Plant transcription factors : methods and protocols / edited by Ling Yuan, Sharyn E. Perry.

Totowa, N.J ; London : Humana Press., 2011.
xi, 347 p. : ill. (some col.) ; 27 cm.


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  • Methods in molecular biology 1940-6029 ; v. 754
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MADS and more: Transcription factors that shape the plant -- In silico mining and PCR-based approaches to transcription factor discovery in non-model plants: Gene discovery of the WRKY transcription factors in conifers -- Isolation of plant transcription factors using a yeast one-hybrid system -- A transposon-based activation tagging system for gene function discovery in arabidopsis -- CRES-T, an effective gene silencing system utilizing chimeric repressors -- Analysis of a transcription factor using transient assay in arabidopsis protoplasts -- Microarray-based identification of transcription factor target genes -- Yeast protein-protein interaction assays and screens -- Mapping functional domains of transcription factors -- Bimolecular fluorescence complementation as a tool to study interactions of regulatory proteins in plant protoplasts -- The hepatitis nucleocapsid as a vaccine carrier moiety -- Isolation of transcription factor complexes from arabidopsis cell suspension cultures by tandem affinity purification -- Assaying transcription factor stability -- How to assess the intercellular trafficking of transcription factors -- SELEX (systematic evolution of ligands by exponential enrichment), as a powerful tool for deciphering the protein-DNA interaction space -- Footprinting and missing nucleoside analysis of transcription factor-DNA complexes -- Chromatin immunoprecipitation to verify or to identify in vivo protein-DNA interactions -- Visualizing and characterizing in vivo DNA-binding events and direct target genes of plant transcription factors -- Mapping in vivo protein-DNA interactions in plants by damid, a DNA adenine methylation-based method -- Directed evolution through DNA shuffling for the improvement and understanding of genes and promoters -- Thiophilic interaction chromatography of prostate-specific antigen.
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