Lingual & esthetic orthodontics / Edited by Rafi Romano ; Associate edtitors: Silvia Geron and Pablo Echarri.

London ; Chicago : Quintessence Publishing, 2011.
xii, 692 p. : ill. (chiefly col.) ; 29 cm.


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Development of the In-Ovation L bracket from GAC / Carlos F. Navarro, Marco A. Navarro, Jorge A. Villanueva -- New horizons in 2D lingual orthodontics / Vittorio Cacciafesta -- The Stealth System, today and in the future / Antonio Veneziani (with the cooperation of Paolo Morandotti) -- magic®: treatment efficiency meets patient comfort / Rubens Demicheri -- ORG lingual brackets / Rafi Romano and Silva Geron -- STb: the Light Lingual System / Luca Lombardo -- The Phantom bracket: lingual self-ligation and esthetics / Thomas W. Örtendahl -- Lingual orthodontic cases treated with original Hiro brackets / Toshiaki Hiro -- Self-ligation and traditional ligation in lingual orthodontics: pros and cons / Alfredo Gilbert -- Customized brackets and archwires for lingual orthodontic treatment / Rafi Romano -- 3D interactive treatment planning and patient-specific appliances / Craig A. Andreiko -- The manufacturing process for LingualJet / Pascal Baron, Christophe Gualano, Laurent Sempe, Ari Sciacca, and Geoffrey Hall -- Self-ligating brackets in lingual orthodontics / Hatto Loidl -- The Evolution bracket: clinical experience / Manabu Nakagawa -- Instruments used in lingual orthodontics / Victoria Burdess -- Digital advancements in lingual orthodontics and laboratory procedures / Ari Sciacca -- Orapix system in lingual orthodontics / Carla Maria Melleiro Gimenez -- Indirect bonding technique in lingual orthodontics: the Hiro system / Toshiaki Hiro -- In-house lingual bracket transfer systems / Alfredo Gilbert -- A modified Hiro system within a laboratory sequence / Peter Taylor -- Lingual plain-wire appliance system [plain-wire mushroom bracket positioned (PW-MBP)] / Hee-Moon Kyung -- Tooth-size discrepancies and stripping / Carlos F. Navarro, Marco A. Navarro, Jorge A. Villanueva -- How to control the vertical dimension with lingual orthodontics / Silvia Geron -- Theoretical analysis of maxillary incisor movement due to anteroposterior force: labial vs lingual / Tamar Brosh -- Interdisciplinary treatment with lingual orthodontics / Asif Chatoo -- Combining lingual orthodontics with surgery / Joan-Pau Marcó -- The customized Hiro Transfer System / Hatto Loidl -- Microimplant anchorage in lingual orthodontic treatment / Hee-Moon Kyung -- Microimplants and lingual orthodontics / Pablo Echarri -- Lingual orthodontics in a multidisciplinary practice / Laura Buso Frost -- Finishing with lingual orthodontics / Silvia Geron -- Paradigms in lingual orthodontics / Julia Harfin -- Problems, their solutions, and some clinical tips / Henrique Valdetaro -- Clinical considerations for the establishment of facial balance and harmony / Toru Inami -- Aluminum oxide: to use or not to use? / Rita Thurler -- Speech and language therapy: the key to functional control and relapse avoidance in lingual orthodontic treatments / Diana Grandi -- Rotated teeth in lingual orthodontics: problems and solutions / Silvia Geron and Rafi Romano -- It's all in your hands: food for thought / Federico I. Marconi Jr. -- Invisalign: effective and accurate treatment of a variety of malocclusions / Willy Z. Dayan -- Lingual orthodontics in class II and class III malocclusions: the microimplant-supported pendulum and mechanics / Lorenzo Favero and Vittorio Favero -- Clear aligner: its application and combined treatment with lingual brackets / TaeWeon Kim -- Future of the lingual orthodontics technique / Rafi Romano.
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Lingual and esthetic orthodontics
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