Foundations of clinical nurse specialist practice / editors, Janet S. Fulton, Brenda L. Lyon, Kelly A. Goudreau.

New York : Springer, c2010.
xix, 465 p. : ill. ; 29 cm.


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The Nature of CNS Practice -- Ch. 1. Evolution of Clinical Nurse Specialist Role and Practice in the United States / Janet S. Fulton -- Ch. 2. Professional Attributes in the Context of Emotional Intelligence, Ethical Conduct, and Citizenship of the Clinical Nurse Specialist / Janet M. Bingle and Sue Davidson -- Ch. 3. Philosophical Underpinnings of Advanced Nursing Practice: A Synthesizing Framework for Clinical Nurse Specialist Practice / Frank D. Hicks -- Ch. 4. Nurse Sensitive Outcomes / Diane M. Doran, Souraya Sidani and Tammie DiPietro -- Designing and Evaluating Nursing Interventions -- Ch. 5. Clinical Reasoning Model: AClinical Inquiry Guide for Solving Problems in the Nursing Domain / Brenda L. Lyon -- Ch. 6. Designing Innovative Interventions / Jeannette Richardson -- Ch. 7. Evaluating Interventions / Kelly A. Goudreau -- Promoting Innovation, Change, and Diffusion in Practice -- Ch. 8. Using Complex Adaptive Systems Theory to Guide Change / Kathleen Chapman -- Ch. 9. Engaging Staff in Learning / Christine M. Pacini -- Ch. 10. Shaping Practice: Evidence-Based Practice Models / Lisa Hopp -- Ch. 11. Transformational Leadership as the Clinical Nurse Specialist's Capacity to Influence / Brenda L. Lyon -- Ch. 12. Creating a Culture of Quality / Nancy Benton -- Ch. 13. Newer Thinking About Patient Safety / Patricia R. Ebright -- Delivering Care to Clients -- Ch. 14. Individual as Client / Janet S. Fulton and Carol Baird -- Ch. 15. Family as Client / Barbara S. O'Brien and Ginette G. Ferszt -- Ch. 16. Community as Client: Clinical Nurse Specialist Role / Naomi E. Ervin -- Ch. 17. Population-Based Data Analysis / Ann L. Cupp Curley -- Ch. 18. Client-Focused Teaching: The Role of the Clinical Nurse Specialist / Kelly A. Goudreau -- The Business of Clinical Nurse Specialist Practice -- Ch. 19. Consultation in the Clinical Nurse Specialist Role / Geraldine S. Pearson -- Ch. 20. Mentoring / Kelly A. Goudreau -- Ch. 21. Project Management: A Core Competency for Professional Nurses and Nurse Managers / Robert Loo -- Ch. 22. Economic and Financial Considerations for Clinical Nurse Specialists / Leeann Blue and Mary L. Fisher -- Ch. 23. Technology Management in Complex Health Care Settings / Patricia O'Malley -- Ch. 24. Interview or Interviewee: Essential Skills for the Clinical Nurse Specialist Employment Interview / Ann F. Minnick -- Ch. 25. Entrepreneurship and Intrapreneurship in Advanced Nursing Practice / Maria R. Shirey -- Ch. 26. Billing and Reimbursement Issues / Susan Dresser -- Ch. 27. Regulatory and Professional Credentialing of Clinical Nurse Specialists / Brenda L. Lyon -- Ch. 28. Student Clinical Experiences: Responsibilities of Student, Preceptor, and Faculty / Florence Myrick and Diane Billay -- Exemplars of the Clinical Nurse Specialist Role in a Variety of Settings -- Ch. 29. Hospital-Based Clinical Nurse Specialist Practice / Katie Brush and Theresa Murray -- Ch. 30. Clinical Nurse Specialist in Collaborative Private Practice / Jeffrey S. Jones -- Ch. 31. Clinical Nurse Specialist Entrepreneurship: A Journey From Idea to Invention / Kathleen M. Vollman -- Ch. 32. The Clinical Nurse Specialist in Industry/Business / Jane L. Bromund, Mary A. Short and Kathleen C. Solotkin -- Exemplars of Clinical Nurse Specialist Practice in Avariety of Specialty Areas -- Ch. 33. Providing Pediatric Palliative Care in a Regional Children's Medical Center / Patricia O'Malley -- Ch. 34. Implementing a Comprehensive Bariatric Care Protocol / Kathleen D. Wright -- Ch. 35. Improving Patient Pain Management Across a Health Care System / Mary Pat Johnston -- Ch. 36. Leading Revisions of Neutropenia Practice Guidelines / Barbara Holmes Gobel -- Ch. 37. Facilitating aProgrammatic Approach to Children with Special Health Care Needs / Jo Ellen Rust -- Ch. 38. Psychiatric Consultation Liaison Clinical Nurse Specialist in the Acute Care Setting / Pamela A. Minarik -- Ch. 39. Growing a Clinical Nurse Specialist Practice in a Rehabilitation Setting / Kathleen L. Dunn -- Ch. 40. Exploring Clinical Nurse Specialist Practice in the Emergency Department / Garrett Chan -- Ch. 41. Establishing a Private Practice for Diabetes Self-Management / Patricia S. Moore -- Ch. 42. Improving Outcomes With a Rapid Response Program / Victoria Church Appendix -- Specialty Practice Organizations in Nursing / Michelle Treon and Diana Jones.
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