Receptor signal transduction protocols / edited by Gary B. Willars and R.A. John Challiss.

New York : Springer, c2011.
xi, 479 p. : ill. (some col.) ; 27 cm.


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Inducible expression of G protein-coupled receptors in transfected cells / Beryl Koener and Emmanuel Hermans -- Using the Flp-In T-Rex system to regulate GPCR expression / Richard J. Ward, Elisa Alvarez-Curto, and Graeme Milligan -- Viral infection for GPCR expression in eukaryotic cells / Antonio Porcellini, Luisa Iacovelli, and Antonio De Blasi -- Generation of epitope-tagged GPCRs / Yan Huang and Gary B. Willars -- Use of site-directed mutagenesis to study GPCRs / Alex C. Conner ... [et al.] -- Approaches to study GPCR regulation in native systems / Jonathon M. Willets -- Heterologous expression of GPCRs in fission yeast / John Davey and Graham Ladds -- Radioligand binding methods for membrane preparations and intact cells / David B. Bylund and Myron L. Toews -- Quantification of GPCR mRNA using real-time RT-PCR / Trond Brattelid and Finn Olav Levy -- Determining allosteric modulator mechanism of action : integration of radioligand binding and functional assay data / Christopher J. Langmead -- Design and use of fluorescent ligands to study ligand-receptor interactions in single living cells / Stephen J. Briddon, Barrie Kellam, and Stephen J. Hill -- Examining site-specific GPCR phosphorylation / Adrian J. Butcher, Andrew B. Tobin, and Kok Choi Kong -- Ubiquitination of GPCRs / Adriana Caballero and Adriano Marchese -- [35S]GTPgS binding as an index of total G-protein and Ga-subtype-specific activation by GPCRs / Rajendra Mistry, Mark R. Dowling, and R. A. John Challiss -- Using calcium imaging as a readout of GPCR activation / Martin D. Bootman and H. Llewelyn Roderick -- Measuring spatiotemporal dynamics of cyclic AMP signaling in real-time using FRET-based biosensors / Frank Gesellchen ... [et al.] -- Determining the activation of Rho as an index of receptor coupling to G12/13 proteins / Michio Nakaya ... [et al.] -- Use of translocating fluorescent biosensors for real-time monitoring of GPCR-mediated signaling events / Carl P. Nelson and R.A. John Challiss -- Study of GPCR-protein interactions using gel overlay assays and glutathione-S-transferase-fusion protein pull-downs / Ashley E. Brady ... [et al.] -- Study of GPCR-protein interactions by BRET / Martina Kocan and Kevin D.G. Pfleger -- Time resolved FRET strategy with fluorescent ligands to analyze receptor interactions in native tissues : application to GPCR oligomerization / Martin Cottet ... [et al.] -- Peptide affinity purification for the isolation and identification of GPCR-associated protein complexes / Pascal Maurice, Avais M. Daulat, and Ralf Jockers -- Tandem affinity purification and identification of GPCR-associated protein complexes / Avais M. Daulat, Pascal Maurice, and Ralf Jockers -- Identification of GPCR localization in detergent resistant membranes / Ranju Kumari and Anna Francesconi -- Analysis of GPCR localization and trafficking / James N. Hislop and Mark von Zastrow -- Statistical methods in research / Domenico Spina.
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