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Athletic injuries and rehabilitation / [edited by] James E. Zachazewski, David J. Magee, William S. Quillen.

Philadelphia, Pa. : Saunders, c1996.
xxxi, 1022 p. : ill. ; 29 cm.
  • Ch. 1. The Process of Athletic Injury and Rehabilitation / William S. Quillen, David J. Magee and James E. Zachazewski -- Ch. 2. Ligament Injuries: Pathophysiology and Healing / C. B. Frank -- Ch. 3. Tendon Injuries: Pathophysiology and Treatment / Sandra L. Curwin -- Ch. 4. Adaptability of Skeletal Muscle: Response to Increased and Decreased Use / William D. Bandy and Kim Dunleavy -- Ch. 5. Muscle Deformation, Injury, Repair / Terry R. Malone, William E. Garrett, Jr. and James E. Zachazewski -- Ch. 6. Delayed-Onset Muscle Soreness and Muscle Pain / William T. Stauber -- Ch. 7. Bone Biology and Mechanics / Barbara J. Loitz-Ramage and Ronald F. Zernicke -- Ch. 8. Cartilage of Human Joints and Related Structures / Joan M. Walker -- Ch. 9. Articular Neurophysiology / Peter Grigg -- Ch. 10. Nerve: Structure, Function, and Physiology / David Butler -- Ch. 11. Physiological Principles of Conditioning / Howard A. Wenger, Paula F. McFadyen and Ross McFadyen --
  • Ch. 12. Physiologic Principles of Resistance Training and Rehabilitation / Jeffrey E. Falkel and Daniel J. Cipriani -- Ch. 13. Return to Competition: Functional Rehabilitation / Mark A. Anderson and Terri L. Foreman -- Ch. 14. Environmental Considerations for Exercise / Scott J. Montain and Beau J. Freund -- Ch. 15. The Use of Ergogenic Aids in Athletics / Arnold T. Bell -- Ch. 16. Biomechanics of Swimming / Marilyn M. Pink and Frank W. Jobe -- Ch. 17. Biomechanics of Throwing / Glenn S. Fleisig, Rafael F. Escamilla and James R. Andrews -- Ch. 18. Applied Sports Biomechanics in Rehabilitation: Running / Thomas G. McPoil and Mark W. Cornwall -- Ch. 19. Biomechanics of Cycling / Robert J. Gregor and Eileen Fowler -- Ch. 20. Head Injuries / James J. Kinderknecht -- Ch. 21. Traumatic Injuries to the Cervical Spine / James E. Zachazewski, Gary Geissler and Donald Hangen -- Ch. 22. Maxillofacial Injuries / John P. Kelly --
  • Ch. 23. Peripheral Nerve Injuries / Caroline Drye and James E. Zachazewski -- Ch. 24. Injuries to the Thoracolumbar Spine and Pelvis / Daniel A. Dyrek, Lyle J. Micheli and David J. Magee -- Ch. 25. Abdominal and Thoracic Injuries / Andrew W. Nichols -- Ch. 26. Shoulder Injuries / David J. Magee and David C. Reid -- Ch. 27. Elbow Injuries / Janet Sobel and Robert P. Nirschl -- Ch. 28. Hand and Wrist Injuries / Frank C. McCue III, Omar D. Hussamy and Joe H. Gieck -- Ch. 29. Hip and Thigh Injuries / Barbara Sanders and William C. Nemeth -- Ch. 30. The Knee: Ligamentous and Meniscal Injuries / James J. Irrgang, Marc R. Safran and Freddie H. Fu -- Ch. 31. The Knee: Patellofemoral and Soft Tissue Injuries / Jenny McConnell and John Fulkerson -- Ch. 32. Leg, Foot, and Ankle Injuries / Jack Taunton, Clyde Smith and David J. Magee -- Ch. 33. Emergency Care of the Injured Athlete / Bruce H. Dick and Jeffrey M. Anderson --
  • Ch. 34. Psychology of the Injured Athlete / Cal Botterill, Frances A. Flint and Lydia Ievleva -- Ch. 35. Dermatologic Considerations in Athletics / Don Groot and Patricia Johnston -- Ch. 36. Medical Problems in Athletes / James C. Puffer -- Ch. 37. The Female Athlete / Aurelia Nattiv, Elizabeth A. Arendt and Rich Riehl -- Ch. 38. Preparticipation Sports Physicals / Brian Halpern, T. A. Blackburn, Brian Incremona and Steve Weintraub -- Ch. 39. Nutritional Concerns in Athletes / Susan Cummings and Mary Jane Rewinski -- Ch. 40. Protective Equipment Considerations / Ethan Saliba, Susan Foreman and Richard T. Abadic, Jr. -- Ch. 41. The Child and Adolescent Athlete -- Ch. 42. The Athlete With a Disability / Kathleen A. Curtis and Robert S. Gailey, Jr. -- Ch. 43. Pharmacology and Drugs in Sports: Common Use, Abuse, and Testing / Ron Courson, William H. McDonald, James B. Robinson and Kenneth E. Wright.
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