Heterologous gene expression in E. coli : methods and protocols / edited by Thomas C. Evans, Jr., Ming-qun Xu.

New York, NY : Humana Press, c2011.
xi, 310 p. : ill. ; 26 cm.


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Laboratory Manual
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Includes bibliographical references and index.
Adjustment of codon usage frequencies by codon harmonization improves protein expression and folding / Evelina Angov, Patricia M. Legler, and Ryan M. Mease -- SUMO fusion technology for enhanced protein expression and purification in prokaryotes and eukaryotes / Raymond J. Peroutka II, Steven J. Orcutt, James E. Strickler, and Tauseef R. Butt -- Molecular and chemical chaperones for improving the yields of soluble recombinant proteins / Ario de Marco -- Genetic selection of solubility-enhanced proteins using the twin-Arginine translcation system / Adam C. Fisher, Mark A. Rocco, and Matthew P. DeLisa -- Protein folding liquid chromatography / Quan Bai and Xindu Geng -- Site-specific protein labeling by intein-mediated protein ligation / Inca Ghosh, Nancy Considine, Elissa Maunus, Luo Sun, Aihua Zhang, John Buswell, Thomas C. Evans, Jr., and Ming-Qun Xu -- Efficient expression of human aromatase (CYP19) in E. coli / Norio Kagawa -- Expression of recombinant cytochromes c in E. coli / Yuri Y. Londer -- Semi-synthesis of glycoprotiens from E. coli through native chemical ligation / Jonathan P. Richardson and Derek Machmillan -- Expression of recombination proteins with uniform N-termini / Orsolya Király, Lan Guan, and Miklós Sahin-Tóth -- Recent developments in difficult protein expression: a guide to E. coli strains, promoters, and relevant host mutations / James C. Samuelson -- Periplasmic chaperones used to enhance functional secretion of proteins in E. coli / Martin Schlapschy and Arne Skerra -- Engineering unusual amino acids into peptides using lantibiotic synthetase / Jun-ichi Nagao, Kouki Shioya, Yoshitaka Harada, Ken-ichi Okuda, Takeshi Zendo, Jiro Nakayama, and Kenji Sonomoto -- The targeted expression of nucleotide sugar transporters to the E. coli inner membrane / Joe Tiralongo and Andrea Maggioni -- Detection of protein-protein interactiosn in bacteria by GFP-fragment reconstitution / Akira Kanno, Takaki Ozawa, and Yoshio Umezawa -- Enhancing the solubility of recombinant proteins in Esherichia coli by using hexahistidine-tagged maltose-binding protein as a fusion partner / Ping Sun, Joseph E. Tropea, and David S. Waugh -- Introducing premeditated mutations throughout a target gene using TDEM (Transport-Directed Base-Exchange Mutagenesis) / Yun Cheol Kim -- Fluorescent site-specific labeling of Escherichia coli expressed proteins with Sfp phosphorpantetheinyl transferase / Aihua Zhang, Luo Sun, John Buswell, Nancy Considine, Inca Ghosh, Anastasiya Masharina, Christopher Noren, and Ming-Qun Xu.
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