Bioconjugation protocols : strategies and methods / edited by Sonny S. Mark.

2nd ed.
New York : Humana ; Springer, c2011.
xvi, 605 p. : ill. 27 cm.


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Site-specific labeling of proteins for single-molecule FRET measurements using genetically encoded ketone functionalities / Edward A. Lemke -- Enzymatically catalyzed conjugation of a biodegradable polymer to proteins and small molecules using microbial transglutaminase / Ahmed Besheer ... [et al.] -- Synthesis of drug/dye-incorporated polymer-protein hybrids / Sukanta Dolai ... [et al.] -- Dye/DNA conjugates as multiple labels for antibodies in sensitive fluorescence immunoassays / Qin Zhang, Shengchao Zhu, and Liang-Hong Guo -- Chemoselective modification of viral proteins bearing metabolically introduced "clickable" amino acids and sugars / Partha S. Banerjee and Isaac S. Carrico -- Preparation of peptide and other biomolecular conjugates through chemoselective ligations / Mathieu Galibert ... [et al.] -- New fluorescent substrates of microbial transglutaminase and its application to peptide tag-directed covalent protein labeling / Noriho Kamiya and Hiroki Abe -- Covalent conjugation of poly(ethylene glycol) to proteins and peptides : strategies and methods / Anna Mero ... [et al.] -- Extending the scope of site-specific cysteine bioconjugation by appending a prelabeled cysteine tag to proteins using protein trans-splicing / Tulika Dhar, Thomas Kurpiers, and Henning D. Mootz -- Polyethylenimine bioconjugates for imaging and DNA delivery in vivo / Andrea Masotti and Francesco Pampaloni -- Synthesis of a glycomimetic oligonucleotide conjugate by 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition / Gwladys Pourceau ... [et al.] -- Site-specific DNA labeling by staudinger ligation / Samuel H. Weisbrod, Anna Baccaro, and Andreas Marx -- Improved cellular uptake of antisense peptide nucleic acids by conjugation to a cell-penetrating peptide and a lipid domain / Takehiko Shiraishi and Peter E. Nielsen -- Synthesis of oligonucleotide-peptide conjugates for biomedical and technological applications / Anna Avino ... [et al.] -- Amphiphilic DNA block copolymers : nucleic acid-polymer hybrid materials for diagnostics and biomedicine / Jan Zimmermann ... [et al.] -- Chemically selective liposome surface glyco-functionalization / Hailong Zhang, Yong Ma, and Xue-Long Sun -- Bioconjugation using mutant glycosyltransferases for the site-specific labeling of biomolecules with sugars carrying chemical handles / Boopathy Ramakrishnan ... [et al.] -- Lipid-core-peptide system for self-adjuvanting synthetic vaccine delivery / Mariusz Skwarczynski and Istvan Toth -- Coupling carbohydrates to proteins for glycoconjugate vaccine development using a pentenoyl group as a convenient linker / Qianli Wang and Zhongwu Guo -- Conjugation of LPS-derived oligosaccharides to proteins using oxime chemistry / Joanna Kubler-Kielb -- Site-specific chemical modification of a glycoprotein fragment expressed in yeast / Junpeng Xiao and Thomas J. Tolbert -- On-resin convergent synthesis of a glycopeptide from HIV gp120 containing a high mannose type N-linked oligosaccharide / Rui Chen and Thomas J. Tolbert -- Design and synthesis of novel functional lipid-based bioconjugates for drug delivery and other applications / Rupa R. Sawant and Vladimir P. Torchilin -- Chemical functionalization and bioconjugation strategies for atomic force microscope cantilevers / Magnus Bergkvist and Nathaniel C. Cady -- Chemoselective protein and peptide immobilization on biosensor surfaces / Edith H.M. Lempens, Brett A. Helms, and Maarten Merkx -- Fabrication of dynamic self-assembled monolayers for cell migration and adhesion studies / Nathan P. Westcott and Muhammad N. Yousaf -- DNA detection using functionalized conducting polymers / Jadranka Travas-Sejdic ... [et al.] -- Preparation and dynamic patterning of supported lipid membranes mimicking cell membranes / Stefan Kaufmann, Karthik Kumar, and Erik Reimhult -- Enzyme immobilization on reactive polymer films / Ana L. Cordeiro ... [et al.] -- Characterization of protein-membrane binding interactions via a microplate assay employing whole Liposome Immobilization / Matthew D. Smith and Michael D. Best -- Bioconjugated phospholipid polymer biointerface with nanometer-scaled structure for highly sensitive immunoassays / Kazuki Nishizawa, Madoka Takai, and Kazuhiko Ishihara -- Purification, functionalization, and bioconjugation of carbon nanotubes / John H.T. Luong ... [ et al.] -- Functional integration of membrane proteins with nanotube and nanowire transistor devices / Aleksandr Noy ... [ et al.] -- Single-step conjugation of antibodies to quantum dots for labeling cell surface receptors in mammalian cells / Gopal Iyer, Jianmin Xu, and Shimon Weiss -- Practical strategy for constructing nanodrugs using carbon nanotubes as carriers / Wei Wu and Xiqun Jiang -- Design and synthesis of biofunctionalized metallic/magnetic nanomaterials / Eun-Kyung Lim ... [et al.]
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