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Oncofertility : Ethical, Legal, Social, and Medical Perspectives / Teresa K. Woodruff, Laurie Zoloth, Lisa Campo-Engelstein, Sarah Rodriguez, editors.

Boston, MA : Springer Science+Business Media, LLC, 2010.
xvii, 519 : ill. ; 24 cm.
  • Cancer treatment and research ; v. 156. [More in this series]
  • Cancer Treatment and Research, 0927-3042 ; 156
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Part I. Science and technology of oncofertility.-- Reproductive health after cancer / Clarisa R. Gracia.-- Designing follicle-environment interactions with biomaterials / Rachel M. Smith, Teresa K. Woodruff, Lonnie D. Shea.-- Gamete preservation / Susan L. Barrett, Teresa K. Woodruff.-- To transplant or not to transplant - that is the question / Sherman J. Silber, Teresa K. Woodruff, Lonnie D. Shea.-- Clinical cases in oncofertility / Laxmi, A. Kondapalli, Fanzhen Hong, Clarisa R. Gracia.-- Cancer genetics: risks and mechanisms of cancer in women with inhertited susceptibility to epithelial ovarian cancer / Lee Pl Shulman, Jeffrey S. Dungan.-- Protecting and extending fertility for females of wild and endangered mammals / Pierre Comizzoli, Nucharin Songsasen, David E. Wildt.-- Part II. Historical and legal perspectives.-- Placing the history of oncofertility / Sarah Rodriguez.-- Medical hope, legal pitfalls: potential legal issues in the emerging field of oncofertility / Gregory Dolin, Dorothy E. Roberts, Lina M. Rodriquez, Teresa K. Woodruff.-- Domestic and international surrogacy laws: implications for cancer survivors / Kiran Sreenivas, Lisa Campo-Engelstein.-- Adoption after cancer: adoption agency attitudes and perspectives on the potential to parent post-cancer / Shauna L. Gardino, Andrew E. Russell, Teresa K. Woodruff.-- Part III. Ovarian tissue cryopreservation and bioethical discourse / Cristina L.H. Traina.-- Lessons of oncofertility for assisted reproduction / Adrienne Asch.-- Morally justifying oncofertility research / Carolyn McLeod.-- Ethical dilemmas in oncofertility: an exploration of three clinical scenarios / Clarisa R. Gracia, Jorge J.E. Gracia, Shasha Chen.-- Participation in investigational fertility preservation research: a feminist research ethics approach / Michelle L. McGowan.-- Reproductive "Choice" and egg freezing / Angel Petropanagos.-- Impact of infertility: why ART should be a higher priority for women in the global south / Amanda Fleetwood, Lisa Campo-Engelstein.-- Oncofertility and informed consent: addressing beliefs, vlaues, and future decision making / Felicia Cohn.-- Part IV. Religious perspectives.-- Bioehtics and oncofertility: arguments and insights from religious traditions / Laurie Zoloth, Alyssa A. Henning.-- Sacred bodies: considering resistance to oncofertility in muslim communities / Rumee Ahmed.-- Unlikely motherhood in the Qur'an: oncofertility as devotion / Ayesha S. Chaudhry.-- Technology and wholeness: oncofertility and catholic tradtion / Paul Lauritzen.-- Jewish perspectives on oncofertility: the complexities of tradition / Laurie Zoloth.-- Part V.-- Ramifications for education and economics.-- Oncofertility saturday academy: a pradigm to expand the educational opportunities and ambitions of high school girls / Megan Faurot, Teresa K. Woodruff.-- a web-based patient education resource supporting decision making under severe emotional and cognitive overload / Kemi Jona, Adam Gerber.-- Anticipating ovarian tissue crypreservation in the health-care marketplace: a willingness to pay assessment / Shauna L. Gardino, Andrew Sfekas, David Dranove.-- Perspectives on oncofertility from demography and economics / Rosalind Berkowitz King.-- For the sake of consistency and fairness: why insurance companies should cover fertility preservation treatment for iatrogenic infertility / Lisa Campo-Engelstein.-- Part VI. Repercussions of oncofertility for patients and their families.-- Health provider perspectives on fertility preservatin for cancer patients / Caprice A. Knapp, Gwendoly P. Quinn.-- Counseling and consenting woment with cancer on their oncofertility options: a clinical perspective / Emily S. Jungheim, Kenneth R. Carson, Douglas Brown.-- Fertility-related treatment choices of cancer patients: cancer-related infertility and family dynamics / Karrie Ann Snyder, May Kyaw Thazin, William B. Pearse, Mehwish Moinuddin.-- Whose future is it? ethical family decision making about daughters' treatment in the oncofertility context / Kathleeen M. Galvin, Marla L. Clayman.-- Choosing life when facing death: understanding fertility preservation decision-making for cancer patients / Shauna L. Gardino, Linda L. Emanuel.-- Part VII. Health provider stories and final thoughts.-- Discussing fertility preservation with breast cancer patients / Jacqueline S. Jeruss.-- Warning: google can be hazardous to your health: fertility preservation is an important part of cancer care / Jennifer Hirshfeld-Cytron.-- Role of a patient navigator in fertility preservation / Jill Scott-Trainer.-- Judaism and reproductive technology / Sherman J. Silber.-- Reading between the lines of cancer and fertility: a provider's story / Leonard S. Sender.-- Rewarding experience for a pediatric urologist / Margarett Shnorhavorian.-- Final thoughts / Laurie Zoloth.
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