Motion preservation surgery of the spine : advanced techniques and controversies / [edited by] James J. Yue ... [et al.].

Philadelphia, PA : Saunders/Elsevier, c2008.
xxiv, 791 p. : ill. (some col.) ; 29 cm. + 1 DVD-ROM (4 3/4 in.)


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  • Pt. I. Introduction to Motion Preservation Surgery of the Spine -- 1. The Basis for Motion Preservation Surgery: Lessons Learned from the Past / Alvin H. McKenzie -- 2. History and Evolution of Motion Preservation / Rajiv K. Sethi, Lionel N. Metz and David S. Bradford -- 3. Classification of Spine Arthroplasty Devices / Karin Buttner Janz -- 4. Advanced Spinal Anatomy for Cervical and Lumbar Nonfusion Surgery / Daniel R. Fassett, Shiveindra B. Jeyamohan, Alexander R. Vaccaro and Peter G. Whang -- 5. Biomechanics of Nonfusion Devices: Novel Testing Techniques, Standards, and Implications for Future Devices / Boyle C. Cheng and William C. Welch -- 6. Material Properties and Wear Analysis / Nadim James Hallab, Markus Wimmer and Joshua J. Jacobs -- 7. Preclinical Evaluation of Dynamic Spinal Stabilisation: Animal Models and Basic Scientific Methods / Bryan W. Cunningham and Paul A. Anderson -- 8. Indications and Contraindications for Lumbar Nonfusion Surgery: Patient Selection / James J. Yue and James P. Lawrence -- 9. Indications and Contraindications for Cervical Nonfusion Surgery: Patient Selection / Nader M. Habela and Paul C. McAfee -- 10. Quantitative Motion Analysis (QMA) of Motion-Preserving and Fusion Technologies for the Spine / John A. Hipp and Nicholas D. Wharton -- 11. Invasive Diagnostic Tools / Ashish Sahai and Todd Alamin -- 12. Adjacent Segment Degeneration and Adjacent Segment Disease: Cervical and Lumbar / Andrew P. White, David Hannallah and Alan S. Hilibrand -- 13. Statistical Outcome Interpretation of Randomized Clinical Trials / Fred H. Geisler -- 14. Socioeconomic Impact of Motion Preservation Technology / Richard D. Guyer and Donna D. Ohnmeiss -- Pt. II. Surgical Considerations of Motion Preservation Surgery of the Spine -- 15. Technique of Anterior Exposure of the Lumbar Spine / Bauer E. Sumpio -- 16. Management of Complications of the Anterior Exposure of the Lumbar Spine / Kristina Spate and Bauer E. Sumpio -- 17. Lateral Approaches to the Lumbar Spine: Anterolateral Transpsoatic Approach / Rudolf Bertagnoli -- 18. Minimally Invasive Posterior Approaches to the Lumbar Spine / Jean-Charles Le Huec, Richard Blondet Meyrat and Stephane Aunoble -- 19. Lumbar Endoscopic Posterolateral (Transforaminal) Approach / Christopher A. Yeung, Victor M. Hayes, Farhan N. Siddiqi and Anthony T. Yeung -- 20. Cervical Approaches: Anterior and Posterior / Domagoj Cork and Daniel M. Oberer -- Pt. III. Cervical Total Disc Arthroplasty -- 21. Primary Indications and Disc Space Preparation for Cervical Disc Arthroplasty / Jacob M. Buchowski and K. Daniel Riew -- 22. The Bryan Artificial Disc / Rick Sasso and Larry Martin, Jr. -- 23. The Prestige Cervical Disc / Vincent C. Traynelis -- 24. Porous Coated Motion (PCM) Cervical Arthroplasty / Paul C. McAfee -- 25. ProDisc-C Total Cervical Disc Replacement / Rick B. Delamarter and Ben B. Pradhan -- 26. The NeoDisc Elastomeric Cervical Total Disc Replacement / Andre Jackowski, Alan McLeod, Christopher Reah, G. Bryan Cornwall, Lukas Eisermann and Alexander W. L. Turner -- 27. Mobi-C / Jacques Beaurain, Pierre Bernard, Thierry Dufour, Jean-Marc Fuentes, Istvan Hovorka, Jean Huppert, Jean-Paul Steib and Jean-Marc Vital -- 28. The CerviCore Cervical Intervertebral Disc Replacement / Jonathan R. Steiber, Jeffrey S. Fischgrund and Jean Jacques Abitbol -- 29. SECURE-C Cervical Artificial Disc / Scott A. Rushton, Joseph M. Marzluff and Jeffrey McConnell -- 30. Cerpass Cervical Total Disc Replacement / Scott H. Kitchel, Lukas