Quality in health care : theory, application, and evolution / edited by Nancy O. Graham.

Gaithersburg, Md. : Aspen Publishers, 1995.
xvii, 366 p. : ill. ; 24 cm.


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  • Foreword / Richard J. Coffey -- Ch. 1. Quality Trends in Health Care / Nancy O. Graham -- Ch. 2. A Double Take on the History of Quality in Health Care / John F. Racine -- Ch. 3. The Quality of Care: How Can It Be Assessed? / Avedis Donabedian -- Ch. 4. Variations in Medical Practice and Hospital Costs / John E. Wennberg -- Ch. 5. Continuous Improvement As an Ideal in Health Care / Donald M. Berwick -- Ch. 6. Total Quality Management / George W. Whetsell -- Ch. 7. Tutorial: Quality Improvement Project Models / Paul E. Plsek -- Ch. 8. Bringing Theory into Practice - Applying Improvement Thinking / C. J. Bolster, Elizabeth Falter and Laura Hooper -- Ch. 9. An Introduction to Critical Paths / Richard J. Coffey, Janet S. Richards, Carl S. Remmert, Sarah S. LeRoy, Rhonda R. Schoville and Phyllis J. Baldwin -- Ch. 10. Implementing Practice Guidelines through Clinical Quality Improvement / Brent C. James --
  • Ch. 11. The Outcomes Movement: Will It Get Us Where We Want To Go? / Arnold A. Epstein -- Ch. 12. The Role of Outcomes in Quality Assessment and Assurance / Avedis Donabedian -- Ch. 13. Benchmarking / Craig Anderson and Peggy A. Rivenburgh -- Ch. 14. Quality Assurance and Quality Improvement in the Information Age / Kathryn L. Coltin and David B. Aronow -- Ch. 15. Integrating Strategic Planning and Quality Management in a Multi-Institutional System / Steve Durbin, Claudia Haglund and William Dowling -- Ch. 16. Building Learning Organizations / Peter Senge -- Ch. 17. Quality Improvement: A Patient's Perspective / Charles E. Silberman -- Ch. 18. Changing Physicians' Practices / Peter J. Greco and John M. Eisenberg -- Ch. 19. Overcoming the Barriers to Implementation of TQM/CQI in Hospitals: Myths and Realities / Douglas S. Wakefield and Bonnie J. Wakefield -- Ch. 20. The Reshaping of Health Care / Jeff C. Goldsmith -- Ch. 21. Five Futures / Clement Bezold --
  • Appendix A - Case Study: TQM in a Community Hospital / Rita DiPippo and Steven Schoener -- Appendix B - The Health Care Quality Improvement Initiative: A New Approach to Quality Assurance in Medicare / Stephen F. Jencks and Gail R. Wilensky -- Appendix C - Clinical Performance Standards / The Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations -- Appendix D - Glossary of Terms.
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