Cell migration : developmental methods and protocols / edited by Claire M. Wells, Maddy Parsons.

2nd ed.
New York : Humana Press ; Springer, c2011.
xii, 463 p. : ill. ; 27 cm.


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Includes bibliographical references and index.
Cell migration : an overview / Miguel Vicente-Manzanares and Alan Rick Horwitz -- Scratch-wound assay / Giles Cory -- HGF-induced DU145 cell scatter assay / Sally T. Fram, Claire M. Wells, and Gareth E. Jones -- Using the dunn chemotaxis chamber to analyze primary cell migration in real time / Sanjay Chaubey, Anne J. Ridley, and Claire M. Wells -- Imaging cells within 3D cell-derived matrix / Samantha J. King and Maddy Parsons -- Live cell imaging of neuronal growth cone motility and guidance in vitro / Daniel M. Suter -- Boyden chamber / Marco Falasca, Claudio Raimondi, and Tania Maffucci -- Transwell® invasion assays / John Marshall -- Imaging podosome dynamics and matrix degradation / Taylor W. Starnes, Christa L. Cortesio, and Anna Huttenlocher -- Endothelial cell migration under flow / Beata Wojciak-Stothard -- In vitro analysis of chemotactic leukocyte migration in 3D environments / Michael Sixt and Tim Lammermann -- Quantification of transendothelial migration using three-dimensional confocal microscopy / Robert J. Cain, Barbara Borda d'Agua, and Anne J. Ridley -- Chemotaxis of slow migrating mammalian cells analysed by video microscopy / Roman Zantl and Elias Horn -- Live cell fluorescence microscopy techniques / Shawn A. Galdeen and Alison J. North -- Measuring invasion in an organotypic model / Veronika Jenei, Maria L. Nystrom, and Gareth J. Thomas -- Analysis of cell migration using Caenorhabditis elegans as a model system / Ming-Ching Wong, Maria Martynovsky, and Jean E. Schwarzbauer -- Drosophila hemocyte migration : an in vivo assay for directional cell migration / Carolina G.A. Moreira ... [et al.] -- Measuring inflammatory cell migration in the zebrafish / Philip M. Elks, Catherine A. Loynes, and Stephen A. Renshaw -- Border cell migration : a model system for live imaging and genetic analysis of collective cell movement / Mohit Prasad ... [et al.] -- Assessment of development and chemotaxis in Dictyostelium discoideum mutants / Yulia Artemenko, Kristen F. Swaney, and Peter N. Devreotes -- Simple experimental and spontaneous metastasis assays in mice / Gary M. Box and Suzanne A. Eccles -- Two-photon intravital multicolour imaging to study metastatic behaviour of cancer cells in vivo / Sylvia E. Le Devedec ... [et al.] -- Measuring angiogenesis in mice / Bernardo Tavora ... [et al.] -- Time-lapse imaging of chick cardiac precursor cells / Junfang Song, Qiaoyun Yue, and Andrea Munsterberg -- Characterizing system performance in total internal reflection fluorescence microscopy / Juliane P. Schwarz, Ireen Konig, and Kurt I. Anderson -- Fluorescence recovery after photobleaching / Alex Carisey ... [et al.] -- Measuring FRET using time-resolved FLIM / Penny E. Morton and Maddy Parsons -- Cell migration in confinement : a micro-channel-based assay / Melina L. Heuze ... [et al.] -- Functional screening with a live cell imaging-based random cell migration assay / Wies van Roosmalen ... [et al.] -- Beads on the run : beads as alternative tools for chemotaxis assays / Eric Theveneau and Roberto Mayor.
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