Eisermann, Alexander W. L. Turner, David Cutter and G. Bryan Cornwall -- 31. Kineflex|C Cervical Artificial Disc / James Robert Rappaport -- 32. DISCOVER Artificial Cervical Disc / Douglas G. Orndorff, Kornelis A. Poelstra and Todd J. Albert -- 33. The M6 Artificial Cervical Disc / Alejandro A. Reyes-Sanchez, Avinash G. Patwardhan and Jon E. Block -- 34. Complications of Anterior Cervical Approaches: Cervical Revision: Approach-Related Considerations / Paul C. McAfee -- 35. Cervical Disc Replacement Revisions: Clinical and Biomechanical Considerations / Luiz Pimenta, Roberto Diaz, Paul C. McAfee, Andrew G. Cappuccino, Bryan W. Cunningham, Hazem Nicola, Juliano Lhamby and Ihab Gharzeddine -- 36. Persistent Pain After Cervical Arthroplasty / Brian J. Sullivan, Gary A. Dix and Thomas B. Ducker -- Pt. IV. Lumbar Total Disc Arthroplasty -- 37. Disc Space Preparation Techniques for Lumbar Disc Arthroplasty / Jorge Jaramillo and James J. Yue -- 38. CHARITE Artificial Disc / Scott L. Blumenthal and Donna D. Ohnmeiss -- 39. ProDisc-L Total Disc Replacement / Rick B. Delamarter and Ben B. Pradhan -- 40. Mobidisc Disc Prosthesis / Jean-Paul Steib, Lucie Aubourg, Jacques Beaurain, Joel Delecrin, Jerome Allain, Herve Chataigner, Iohan Bogorin, Marc Ameil, Thierry Dufour and Jean Stecken -- 41. The FlexiCore Intervertebral Disc / Jonathan R. Stieber and Thomas J. Errico -- 42. Kineflex / Ulrich Reinhard Hahnle, Malan De Villiers and Ian R. Weinberg -- 43. Activ-L Artificial Disc / James J. Yue and Rolando Garcia -- 44. Maverick Total Disc Replacement / Matthew F. Gornet -- 45. Theken eDisc: A Second-Generation Lumbar Artificial Disc / Richard Navarro, Randall Theken, Ravi Ananthan, Christopher Cole, James P. Price, Charles Park, Vijay K. Goel, Scott Dean Miller and Hansen A. Yuan -- 46. Lateral Lumbar Total Disc Replacement / Luiz Pimenta, Thomas Schaffa, Juliano Lhamby, Ihab Gharzeddine and Etevaldo Coutinho -- 47. Lumbar Anterior Revision: Preoperative Preparation and Approach Considerations / Samer Saiedy and P. Justin Tortolani -- 48. Overall Revision Strategies: Lumbar / Matthew Scott-Young and Frank Daday -- 49. Revision Strategies Following Lumbar Total Disc Replacement Complications / Luiz Pimenta, Thomas Schaffa, Juliano Lhamby, Carlos Fernando Arias Pesantez and Ihah Gharzeddine -- 50. Persistent Pain After Lumbar Total Disc Replacement / Jonathan R. Stieber and Jeffrey A. Goldstein -- Pt. V. Lumbar Partial Disc Replacement: Nucleus Replacement -- 51. DASCOR / Michael Ahrens, Anthony Tsantrizos and Jean-Charles Le Huec -- 52. PDN-SOLO and HydraFlex Nucleus Replacement System / Reginald J. Davis -- 53. NeuDisc Artificial Lumbar Nucleus Replacement / Anthony T. Yeung, Ann Prewett and James J. Yue -- 54. NuCore Injectable Nucleus; An In Situ Curing Nucleus Replacement / Othmar Schwarzenbach, Ulrich Berlemann and Thomas Wilson -- 55. Aquarelle Hydrogel Disc Nucleus / Qi-Bin Bao and Hansen Yuan -- 56. BioDisc Nucleus Pulposus Replacement / Douglas Wardlaw -- 57. TranS1 Percutaneous Nucleus Replacement / Roberto Diaz, Luiz Pimenta, Hazem Nicola, Larry T. Khoo, Rick Sasso, Bradley J. Wessman and Andrew H. Cragg -- 58. NUBAC Disc Arthroplasty / Qi-Bin Bao, Matthew N. Songer, Luiz Pimenta, Hansen A. Yuan and Domagoj Cork -- 59. Satellite: Spherical Partial Disc Replacement / Robert S. Biscup and Vinod K. Podichetty -- Pt. VI. Lumbar Posterior Dynamic Stabilization; Pedicle Screw Based -- 60. Dynesys Dynamic Stabilization System / Reginald J. Davis -- 61. Dynamic Stabilization System / Dilip K. Sengupta -- 62. The Stabilimax NZ Posterior Lumbar Dynamic Stabilization System / James J. Yue, George Malcolmon and Jens Peter Timm -- 63. Scient'x IsoBar TTL Dynamic Rod Stabilization / Antonio E. Castellvi and S. A. Andrew -- 64. Cosmic: Dynamic Stabilization of the Degenerated Lumbar Spine / Archibald von Strempel -- 65. Innovative Spinal Technologies Dynamic Stabilization Device / Dennis Colleran -- 66. NFlex / Corey J. Wallach, Andelle L. Teng and Jeffrey C. Wang -- 67. The PercuDyn System / Juan M. Dipp, Ricardo Flores and German Rodriguez -- Pt. VII. Lumbar Posterior Dynamic Stabilization: Interspinous Based -- 68. DIAM Spinal Stabilization System / Giancarlo Guizzardi and Piero Petrini -- 69. Wallis Dynamic Stabilization / Nicholas R. Boeree --
