When cancer crosses disciplines : a physician's handbook / editors, Monica Robotin, Ian Olver, Afaf Girgis.

London : Imperial College Press ; Hackensack, NJ : Distributed by World Scientific Press, c2010.
xxviii, 1166 p. ; 24 cm.


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  • Sect. I. Cancer prevention. Cancer and the epidemiologist. 1. Cancer and tobacco: its effects on individuals and populations / Bernard W. Stewart, Patricia F. Cotter and James F. Bishop -- 2. Reviewing the evidence on the effectiveness of smoking cessation interventions / Nicholas Zwar -- 3. Diet, physical activity and cancer - the epidemiological evidence / Erica L. James ... [et al.] -- 4. Sun exposure, vitamin D and cancer / Bruce Armstrong and Anne Kricker -- 5. Oral contraceptives, hormone replacement therapy, and cancers of the female reproductive system / Karen Canfell and Emily Banks -- 6. Involuntary exposures - can knowledge keep pace with perceptions? / Bernard W. Stewart -- Sect. II. Interdisciplinary management issues in cancer treatment. IIa. Beyond cancer treatment. 7. Diagnostic dilemmas during and after chemotherapy treatment / Ian N. Olver -- 8. Acute and late radiation therapy effects / Sandro V. Porceddu ... [et al.] -- 9. Oncological emergencies: diagnosis and management / Desmond Yip and Nicole Gorddard -- 10. Managing cancer in pregnancy / Belinda E. Kiely and Kelly-Anne Phillips -- 11. Addressing the nutritional needs of patients undergoing cancer treatment - a dietitian's view / Judy Bauer, Jane Read and Kathy Chapman --
  • 12. Beyond conventional cancer treatments: the use of complementary therapies during cancer treatment: implications for clinicians / Stephen J. Clarke ... [et al.] -- 13. What matters to patients and carers / Kendra J. Sundquist and Monica C. Robotin -- IIb. Cancer and the surgeon. 14. Neurosurgical involvement with cancer patients / Mark A.J. Dexter and Juyong Cheong -- 15. Cancer and the thoracic surgeon / Edmund Kassis and Stephen C. Yang -- 16. Cancer and the oesophageal surgeon / Urs Zingg, Reginald V. Lord and David I. Watson -- 17. Abdominal emergencies in cancer patients: diagnosis and management / Brian badgwell and Barry Feig -- 18. Peri-operative management of patients with GI malignancy: the interdisciplinary approach / Ross C. Smith -- 19. Management challenges following rectal cancer treatment / Margaret Schnitzler -- 20. Management of nutritional issues after major pancreatic resections / Nam Q. Nguyen, Neil D. Merrett and Andrew V. Biankin -- 21. Management decisions in primary and secondary liver cancer / Mark E. Brooke-Smith and Robert T.A. Padbury -- 22. Cancer and the gynaecological oncologist / D.E. Marsden -- 23. Orthopedic emergencies in oncology / Valerae O. Lewis and Jeffrey T. Luna -- 24. Recognition, treatment and management of post-cancer treatment lymphoedema / Neil Piller --
  • 25. Diagnostic and management challenges following radical prostatectomy / Manish I. Patel -- 26. Plastic and reconstructive surgery in oncological surgery / Sean Nicklin and Mohammad Rahnavardi -- 27. Cancer and the ENT surgeon / Timothy P. Makeham ... [et al.] -- IIc. Cancer and the physician. 28. Thyroid cancer and the endocrinologist / Nirusha Arnold and Howard C. Smith -- 29. The effects of cancer therapy on gonadal function and fertility / Howard C. Smith -- 30. Cancer and thrombosis / Jerry Koutts -- 31. Haematological abnormalities in cancer patients / Philip J. Crispin and Ian W. Prosser -- 32. Managing the patient with chronic viral hepatitis receiving chemotherapy / venessa Pattullo and Jacob George -- 33. Management of malignant gastrointestinal tract obstruction / Eric Y.T. Lee, Vu Kwan and Michael J. Bourke -- 34. Cancer and the heart: the good, the bad and the ugly / Liza Thomas and David Richards -- 35. No-man's land: between paediatric and adult medical oncology / Lisa M. Orme, Susan Palmer and David thomas -- 36. Cancer and the geriatrician - managing cancer in older people / Robert J. Prowse -- 37. Cancer and the general practitioner. The role of the GP in cancer diagnosis and treatment / Moyez Jiwa -- IId. Cancer and the geneticist. 38. Genetic testing for cancer susceptibility: how and when? / Judy Kirk --
  • 39. Management of women at high familial risk of breast and ovarian cancer / Kathryn M. Field and Kelly-Anne Phillips -- 40. Management of high genetic risk bowel cancer / Barbara Leggett -- 41. Hereditary mutations and cancer management / Alison H. Trainer and Robyn Ward -- Sect. III. Surviving cancer. IIIa. Survivorship issues. 42. Cancer and the psycho-oncologist. Psychosocial well-being of cancer survivors / Jane Turner, Katharine Hodgkinson and Allison Boyes -- 43. Understanding and managing changes in survivor identity and relationships / Paul Y. Cheung and Ian H. Kerridge -- 44. Survivors of childhood cancer: issues and challenges / Carmen L. Wilson, Richard J. Cohn and Lesley J. Ashton -- 45. The benefits of nutrition and physical activity for cancer survivors / Kathy Chapman ... [et al.] -- IIIb. cancer, palliative care and end of life issues. 46. Palliative and supportive care / Geoffrey Mitchell and David C. Currow -- 47. Cancer care and general practice palliative care / Paul Mercer -- 48. Spiritual and existential issues at the end of life / Bruce Rumbold.
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