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Health policy : crisis and reform in the U.S. health care delivery system / edited by Charlene Harrington, Carroll L. Estes ; with assistance from Brooke Hollister.

Sudbury, Mass. : Jones and Bartlett Pub., c2008.
5th ed.
xviii, 464 p. : ill., maps ; 23 cm.
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Includes bibliographical references and index.
Ch. 1. Health politics and political action -- Health policy : what it is and how it works / Lester E. Block -- Play to win : know the rules / Catherine J. Dodd -- Primer on policy : the legislative process at the federal level / Sara Hart and Nadine Jackson -- It's the institutions, stupid! : why comprehensive national health insurance always fails in America / Sven Steinmo and Jan Watts -- Ch. 2. Health status of the population and vulnerable groups -- Why not the best? : results from a national scorecard on U.S. health system performance / The Commonwealth Fund Commission on a High-Performance Health System -- Health disparities based on socioeconomic inequalities : implications for urban health care / Kevin Fiscella and David R. Williams -- Mortality of white Americans, African Americans, and Canadians : the causes and consequences for health of welfare state institutions and policies / Stephen J. Kunitz and Irena Pesis-Katz -- The gender gap : new challenges in women's health / Gloria E. Sarto -- Child poverty in rich countries / United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund -- Ch. 3. Access to care -- Income, earnings, and poverty : data from the 2005 American community survey / U. S. Census Bureau -- Medicaid and the uninsured : who are the uninsured? : a consistent profile across national surveys / Kaiser Commission on Medicaid and the Uninsured -- Access to care and utilization among children : estimating the effects of public and private coverage / Thomas M. Selden and Julie L. Hudson -- The effects of state parity laws on the use of mental health care / Katherine M. Harris, Christopher Carpenter and Yuhua Bao -- Ch. 4. Aging and long-term care -- Older people / Carroll L. Estes and Steven P. Wallace -- Medicare and chronic care at the beginning of the 21st century : improving but a long way to go / Marty Lynch, Carroll L. Estes and Mauro Hernandez -- Unmet need for personal assistance services : estimating the shortfall in hours of help and adverse consequences / Mitchell P. LaPlante, Stephen H. Kaye, Taewoon Kang and Charlene Harrington -- The economic and health security of today's young women / Brooke Hollister and Carroll L. Estes -- Social security privatization and older women : a feminist political economy perspective / Carroll L. Estes -- Informalization of long-term caregiving : a gender lens / Carroll L. Estes and Donna M. Zulman -- Ch. 5. Organizational change -- Exploding the merger myth in U.S. health care / Martin Kitchener -- The transition from excess capacity to strained capacity in U.S. hospitals / Gloria J. Bazzoli, Linda R. Brewster, Jessica H. May and Sylvia Kuo -- Health industry practices that create conflicts of interest : a policy proposal for academic medical centers / Troyen A. Brennan, David J. Rothman, Linda Blank, David Blumenthal, Susan C. Chimonas, Jordan J. Cohen, Janlori Goldman, Jerome P. Kassirer, Harry Kimball, James Naughton and Neil Smelser -- The U.S. long-term care field : a dialectical analysis of institutional dynamics / Martin Kitchener and Charlene Harrington -- Primary care, race, and mortality in U.S. states / Leiyu Shi, James Macinko, Barbara Starfield, Robert Politzer and Jiahong Xu -- Ch. 6. Labor issues -- From the doctor's workshop to the iron cage? : evolving modes of physician control in U.S. health systems / Martin Kitchener, Carol A. Caronna and Stephen M. Shortell -- Projections and trends in RN supply : what do they tell us about the nursing shortage? / Lynn Y. Unruh and Myron D. Fottler -- Costs of occupational injury and illness within the health services sector / Geetha Waehrer, J. Paul Leigh and Ted R. Miller -- Ch. 7. Quality of care -- The national healthcare quality and disparities reports : an overview / Ed Kelley, Ernest Moy, Daniel Stryer, Helen