String phenomenology 2003 : proceedings of the 2nd International Conference, Durham, UK, 4 July-4 August 2003 / editors, Veronica Sanz [and others].

International Conference on String Phenomenology (2nd : 2003 : Durham, England) [Browse]
New Jersey : World Scientific, [2004], ©2004.
xiv, 377 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm


Bibliographic references
Includes bibliographical references.
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  • Suppressing the cosmological constant in non-supersymmetric open-string vacua / C. Angelantonj
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  • The linear collider programme / G. A. Blair
  • String unification of gauge couplings with intersecting D-branes / R. Blumenhagen
  • On string gas cosmolosy at finite temperature / M. Borunda
  • On Tachyon kinks from the DBI action / Ph. Brax, J. Mourad and D. A. Steer
  • Identifying string relics at AUGER? / A. Cafarella and C. Coriano
  • A relief to the supersymmetric fine tuning problem / J. A. Casas, J. R. Espinosa and I. Hidalgo
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  • Varying alpha, thresholds and extra dimensions / T. Dent
  • The statistics of string/M theory vacua / M. R. Douglas
  • On cosmologically induced hierarchies in string theory / E. Dudas, J. Mourad and C. Timirgaziu
  • Constraining electroweak physics / J. Erler
  • A paradox for strings in PP-wave backgrounds / D. B. Fairlie
  • Anthropics versus determinism in quantum gravity / A. E. Faraggi
  • Towards the classification of Z[subscript 2] x Z[subscript 2] fermionic models / A. E. Faraggi, C. Kounnas, S. E. M. Nooij and J. Rizos
  • On the moduli space for strings on groups manifolds / S. Forste
  • AdS/CFT-inspired unification at about 4 TeV / P. H. Frampton
  • SO(10) heterotic M-theory vacua / R. S. Garavuso
  • Lattice supersymmetry and string phenomenology / J. Giedt
  • Gauge five brane moduli in four dimensional heterotic models / J. A. Gray
  • Supersymmetric intersecting D6-branes and chiral models on the T[superscript 6]/(Z[subscript 4] x Z[subscript 2]) orbifold / G. Honecker
  • Supersymmetric [beta]-functions, benchmark points and semi-perturbative unification / I. Jack and D. R. T. Jones
  • Reading the number of extra dimensions in the spectrum of hawking radiation / P. Kanti
  • Trinification from superstring toward MSSM / J. E. Kim
  • The flavour problem and family symmetry / S. F. King and I. N. R. Peddie
  • Phenomenological aspects of twisted moduli / T. Kobayashi
  • 4D GUT (and SM) model building from intersecting D-branes / C. Kokorelis
  • Warped super-bigravity / Z. Lalak and R. Matyszkiewicz
  • Heterotic Yukawa couplings and Wilson lines / O. Lebedev
  • Which is the best inflation model? / D. H. Lyth
  • GUT with anomalous U(1)[subscript A] suggests heterotic M-theory? / N. Maekawa
  • Phenomenological aspects of heterotic orbifold models at one loop / Y. Mambrini
  • Co-dimension two branes and the cosmological constant / I. Navarro
  • Interactions in intersecting brane models / A. W. Owen
  • Problems and cures (partial) for holographic cosmology / M. A. Per and A. Segui
  • Magnetic fluxes, NS-NS B field and shifts in four-dimensional orientifolds / G. Pradisi
  • Spontaneous Scherk-Schwarz supersymmetry breaking and radion stabilization / M. Quiros
  • A quantum analysis on recombination of D-branes and its implications for an inflation model / T. Sato
  • Probing strings from the sky / G. Shiu
  • Brief neutrino physics update / J. W. F. Valle
  • Spontaneous CP in a Susy theory of flavour / O. Vives, G. G. Ross and L. Velasco-Sevilla
  • Desperately seeking the standard model / C. Munoz.
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