  • 70. Coflex Interspinous Implant for Stabilization of the Lumbar Spine / Gary L. Lowery, Rudolf Bertagnoli and Robert J. Chomiak -- 71. X-STOP Interspinous Process Decompression for Lumbar Spinal Stenosis / Gary Idler, James F. Zucherman, Kenneth Y. Hsu and Matthew Hannibal -- Pt. VIII. Lumbar Facet Replacement -- 72. TOPS: Total Posterior Facet Replacement and Dynamic Motion Segment Stabilization System / Larry T. Khoo, Luiz Pimenta and Roberto Diaz -- 73. Total Facet Arthroplasty System (TFAS) / Scott A. Webb and Gordon Neil Holen -- 74. Anatomic Facet Replacement System (AFRS) / Allen Carl, Carlos E. Oliviera, Robert W. Hoy, William Lavelle, Vijay K. Goel and Bryan W. Cunningham -- 75. The Zyre Facet Replacement Device / Carl Lauryssen, Scott H. Kitchel and Jason D. Blain -- 76. FENIX Facet Resurfacing Implant / Teddy Fagerstrom and Horace Hale -- Pt. IX. Hybrid Nonfusion Techniques -- 77. Cervical Disc Replacement Combined with Cervical Laminoplasty / Seok Woo Kim and Paul C. McAfee -- 78. Hybrid Nonfusion Techniques / Rudolf Bertagnoli -- 79. Dynamic Pedicle-Screw Stabilization with Nucleus Replacement / Rolando Garcia and Brett A. Osborn -- 80. Simultaneous Lumbar Fusion and Total Disc Replacement / Scott L. Blumenthal, Fred H. Geisler, Thomas F. Roush and Donna D. Ohnmeiss -- Pt. X. Annular Repair -- 81. Repair and Reconstruction of the Annulus Fibrosus with the Inclose Surgical Mesh System / Joseph C. Cauthen and Steven L. Griffith -- 82. The Intrinsic Therapeutics Barricaid Device / Jacob Einhorn, Oscar Yeh and Greg Lambrecht -- Pt. XI. Cell-Based Biologic Scientific Methods and Future Clinical Applications -- 83. Animal Models for Human Disc Degeneration / Kern Singh, Koichi Masuda and Howard S. An -- 84. Growth Factors for Intervertebral Disc Regeneration / Koichi Masuda and Howard S. An -- 85. Cell Therapy for Intervertebral Disc Degeneration / Daisuke Sakai and Joji Mochida -- 86. Gene Therapy for Intervertebral Disc Repair and Regeneration / Corey A. Pacek, Gwendolyn A. Sowa and James D. Kang -- 87. Autologous Disc Chondrocyte Disc Transplant: Early Clinical Results / Rudolf Bertagnoli -- Pt. XII. Controversies -- 88. The Development of a Personalized Hybrid EMG-Assisted/Finite Element Biomechanical Model to Assess Surgical Options / William S. Marras, Gregory G. Knapik and Josue Gabriel -- 89. Spinal Deformity and Motion-Sparing Technology / Paul C. McAfee -- 90. Can Lumbar Disc Replacement Be Used Adjacent to a Scoliotic Deformity? / Thierry Marnay, Patrick Tropiano, James J. Yue and Geneste Guilhaume -- 91. Orthobiom: A Nonfusion Treatment for Pediatric Scoliosis / Charles H. Rivard, Christine Coillard, Souad Rhalmi, Marco Berard, Robert T. Chomiak and Gary L. Lowery -- 92. Considerations for Spinal Arthroplasty in Elderly and Osteoporotic Patients / James J. Yue -- 93. Multilevel Lumbar Disc Arthroplasty / Rudolf Bertagnoli -- 94. Posterior Lumbar Arthroplasty / Manoj Krishna -- 95. Cervical Arthroplasty with Myelopathy / Jonathon R. Ball and Lali H. S. Sekhon -- 96. Cervical Arthroplasty Adjacent to Fusion, Multiple-Level Cases, and Hybrid Applications / Paul C. McAfee, Matthew Scott-Young and Rudolf Bertagnoli -- 97. The Future of Motion Preservation / Stephen H. Hochschuler and Donna D. Ohnmeiss.
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