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Public health informatics and information systems / Patrick W. O'Carroll ... [et al.], editors ; with a foreword by David A. Ross ... [et al.].

New York : Springer, c2003.
xxvii, 790 p. : ill., maps ; 25 cm.
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  • Foreword / David A. Ross, Alan R. Hinman, Kristin Saarlas and William H. Foege -- Pt. I. The Context for Public Health Informatics -- Ch. 1. Introduction to Public Health Informatics / Patrick W. O'Carroll -- Ch. 2. History and Significance of Information Systems and Public Health / John R. Lumpkin -- Ch. 3. Better Health Through Informatics: Managing Information to Deliver Value / Marion J. Ball -- Ch. 4. The Governmental and Legislative Context of Informatics / John R. Christiansen -- Pt. II. The Science of Public Health Informatics -- Ch. 5. Information Architecture / Patrick W. O'Carroll -- Ch. 6. Core Competencies in Public Health Informatics / Janise Richards -- Ch. 7. Assessing the Value of Information Systems / Pete Kitch and William A. Yasnoff -- Ch. 8. Managing IT Personnel and Projects / Pete Kitch and William A. Yasnoff -- Ch. 9. Public Health Informatics and Organizational Change / Nancy M. Lorenzi and Robert T. Riley --
  • Ch. 10. Privacy, Confidentiality, and Security of Public Health Information / William A. Yasnoff -- Ch. 11. Data Standards in Public Health Informatics / Daniel B. Jernigan, Jac Davies and Alan Sim -- Ch. 12. Evaluation for Public Health Informatics / Deborah Lewis -- Ch. 13. Ethics, Information Technology, and Public Health: Duties and Challenges in Computational Epidemiology / Kenneth W. Goodman -- Pt. III. Key Public Health Information Systems -- Ch. 14. The National Vital Statistics System / Mary Anne Freedman and James A. Weed -- Ch. 15. Morbidity Data / Linda K. Demlo and Jane F. Gentleman -- Ch. 16. Risk Factor Information Systems / Patrick W. O'Carroll, Eve Powell-Griner, Deborah Holtzman and G. David Williamson -- Ch. 17. Informatics of Toxicology and Environmental Public Health / Edwin M. Kilbourne -- Ch. 18. Knowledge-Based Information and Systems / Neil Rambo and Christine C. Beahler -- Pt. IV. New Challenges, Emerging Systems --
  • Ch. 19. New Means of Data Collection / Denise Koo, Meade Morgan and Claire V. Broome -- Ch. 20. New Means for Increasing Data Accessibility / Robb Chapman -- Ch. 21. Geographic Information Systems / Carol L. Hanchette -- Ch. 22. Immunization Registries: Critical Tools for Sustaining Success / Robert W. Linkins -- Ch. 23. Decision Support and Expert Systems in Public Health / William A. Yasnoff and Perry L. Miller -- Ch. 24. Promoting the Delivery of Preventive Medicine in Primary Care / Larry L. Dickey and John D. Piette -- Pt. V. Case Studies: Applications of Information Systems Development -- Ch. 25. Policy Issues in Developing Information Systems for Public Health Surveillance of Communicable Diseases / Ivan J. Gotham, Perry F. Smith, Guthrie S. Birkhead and Michael C. Davisson -- Ch. 26. Networking/Connecting People in a Sustainable Way: Information Network for Public Health Officials / Ron Seymour and Fran Muskopf --
  • Ch. 27. The Community Health Information Movement: Where It's Been, Where It's Going / Richard D. Rubin -- Ch. 28. Developing the Missouri Integrated Public Health Information System / Garland Land, Nancy L. Hoffman and Rex Peterson -- Ch. 29. Using Information Systems to Build Capacity: A Public Health Improvement Tool Box / Jerry A. Schultz, Stephen B. Fawcett, Vincent T. Francisco and Bobbie Berkowitz -- Ch. 30. Using Data to Meet a Policy Objective: Community Health Assessment Practice with the CATCH Data Warehouse / James Studnicki, Alan R. Hevner and Donald J. Berndt -- Ch. 31. International Networking: Addressing the Challenge of Emerging Infections / Ann Marie Kimball and Tiffany Harris -- Ch. 32. Case Study: An Immunization Data Collection System for Private Providers / William A. Yasnoff -- Ch. 33. Public Health Informatics in the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey / Lewis E. Berman, Yechiam Ostchega, Debra S. Reed-Gillette and Kathryn Porter --
  • Ch. 34. Epilogue: The Future of Public Health Informatics / William A. Yasnoff, Patrick W. O'Carroll, Denise Koo, Robert W. Linkins and Edwin M. Kilbourne.
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