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DNA damage detection in situ, ex vivo, and in vivo : methods and protocols / edited by Vladimir V. Didenko.

New York ; London : Springer, 2010.
xiii, 313 p. : ill. ; 27 cm.
Part I. Detection In Tissue Sections -- 1. In Situ Detection of Apoptosis by the Tunel Assay: An Overview of Techniques / Deryk T. Loo -- 2. Combination of Tunel Assay with Immunohistochemistry for Simultaneous Detection of DNA Fragmentation and Oxidative Cell Damage / Alexander E. Kalyuzhny -- 3. EM-ISEL: A Useful Tool to Visualize DNA Damage at the Ultrastructural Level / Antonio Migheli -- 4. In Situ Labeling of DNA Breaks and Apoptosis by T7 DNA Polymerase / Vladimir V. Didenko -- 5. In Situ Ligation: A Decade and a Half of Experience / Vladimir V. Didenko -- 6. In Situ Ligation Simplified: Using PCR Fragments for Detection of Double-Strand DNA Breaks in Tissue Sections / Vladimir V. Didenko -- 7. 5'OH DNA Breaks in Apoptosis and Their Labeling by Topoisomerase-Based Approach / Vladimir V. Didenko -- Part II. Detection In Cell Cultures -- 8. Detection of DNA Strand Breaks in Apoptotic Cells by Flow- and Image-Cytometry / Hong Zhao -- 9. Fluorochrome-Labeled Inhibitors of Caspases: Convenient In Vitro and In Vivo Markers of Apoptotic Cells for Cytometric Analysis / Gary L. Johnson -- 10. Combining Fluorescent In Situ Hybridization with the Comet Assay for Targeted Examination of DNA Damage and Repair / Andrew R. Collins -- 11. Simultaneous Labeling of Single- and Double-Strand DNA Breaks by DNA Breakage Detection-FISH (DBD-FISH) / Jaime Gosalvez -- 12. Co-localization of DNA Repair Proteins with UV-Induced DNA Damage in Locally Irradiated Cells / Vesna Rapic-Otrin -- Part III. Detection In Live Tissues, Blood, Urine, Sperm -- 13. Ultrasound Imaging of Apoptosis: Spectroscopic Detection of DNA-Damage Effects at High and Low Frequencies / Gregory J. Czarnota -- 14. Quantifying Etheno-DNA Adducts in Human Tissues, White Blood Cells, and Urine by Ultrasensitive 32P-Postlabeling and Immunohistochemistry / Helmut Bartsch -- 15. ELISpot Assay as a Tool to Study Oxidative Stress in Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells / Alexander E. Kalyuzhny -- 16. Cytokinesis-Block Micronucleus Cytome Assay in Lymphocytes / Michael Fenech -- 17. Buccal Micronucleus Cytome Assay / Michael Fenech -- 18. γ-H2AX Detection in Peripheral Blood Lymphocytes, Splenocytes, Bone Marrow, Xenografts, Skin / Olga A. Sedelnikova -- 19. Immunologic Detection of Benzo(a)pyrene-DNA Adducts / Yu-Jing Zhang -- 20. Non-invasive Assessment of Oxidatively Damaged DNA: Liquid Chromatography-Tandem Mass Spectrometry Analysis of Urinary 8-Oxo-7,8-Dihydro-2'-Deoxyguanosine / Marcus S. Cooke -- 21. Assessing Sperm DNA Fragmentation with the Sperm Chromatin Dispersion Test / Jaime Gosalvez.
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