Burstin and Carolyn Clancy -- Quality of care in for-profit and not-for-profit health plans enrolling Medicare beneficiaries / Eric C. Schneider, Alan M. Zaslavsky and Arnold M. Epstein -- Improving nurse-to-patient staffing ratios as a cost-effective safety intervention / Michael B. Rothberg, Ivo Abraham, Peter K. Lindenauer and David N. Rose -- State nursing home enforcement systems / Charlene Harrington, Joseph T. Mullan and Helen Carrillo -- Relationship of nursing home staffing to quality of care / John F. Schnelle, Sandra F. Simmons, Charlene Harrington, Mary Cadogan, Emily Garcia and Barbara M. Bates-Jensen -- Initial home health outcomes under prospective payment / Robert E. Schlenker, Martha C. Powell and Glenn K. Goodrich -- Ch. 8. Financing health care -- Economic analysis in health care / Wendy Max -- High and rising health care costs-part 1 : seeking an explanation / Thomas Bodenheimer -- High and rising health care costs-part 2 : the role of health care providers / Thomas Bodenheimer -- Employer health benefits / The Kaiser Family Foundation -- Squeezed : why rising exposure to health care costs threatens the health and financial well-being of American families / Sara R. Collins, Jennifer L. Kriss, Karen Davis, Michelle M. Doty and Alyssa L. Holmgren / The Commonwealth Fund -- Ch. 9. Public financing -- Medicaid at forty / Diane Rowland -- How well does Medicaid work in improving access to care? / Sharon K. Long, Teresa Coughlin and Jennifer King -- Medicare at a glance / The Kaiser Family Foundation -- Are women better off because of the new Medicare drug legislation? / Marilyn Moon -- Medicare and Medicaid : trends and issues affecting access to care for low-income elders and people with disabilities / Ellen O'Brien -- Privatization of Medicare : toward disentitlement and betrayal of a social contract / John P. Geyman -- Ch. 10. Private insurance and managed care -- National estimates of the effects of mandatory Medicaid managed care programs on health care access and use, 1997-1999 / Bowen Garrett and Stephen Zuckerman -- Medicare beneficiary out-of-pocket costs : are Medicare advantage plans a better deal? / Brian Biles, Laura Hersch Nicholas and Stuart Guterman / The Commonwealth Fund -- The rise and fall of managed care / David Mechanic -- Competition and health plan performance : evidence from health maintenance organization insurance markets / Dennis Scanlon, Shailender Swaminathan, Michael Chernew, James E. Bost and John Shevock -- The effects of recent employment changes and premium increases on adults' insurance coverage / Jack Hadley -- Health savings accounts and high-deductible health plans : why they won't cure what ails U.S. health care / Sara Collins / The Commonwealth Fund -- Ch. 11. International health systems -- The world health situation / Vincente Navarro -- Health, poverty, and MDG / World Health Organization -- Rising health costs put pressure on public finances, finds OECD / Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development -- Access to care, health status, and health disparities in the United States and Canada : results of a cross-national population-based survey / Karen E. Lasser, David U. Himmelstein and Steffie Woolhandler -- Privatising the NHS : an overview / Allyson M. Pollock, Colin Leys, David Price, David Rowland and Shamini Gnani -- Multinational corporations and health care in the United States and Latin America : strategies, actions, and effects / Rebeca Jasso-Aguilar, Howard Waitzkin and Angela Landwehr -- Compared to other countries, how exceptional are the health and income security arrangements of the United States? / Joseph White -- Ch. 12. Health reform for the future -- Myths as barriers to health care reform in the United States / John P. Geyman -- Why Congress did not enact health care reform / Vincente Navarro -- Why the United States has no national health insurance : stakeholder mobilization against the welfare state, 1945-1996 / Jill Quadagno -- Crowd-out and the politics of health reform / Judith Feder -- Improving medical practice and the economy through universal health insurance / Donald W. Light.
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