2005 : past meets present in astronomy and astrophysics : proceedings of the 15th Portuguese National Meeting, University of Lisbon & Lisbon Astronomical Observatory 28-30 July 2005 / editors, Jose Afonso [and others].

Portuguese Meeting on Astronomy and Astrophysics (15th : 2005 : Lisbon, Portugal) [Browse]
Hackensack, NJ : World Scientific, [2006], ©2006.
ix, 110 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm


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  • Evolution of the spin of mercury and its capture into the 3/2 spin-orbit resonance / A. C. M. Correia and J. Laskar
  • Trans-Neptunian objects and associated families : confronting colors, correlations and evolution models / N. Peixinho
  • The origin of the spins of Kuiper Belt objects / P. Lacerda, C. Dominik, J. Luu and S. Kenyon
  • Magnetic turbulence in the solar wind and the earth's plasma sheet / I. Dorotovic and Z. Voros
  • The structure revealed by Spitzer in NGC 2264 / P. S. Teixeira, C. J. Lada, M. Marengo, A. Muench, S. T. Megeath, G. Fazio, E. T. Young, J. Muzerolle, N. Siegler, R. Reike and L. Hartmann
  • Recent results on interstellar turbulence / M. A. de Avillez and D. Breitschwerdt
  • Asteroseismology and variability of young stars / F. J. G. Pinheiro
  • On the problem of magnetic braking / J. M. Ferreira, A. Aibeo and J. Lima
  • A first step for automatic stellar parameter determination / S. G. Sousa
  • Giant transiting planets observations - GITPO / C. Afonso
  • Probing the structure and atmospheres of extra-solar planets / N. C. Santos
  • What's going on in Canis major? / A. Moitinho, G. Cagarro, R. A. Vazquez, G. Baume and E. E. Giorgi
  • Study of three galaxy clusters at intermediate redshifts / C. Lobo and M. S. Roos
  • Modelling the warm absorber in NGC 3783 with the TITAN code / A. C. Goncalves, A. Rozanska, S. Collin, A. M. Dumont, M. Mouchet, L. Chevallier and R. W. Goosmann
  • Astrophysical tests of fundamental physics / C. J. A. P. Martins
  • Gamma ray bursts as cosmological probes / O. Bertolami and P. T. Silva
  • Braneworld cosmology : sneutrino inflation and leptogenesis / N. M. C. Santos, M. C. Bento and R. G. Felipe
  • XCS - current status / P. T. P. Viana
  • Deep ratio observations in the CDFS/GOODS field : optical and X-ray identifications / J. Afonso
  • The nature of the optical faint sub-millijansky radio sources : the VLT/VIMOS view / D. Sobral and J. Afonso
  • AMS - a magnetic spectrometer on the international space stations / L. Arruda, F. Barao, G. Barreirar, J. Borges, F. Carmo, P. Goncalves, R. Pereira and M. Pimenta
  • The legacy of scarobosco : Tractatus de Sphaera / B. Almeida
  • Astronomical and geophysical activities in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) during 1781-88 by Bento Sanches Dorta / J. M. Vaquero, R. M. Trigo and M. C. Gallego
  • Comparison between Monteiro da Rocha and Wilhelm Olbers' methods for the determination of the orbits of comets / F. B. Figueiredo and Joao Fernandes
  • The 1870 portuguese solar eclipse expedition - a preliminary report / V. H. Bonifacio, I. Malaquias and J. M. Fernandez
  • The science palaces / J. D. C. G. Jorge
  • The astronomer/instrument maker Campos Rodrigues and the contribution of the observatory of Lisbon for the 1900-1901 solar parallax programme / P. Raposo
  • The astronomical observatory of Lisbon / P. M. de Abreu
  • Time service and legal time in Portugal / M. Silva and R. Agostinho
  • Documents of the OAL's architecture / R. G. Batista and R. Agostinho.
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  • 2005, past meets present in astronomy and astrophysics
  • Past meets present in astronomy and astrophysics
  • Proceedings of the 15th Portuguese National Meeting
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