to provide health care for the poor and those who would weaken it. The Politics of Medicaid will be the bible for political scientists and policy analysts alike."---Deborah Stone, Dartmouth College" ""In a deftly crafted chef d'oeuvre, Laura Katz Olson shines a lantern on the largest medical insurance plan in the land. Though Medicaid accounts for a full 7 percent of the federal budget, it remains the stepchild of welfare provisions in the United States, and perceptions of it provide a looking glass into American values. Getting past the surlies in managed-care companies often places those in need on the outside looking in, subjected to the invisible foot of the medical marketplace. Olson's savvy analysis of medical welfare's arcane policies reminds readers that many of us are but one crushing medical bill away from the same fate. Her insights paint Medicaid as a bit of a shell game between federal and state policies, one that would make Rube Goldberg proud. Truly a medalist performance and a must read as we take the next step toward national coverage."---Jon Hendricks, Oregon State University" ""In this fascinating and beautifully written book. Laura Katz Olson untangles the complex web of policies and programs that make up Medicaid, the least understood program in the American welfare state. The timing couldn't be better, because Medicaid expansion is a key component of health care reform. Although the uninsured will certainly benefit, Olson makes clear that the providers and contractors who feed off the m̀edical industrial complex' may benefit even more. The Politics of Medicaid should be required reading for every health policy course."---Jill Quadagno, Pepper Institute on Aging and Public Policy, Florida State University"--BOOK JACKET.
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Includes bibliographical references (p. [371]-405) and index.
1. Introduction: The Medicaid Story -- The Political Economy of Welfare Medicine -- Devolution of Power -- The (Many) Hands in the Till -- The Disregarded Stakeholders: Low-Income Households -- Social Location: Gender and Race -- Public Opinion and Partisan Politics -- Overview and Organization of the Book -- 2. The Launching of Medicaid: 1965 to 1980 -- National Health Care: Early Failures -- The Social Security Amendments of 1965: Medicare and Medicaid -- Medicaid: More than a Welfare Program? -- Cost Shifting: Paying Welfare Medicine's Bill -- Stemming the Cash Flow -- National Health Care Strikes Again -- Disillusionment -- Reimbursement and Provider Participation -- The Powerful Stakeholders -- Combating Fraud -- Quality of Care -- Conclusion: Emerging Questions -- 3. From Reagan to Clinton: The Low-Income Health Program on Trial -- Welfare Medicine on the Defensive -- Congress, Mandates, and Expansionary Politics -- Devolution: Fiscal Crisis in the States -- The States Strike Back -- Confrontation: The Emergence of the "New Right" -- The End of Welfare as We Know it -- Resumption of Expansionary Medicaid Politics -- Conclusion: The Ebb and Flow of Welfare Medicine -- 4. Welfare Medicine in the Twenty-first Century -- Destabilizing Medicaid -- Welfare Medicine in the States -- Expanding Coverage -- Dismantling the Program -- Children First -- Conclusion: Smokescreens and Mirrors -- 5. Better than Nothing? Who Gets what, when, how, and where -- Who is Covered: Barriers to Participation -- Impediments to Obtaining Services -- Restricted Benefit Packages -- Welfare Medicine: Universal Problem Solver -- Conclusion: Good Enough? -- 6. Long-Term Care: Medicaid's Eight-Hundred-Pound Gorilla -- Long-Term Care in the United States -- The Middle Class as Stakeholders -- The Growth of Home- and Community-Based Services -- Hidden Costs: Informal Caregivers -- Deja Vu: Counting on the Marketplace -- Conclusion: Reckoning with Long-Term Care -- 7. Quality of Care: Does Welfare Medicine Measure Up? -- Second-Rate Care -- Skimping on Services: Managed Care -- Serving Frail Elders and the Disabled -- Gaming the System -- Program Integrity -- Conclusion: Disregarding the Poor -- 8. The Energizer Bunny: Medicaid and the Health Economy -- The Medicaid Medical Industrial Complex -- Economic Engine for the States -- Conclusion: Stakeholders and Welfare Medicine -- 9. The Buck Stops Where? -- Tug-of-War: Paying the Bill -- Medicare and Welfare Medicine -- Combat within and Among the States -- Encumbering the Poor -- Dodging Resposibility: The Private Sector -- Conclusion: Paying the Bill -- 10. Conclusion: Medicaid and the Future of Health Care in the United States -- Welfare Medicine: Promise and Performance -- Devolution: The Fiscal and Political Incapacity of States -- The U.S. Health Care System: Broken and Dysfunctional -- If it's Broke, Fix it: The Need for National Health Care.
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