Drennan's the child's foot and ankle / editors, James J. McCarthy, James C. Drennan.

2nd ed.
Philadelphia, PA : Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, c2010.
xv, 543 p. : ill. ; 29 cm.


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"Written by the world's foremost authorities, this book is the most comprehensive reference on the diagnosis and management of pediatric foot and ankle disorders. It provides complete, current information on the anatomy, etiology, clinical features and presentation, natural history, radiographic, MRI, and CT evaluation, and treatment of all congenital and acquired conditions, both common and rare. More than 700 radiographs, photographs, and line drawings complement the text." "This edition includes updated information on external fixation, casting techniques for children with clubfeet, and new assessments and techniques for children with cerebral palsy. The expanded fracture care and sports sections include newer, less invasive techniques for treating sport and traumatic injuries."--BOOK JACKET.
Rev. ed. of: The Child's foot and ankle / editor, James C. Drennan. 1992.
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Ch. 1. Anatomy / James C. Drennan -- Ch. 2. Imaging of the Normal Foot / Leslie Grissom -- Ch. 3. Bracing and Orthotics / Mark A. Holokwa and Frederick J. White -- Ch. 4. Normal Function of the Ankle and Foot: Biomechanics and Quantitative Analysis / Jon R. Davids -- Ch. 5. Non-Operative Treatment of Congential Clubfoot / Julie A. Coplan and John E. Herzenberg -- Ch. 6. Clubfoot: Operative Treatment / George H. Thompson and Hadeel Abaza -- Ch. 7. Complications in the Management of Talipes Equinovarus / Payam Moazzaz and Norman Y. Otsuka -- Ch. 8. Metatarsus Adductus and Metatarsus Varus / George H. Thompson and Hadeel Abaza -- Ch. 9. Congenital Vertical Talus/Oblique Talus / Marek Napiontek -- Ch. 10. Flexible Flatfoot and Skewfoot / Vince S. Mosca -- Ch. 11. Tarsal Coalition / Brad W. Olney -- Ch. 12. Cavus Deformity / S. Jay Kumar, Durga N. Kowtharapu and Kenneth J. Rogers -- Ch. 13. Cerebral Palsy / H. Kerr Graham -- Ch. 14. Myelomeningocele / Gaia Georgoupolos -- Ch. 15. Poliomyelitis / James C. Drennan -- Ch. 16. Arthrogryposis / William F. Schrantz -- Ch. 17. Ankel Injuries / Richard Miller -- Ch. 18. Adolescent Hallux Valgus / John Delahany -- Ch. 19. Toe Disorders / Peter M. Stevens and Alan K. Stotts -- Ch. 20. Limb Deficiencies and Reconstruction / John G. Birch -- Ch. 21. Reconstructive Amputation of the Foot and Ankle: Congenital and Acquired / Mervyn Letts -- Ch. 22. Ankle Fractures in Children / Martin J. Herman and Ashish Ranade -- Ch. 23. Fractures of the Foot in Children and Adolescents / James McCarthy, Theodore J. Ganley, Martin Herman and Hua Ming Siow -- Ch. 24. Foot Infections in Children and Adolescents / Patricia M. de Morales Barros Fucs, Marco Tulio Costa, Ricardo Cardenuto Ferreira and Karen Myung -- Ch. 25. Foot & Ankle Injuries in Adolescent Athletes / Hua Ming Siow, Danielle B. Cameron and Theodore J. Ganley -- Ch. 26. Nerve Compression Syndromes / In Ho Choi and Won Joon Yoo -- Ch. 27. Tumors / Alexandre Arkader and John P. Dormans -- Ch. 28. Osteochondroses and Apohysis / Craig P. Eberson and Jonathan R. Schiller -- Ch. 29. Macrodactyly / Durga N. Kowtharapu, Dinesh Thawrani and S. Jay Kumar -- Ch. 30. Rheumatic Diseases of Childhood / Walter B. Greene -- Ch. 31. Osteochondrodysplasias / Dennis P. Grogan -- Ch. 32. Genetic Conditions / Kenneth J. Guidera and Gabriela J. Ferski -- Ch. 33. Adult Treatment of Pediatric Foot Disorders / Sig T. Hansen.
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Child's foot and ankle
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