DNA recombination : methods and protocols / edited by Hideo Tsubouchi.

New York : Humana ; Springer, c2011.
xiv, 565 p. : ill. ; 27 cm.


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Methods to study mitotic homologous recombination and genome stability / Xiuzhong Zheng, Anastasiya Epstein, and Hannah L. Klein -- Characterizing resection at random and unique chromosome double-strand breaks and telomere ends / Wenjian Ma ... [et al.] -- Characterization of meiotic recombination initiation sites using pulsed-field gel electrophoresis / Sarah Farmer, Wing-Kit Leung, and Hideo Tsubouchi -- Genome-wide detection of meiotic DNA double-strand break hotspots using single-stranded DNA / Hannah G. Blitzblau and Andreas Hochwagen -- Detection of covalent DNA-bound Spo11 and topoisomerase complexes / Edgar Hartsuiker -- Molecular assays to investigate chromatin changes during DNA double-strand break repair in yeast / Scott Houghtaling, Toyoko Tsukuda, and Mary Ann Osley -- Analysis of meiotic recombination intermediates by two-dimensional gel electrophoresis / Jasvinder S. Ahuja and G. Valentin Borner -- Mapping of crossover sites using DNA microarrays / Stacy Y. Chen and Jennifer C. Fung -- Using the semi-synthetic epitope system to identify direct substrates of the meiosis-specific budding yeast kinase, Mek1 / Hsiao-Chi Lo and Nancy M. Hollingsworth -- Genetic and molecular analysis of mitotic recombination in Saccharomyces cerevisiae / Belen Gomez-Gonzalez, Jose F. Ruiz, and Andres Aguilera -- In vivo site-specific mutagenesis and gene collage using the delitto perfetto system in yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae / Samantha Stuckey, Kuntal Mukherjee, and Francesca Storici -- Detection of RNA-templated double-strand break repair in yeast / Ying Shen and Francesca Storici -- SNP-Based Mapping of crossover recombination in Caenorhabditis elegans / Grace C. Bazan and Kenneth J. Hillers -- Characterization of meiotic crossovers in pollen from Arabidopsis thaliana / Jan Drouaud and Christine Mezard -- Isolation of meiotic recombinants from mouse sperm / Francesca Cole and Maria Jasin -- Homologous recombination assay for interstrand cross-link repair / Koji Nakanishi ... [et al.] -- Evaluation of homologous recombinational repair in chicken B lymphoma cell line, DT40 / Hiroyuki Kitao, Seiki Hirano, and Minoru Takata -- Understanding the immunoglobulin locus specificity of hypermutation / Vera Batrak, Artem Blagodatski, and Jean-Marie Buerstedde -- Quality control of purified proteins involved in homologous recombination / Xiao-Ping Zhang and Wolf-Dietrich Heyer -- Assays for structure-selective DNA endonucleases / William D. Wright, Kirk T. Ehmsen, and Wolf-Dietrich Heyer -- In vitro assays for DNA pairing and recombination-associated DNA synthesis / Jie Liu, Jessica Sneeden, and Wolf-Dietrich Heyer -- In vitro assay for monitoring the formation and branch migration of holliday junctions mediated by a eukaryotic recombinase / Yasuto Murayama and Hiroshi Iwasaki -- Reconstituting the key steps of the DNA double-strand break repair in vitro / Matthew J. Rossi ... [et al.] -- Biochemical studies on human Rad51-mediated homologous recombination / Youngho Kwon, Weixing Zhao, and Patrick Sung -- Studying DNA replication fork stability in xenopus egg extract / Yoshitami Hashimoto and Vincenzo Costanzo -- Supported lipid bilayers and DNA curtains for high-throughput single-molecule studies / Ilya J. Finkelstein and Eric C. Greene -- FRET-based assays to monitor DNA binding and annealing by Rad52 recombination mediator protein / Jill M. Grimme and Maria Spies -- Visualization of human Dmc1 presynaptic filaments / Michael G. Sehorn and Hilarie A. Sehorn -- Tracking of single and multiple genomic loci in living yeast cells / Imen Lassadi and Kerstin Bystricky -- Cell biology of homologous recombination in yeast / Nadine Eckert-Boulet, Rodney Rothstein, and Michael Lisby -- Live cell imaging of meiotic chromosome dynamics in yeast / Harry Scherthan and Caroline Adelfalk -- Chromosome structure and homologous chromosome association during meiotic prophase in Caenorhabditis elegans / Kentaro Nabeshima.
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